Business and Commerce Graduate: Josh

This is my first real experience
in a large organisation. It’s only even been outside of this, you know, tutoring at university or
working at the local pizza shop flipping pizzas; I mean that was about as large as my corporate experience went. I had an honours degree in
law so everyone was like you should really probably
be going down the legal path and down that career avenue. So for someone to come from
that background into technology, of which I had zero idea about,
was a little bit, I guess confronting because no one else was doing
it from my peers at university. Telstra really for me is
at the frontier of what I guess I would call the
industrial revolution of this era. And by that I mean
the internet of things. So all of a sudden you
start getting exposed to a lot more I guess sexier
more appealing technologies and where this company’s really going. What’s going to be next
for Telstra? Who knows. Our expansion into Asia’s just phenomenal and for someone to come in
like myself who didn’t really know what they wanted to do with their career, I came in just wanting
to have a broad experience which I knew Telstra
could give and I thought ‘Look if we are at the
forefront of what technology’s doing I’m going to be in pretty
good position to jump into – maybe it’s marketing that
I really want to get into or maybe it is the legal and
the commercial side. I can do that.’ For me it’s turned out
I’ve really wanted to jump into the customer/client relations side from relationship managing point of view. I really enjoy the business discussions and solving the business problems. I’ve got a bit of an idea
now of what I want to do now for maybe the next three to four years. After that, not too clear on what I want to do from a five to fifteen year period but I’m comfortable with that
which is quite a change of emotion from eighteen months ago when I was just about to start off into the program.

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