Business Partners in Education Luncheon

– I came today to this
community and partners luncheon knowing that, I was here last year, so I really wanted to learn the new things that were incorporated into the community, near the students, the opportunities that they have, the
programs that they have. – This is an opportunity for us to meet our business leaders,
our community leaders, our civic leaders. We address our parents,
we address our students and our staff, but we forget about this great resource we
have in the community. So we bring them together,
we provide a lunch, and we kind of showcase our school. It’s a show and tell, and we love for them to hear from our students directly and about the experiences we offer here, the education, we want them to know what a valuable school they have here, not only in Southwest, but
all our feeder schools, and so this is a great opportunity just to let them know
all about those things. – I was excited to come back to talk about my experiences, I was really invested in trying to make Southwest grow when
I was a student here. My sister, my younger sister, is still listed in here, so through her I found out about the new things that they’re doing and how it’s growing as a high school, so I’m
always glad to come back. I think they have some
of the best programs, both academically and
for creative expression, they have state-recognized
choir, orchestra, theater, debate, UIL, robotics, anything, you name it, they have it here, but also the fact that they have college classes for every single student for free, which is an opportunity that, as I found out when I went to university, very few people in the whole world have. So for that particular reason, I recommend Southwest High School. By showcasing the achievements of this high school to people from around the district, we’re able to get contributions that help it grow. – I felt that it was very important for me to learn about the community, learn about the programs
that this school has and how we can go ahead and communicate with each other so that we can help each other develop new programs or maybe you know, I
can assist in any way, some of the students might need mentors, or they can need a program where we can go ahead and assist them with further development. – If we don’t bring them to the table, they’re so busy that it’s hard for them to make time to come out to the schools, especially if they don’t have children in our schools. But because they live and work here, they have invested interest in what we do and we recognize that, and that’s why we invite them and that’s
why we have this lunch. We just want strong
partners that believe in us. – I’m gonna walk away with a new vision towards the future
for this whole community, I think the Pharr-Alamo-San Juan-area is a very, very big community. Any customer that comes into my bank, any client that comes into my bank is a part of this community, so if I help them, I’m gonna be helping out the students grow up and get the full potential
that they can use to be better students. (spacey music)

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