BUSTED! Trump Had Secret Deal With Scotland Airport To Boost Business

Yesterday. Monday, Donald Trump tweeted out the following
in response to the, uh, mounting reports of how the US military and Vice President Mike
Pence, we’re using the a little airport over in Scotland that just happened to be not far
down the road from Donald Trump’s Turnberry golf resort and spending millions of dollars
there. Donald Trump tweeted out the following. He said, I know nothing about an air force
plane landing at an airport, which I do not own and have nothing to do with near Turnberry
resort, which I do own in Scotland, and filling up with fuel with the crew staying overnight
at Turnberry. They have good taste. Nothing to do with me. He says in all caps at the end there. Well, I guess that’s, that’s kind of cut and
dry then, right folks, he doesn’t own that little tiny airport. The a Prestwick I believe it is. He doesn’t own it. He doesn’t have an agreement with them, certainly. He says, actually he does though. Yeah. You see some good investigative reporters
got their hands via a foya over in Scotland on an agreement between this little Prestwick
airport and Donald Trump himself. Donald Trump does in fact have an agreement
with the airport and he’s had it since he opened up Turnberry because again, this little
airport is basically the main artery into Turnberry. If you don’t fly into this airport, it’s a
pretty long, multiple hours, long drive to get to Donald Trump’s golfers or, but the
little airport was failing. They were running out of money, they didn’t
have enough. So Donald Trump comes in and says, Hey, I’m
building this golf course 20 miles down the road. I’ll direct a lot of traffic in through your
little airport. What you’re going to do for me instead is
you are going to ferry people or shuttle people, excuse me, over to my golfers resort. I know it’s very far away, much further than
any of the other hotels you shuttle people to, but you’re going to do it for my golfers
resort because I’m going to give you lots of business. And the airport said, okay. And they had an agreement according to documents
obtained. So he did have an agreement to give them lots
of money. Oh, and you know who else actually has an
agreement with them now too. For some reason, the US military, the US military
does in fact have a deal with this tiny little failing airport to stop there and fill up
with gas and spend millions of dollars in tax payer money. They’ve, uh, made more than 250 stops at this
little airport just so far this year. Hundreds more in the other two years of Donald
Trump’s presidency because they do have a deal. This is 100% an impeachable offense. Not only did Donald Trump lie to the American
public about it, and I know that’s not technically impeachable. The man wouldn’t have lasted a day, but this kind of quid pro quo, this is absolutely
impeachable. Donald Trump is raking in money, taxpayer
money because of a deal he negotiated shortly before he became president with this tiny
little airport. What started off as just a story about Donald
Trump, you know, unjustly enriching himself has turned into a full blown scandal at this
fo- Uh, at this point, folks, the documents are there and the documents are clear and
we now know that this is a thing that happened and, that Donald Trump was lying through his
teeth when he sent out that tweet saying, he has nothing to do with it, and there is
no deal. There is a deal. It’s in writing, and Donald Trump is guilty
as hell. In this particular instance.

100 thoughts on “BUSTED! Trump Had Secret Deal With Scotland Airport To Boost Business

  1. What will it take? What will it take for anyone interested in justice, law, or clean government to wake up and speak out, and I am referring specifically to Republicans. Russian operatives contact Don Jr. during the campaign to offer material support to which he says "If it is what you say, I love it" and then takes the meeting. Over 100 contacts between Russian operatives and the members of the campaign. Manafort gives them demographic/polling research. The Republican line: "No collusion". Mueller documents 10 instances of obstruction to which a thousand former Federal prosecutors say they could indict on that basis The Republican line: "Total exoneration". Foreigners stay at his hotel when they come to D.C. The Republican line: "Emoluments clause does not apply". Trump pays hush money to a porn actress with whom he had an affair, in violation of campaign law. The Republican line "So what?" Trump diverts budgeted money away from the military. The Republican line "We can back-fill". I can go on and on about documented corruption, lies and cover-ups and those are just the ones we know about. There is evidence suggesting potential insurance fraud, bank fraud, possibly money laundering and tax evasion as well. I can understand Republican supporters reluctance to admit what they see in front of them, but all of it is "fake news"? All of it?

  2. So who was the driving force behind the deals ? That could only have come from one person only, Trump. Impeach the incompetent criminal who is enriching himself and abusing his powers, but lies yet again to try and cover up his crimes.

