Building 60: A State-of-the-Art Teaching Facility for UEA

My name is Neil Wilson I'm the Senior
Project Manager for the University of East Anglia. Responsible for delivering the
Building 60 new science teaching building and General Teaching building
at the bottom of University Drive. The science building is by the
roundabout where the buses turn around,
and adjacent to Julian Study Centre. The project has been on the table for
almost two years now, and we started on site January this year. And we plan to have the building
complete by July 2019, with an opening for the teaching
academic year of September 2019. So as you approach the building from the outside there is a courtyard between the Julian
Study Centre and Building 60, and leading from that courtyard will be
stairs stepping down into the entrance of
the building, and they will have concrete and
railing similar to those in the main square, and a lot of the architectural features of
the building will echo those that are already on campus. With exposed concrete and some of the
lines that are contained within the Lasdun wall. Once you get into the building there will
be an atrium, and a main staircase where students will
be able to sit and socialise, where there will be Wi-Fi and
general access. We've also considered disabled access,
and we've been engaging with the access
all areas group, and a lot of their concerns have
been addressed within the design of the building. Along the ground floor there
will be general teaching spaces and in the upper floors there'll be
science-based teaching spaces. But the general ethos is
that all spaces can be used by any faculty depending on their needs. We have considered sustainable options. We have looked at locally sourced wood
for the atrium area, and we've also looked at additives to the
concrete to reduce its carbon impact, and we are considering how to control the
temperature within the building in the
most sustainable way. So the students of 2019/20 will be
walking into a brand new state-of-the-art building with fantastic facilities which will
benefit students for decades to come.

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