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Hey, my name is Kyle Dilger and I’m in charge
of branding at I’ve been in the naming industry for my entire career, and
I’ve learned quite a few things about business names that stand out. This quick video has
my top business naming techniques that will hopefully spur some ideas for naming your
business. If you’re having trouble coming up with that perfect name, make sure you check
us out at When we’re coming up with ideas for naming a business, one of the most common techniques
we use is to figure out what emotions our client is trying to evoke in their brand.
Financial companies, for example, want their name to evoke emotions of safety and security.
A high-end clothing brand would like to sound classy and sophisticated.
One of our clients was an IT services company, and they told us they wanted their brand to
stand out among the rest as being more knowledgable than their competition. We came up with the
brand Brainy IT, and it stuck. Another client of ours was starting a health
products store, selling all of the latest technology gadgets and gizmos all aimed at
the health market. BodyFrontier hits the nail on the head, the frontier aspect of the brand
means they are at the front of the market. Rhymes
This technique is very popular with our clients, because it instantly creates a memorable company
name. For example, our client was starting a medical
spa. We felt Red Med Spa had an excellent branding potential.
Another one of our clients was a cleaning company. Blue has evokes emotions of cleanliness,
so we came up with TrueBlue Surfaces. The rhyming made it an instant hit. Alliteration is simply the repetition of certain
sounds in your brand. This is another psychological technique that helps your brand stand out
in a customers mind. Spotless Surfaces and Sharpline Solutions
are both catchy and creative business names, and since launching, business has been great
for both of these companies. Finally, using idioms, quotes or expressions in your name. This could be another video
on its own, but I’ll do my best to explain here.
Theres a couple ways of approaching this, in our first brand we were set out with the
task of coming up with a name of a coach that provides nutrition training. We came up with
“an edible life” after the popular movie “it’s a wonderful life.” Think of popular quotes
or expressions you can alter to match your brand and you’ll be applauded for being so
creative. The second brand was a bit more difficult.
Our client was a life coach, and her customers come to her for help in any aspect that they
are struggling in life. We came up with “a road to you,” which is a metaphor for the
pathway that can lead her clients out of a struggling situation. So think of ways that
you help out your customers, and what your services or products mean to them. That’s it for now, I hope these business naming
ideas help you in the search for that perfect business name, and if you’re having any trouble,
please check out our affordable business naming services at

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  4. Hi I just post to say thanks for sharing this video on Business Names Ideas tips for naming your business. I'm doing a cloth bag business & haven't come up with a business name for my business as yet & I've been doing it for quite abit. I would say my business is kind of secretive in a way because I guess not everyone knew about the product that I do only close family members,friends of my sister ,church friends & so forth who knew about it; but apart from those mention; no one else that's it. Anyways My Question is Is it Ok or Common To Name Your Business using a Nickname of Yours Or Using Your Name Intials As the Business Name is those which I mention forbidden to use; just asking. I look forward to your reply as soon as possible. TAFS.

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    Please suggest me a good name for Online Store/ Online Business . A name which is easy to read, write, speak , understand and memorable . I want to sell online Handbags , garments etc .
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