Build Big Heated Swimming Pool Aroud Roman House

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40 thoughts on “Build Big Heated Swimming Pool Aroud Roman House

  1. I have a sneaking suspicion those bricks are made of store bought modern cement products and not from a river. he's probably using camera tricks to bring stuff in. Same with the wood he's using. It looks tooled by modern machines. Which btw, is not doing something fully by a long shot. There are way more steps to doing something from the ground up. Anything little is not little when it comes to shortcuts. Most of the real difficulties are at that level.

    Also pretty sure that is modern mortar. He is likely just using a camera to make it look like he is doing more than he is.

  2. Why does nobody ever fill their swimming pool to the top like he slapped mud up above and he doesn’t even place water? His legs aren’t even fully submerged lmao

  3. If he had more then one brick mold he would have shown it, so he can only pour one at a time. It would take at least 12 hours for it to dry enough to remove it. There has to be a couple thousand bricks in that structure.

  4. Включите скорость х2 и увидите настоящую скорость работы азиата, а обычные режим это просто замедленная сьемка😄😄

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