Businessman plays pick up games at LA Fitness!

32 thoughts on “Businessman plays pick up games at LA Fitness!

  1. Srsly, businessman?? Just lose the tie. You look like ur interviewing at McDs. Oh, btw, a 'suit' requires a jacket – what u have is a shirt and knot…I mean tie 🙂

  2. Yea cus if I saw kid dressed like this witch people obviously filming him, I'd never think anything was up…

  3. To be a businessman, you have to be a man. Plus you dress like you just came from an interview at McDonalds, not like a businessman.

  4. Businessman was a poor choice of word for him lol but STILL hes balling the fuck up in dress clothes and dress shoes??!?

  5. No real baller would FUCK a floor up like that with dress shoes! Not hard to beat a bunch of kids that aren't even trying to begin with.

  6. Good thing this turd is playing against "top notch" competition again to fool everybody in to thinking he is actually any good.

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