Business With Purpose – Cameroon, Africa

my name is holler man I’m what you call a visionary catalyst and a life coach I leaving work in the country of community for the past 25 use over the years I’ve been able to develop organizational structure called strategic leadership development and the focus of that is to develop church leaders business leaders youth leaders women leaders social entrepreneurs and civic leaders meaning we’ll look at the existing leadership and help to perfect the leadership skills so they can be able to really be a blessing to the population secondly raised up emerging leaders that is to say the young leaders in churches in business and in schools our rule our job is to create opportunity to really identify them and then be able to give them opportunities for them to be able to be good leaders now I talked about business leaders and to really activate business leaders we developed what’s called a kingdom business network meaning the objective of que bien is to be able to help businessmen wrong with the business and excellence based upon the Word of God he says in the book of Deuteronomy chapter 8 verse 18 he said that remember the Lord your God for it is he that gives you power to make wealth so you can be able to establish his covenant as a swan to the father’s meaning if you really want to accelerate business it takes your relationship with god and then god is on the top of making you a success but every success as a bubbles it’s why is the word of God he says i will i will give you the power to get well so you can fulfill poppers the populace is to establish covenant now is a similar in business effort business must have a purpose what is your purpose in business what is my purpose in business was my purpose of life happening there are three things that you must never see in establishing you purpose in business number one you doing business or because you want to be rich that’s one bubblez secondly are you doing business because you want to be wealthy that’s another pose I explained all of them and the third thing are you doing business because you want to be a blessing to humanity that’s another purpose let’s take the first one which was a mean to have a purpose of business to be rich in mainstream cumulate in numbers that is the same based upon how much houses you have how much money you have in your bank account but it’s not about you it’s not about hours because you realize that the purpose of your life is that it’s about you but if we just accumulate to riches just because of yourself unfortunately in my consume you or Emma lead you astray tall in my particular of the bubbles of your destiny so it’s going to be rich but you must transition from being rich to be wealthy how do you transition what has been wealthy okay to be well that means to use all that have accumulated to create opportunities and businesses for others to also participate example if we create a business we employ people think every pressing you employ you will really be a blessing to a family every employee probably married they got children so by employing bike written on business opportunities by creating employment opportunities you are actually putting food on the table from lot of families and you also reasonably generation by providing resources for them to the skull that’s been wealthy winning I’ve taken my riches and I choose to create opportunities i’m not noticing them i’m multiplying my riches but through wealth how do i do that by creating opportunities for others to participate a given opportunity to also be Rich it’s a win-win situation but finally you have to be a blessing God said to Abraham in the book of Genesis 2 12 he says Abraham I’ll make your blessing so that through you all the families of the earth shall be blessed what is no one that i love it i love to be a blessing to all the families of the earth when your family when your blessing to all the families of the earth you leave a legacy that’s what’s important you’re living a legacy or you’re creating opportunities for generations that come after you to also enjoy what you created in your time and season so Abraham that made of a blessing to all generations hey it probably started out in that in the Middle East but that blessing is going on around the world in in Europe and America and Central Africa now out of Abraham will learn some skills now Abraham was not just a man who was dependent on oil the blessing of god yes but God giving skills of business he knew how to multiply goats and sheep and cattle and everything and so because of their he had a principle of multiplication so everybody went somehow Abraham was over women rich is such a way that the local population was afraid of him because he had multiplication now but every time your blessing then no you fulfilling bubbles was poppers of you remember I told you God said that i will i will i’ll give you the power to get wolf so i can establish my cabinet with the generation of your powers there’s bubbles meaning i’m doing business because my papa’s commits by destiny every generation that has a purpose for you every individual that has a purpose for you don’t leave this earth without for your partners and business is one major place the marketplace to fulfill bubbles and destiny and ever tell you fulfilled popular destiny you leave a legacy for generations to come and the generations that will come listen you don’t have to create something that will show your name because of the present generation if you create a legacy the generation that come after you meaning if you create business opportunities self generative business opportunities for generations for five generations down the line will take note that was a man that was lived and he put all that he got into creating a legacy for me to be changed transform and be a blessing to my generation today now every generation must also create opportunities for for a legacy that passed down onto the succeeding and generations i said this I’m living now for the next hundred years I’m not saying only 400 years i’m saying all that i do now I’m living the legacy the structures that are put in place within business within church leaders were the in civic leaders within women leaders the structure and putting down right now I’m living a legacy so the generations that come after will use it as a tool and fulfill their purpose in life that’s excited that’s where we were created for for public so as a businessman in England business you live to fulfill people’s business is just your mission field business just your area of influence in my god you can do a tremendous influence in the area of business

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