  3. He’s prob made other deals for those still ‘missing’ migrant kids while there.
    It seems royal/elite/HWood propaganda machine is working successfully to bury the child trafficking story with a suicided Epstein. How is it not a story when lawmakers/politicians at every level are covering up heinous abuse and trafficking of children daily and for decades and continue to unless/until enough in the media and public demand answers. Thankfully some like ROF on YT wont let the story die (along with abused/discarded children and any potential witnesses.)

  4. Moron Don is a cancer to American Democracy, if let he will destroy sre country. This is disgrace to are country. Moron Don must be IMPEACHED!!!!!!!!

  5. LMFAO!! That BASIC BITCH WILL ALWAYS TELL ON HIMSELF!! Goddamn he is BEYOND STUPID!! Threat to our nation security!! Domestic terrorist #1!!! This won't be over until that reptile is dead!!

  6. BOY – Trump just loves ripping off the people of the USA and will LIE his ass off to do it. But the Congress and the people keep letting him do it. Smarten up U.S. taxpayers and get rid of him. He just wants to bankrupt the country and he is good at that.

  7. Aaaaaand we'll stop talking about this in two days when the next prosecutable scandal surfaces. I hope we can recover from this shit. He's really exposed just how little Republicans care about the law.

  8. Chief-in-Lies…Washington could not tell a lie and Trump cannot tell the truth. If he were to walk within 20 yards of a cherry tree it would wilt and turn into kindling instantly.

  9. And this Bitch of Tomi Lahren Complaining about OBAMA Spending TAXES Money What an Irony of this Dumb White Blonde Moron .
    I know This Orange Gorilla of TRUMP he is a FRAUD a Pathological Liar I knew it for years but the DUMB BELL American Don't see it they are so F…. Stupid to see it.

  10. USAF used Prestwick for many years. When I flew to the UK in 1962, on my way to my first duty station, downcountry in Wiltshire, our USAF transport landed at Prestwick. I then took the night sleeper down to Euston Station, London and on by train from there. Sad to see that now Prestwick's gotten mixed up with Orangoman.

  11. And people love him for his go-getting achievement of the American dream. If you can get to be President, you can do what you like and the rest of the world can go take a flying fuck.

  12. FYI: 1700+ polling stations across the United States have been closed since 2013 when the SCOTUS gutted the Voters Rights Act. Even if we have a humongous blue tsunami in 2020 how will we know if any of the voting actually gets through? We need to secure our election process internally and externally immediately including cyber security and paper ballots. Otherwise, 2020 will be a landslide for Rethuglicans as they keep STEALING ELECTIONS by every method you can think of and then some!

    PLEASE contact local state and federal representatives and make comments to this effect to get this talked about and some action taken… Obama promised action and did nothing!

    If you have contacts, please forward this message to them because we must protect our voting rights before they are taken away from us in 2020! It can happen.

  13. You are not uncovering anything new and important about the use of Prestwick Airport by the US military. It was well known here in the UK, 60 years ago. Why, because one of the most prominent US singers was routed through there on his way to and from Germany when he was drafted. His name? Elvis Presley.
    Trump doing a deal on Airport transfers to Turnberry is only common sense, I would do the same. BTW, I find Drumpf horrible. I am not a Trumptard.


  15. Trump's been lining his pockets since day 1, IMPEACH THE FLUMP , p s Don you ain't welcome in Scotland you never have been get it into your THICK skull. ..

  16. IMPEACH! Wake up Americans! Why are we allowing Trump to steal our tax dollars for his own pocket! 👹. Get Out Of Our White House! 💙🇺🇸💙🇺🇸💙

  17. Real Trump News Communist China 🇨🇳 Cousins: Did you see President Trumps Ban on Flavored E-Cigs? Somehow Obama let these hit the market without FDA approval by stalling the process. Obama, the king of Regulations let’s this go through????? A lot of Quick Money was made……Cousins report about this Real News.

  18. Tell your children how being a liar, a cheater, a thief and a cruel racist is a good thing. Fucking Trump Nazis will do it every time. They are like heroin addicts who will say and do anything to get their fix; Steal and pawn their mom's wedding ring, lose their children, alienate everyone around them then point fingers at other people, poo everywhere and ruin everyone else's day, safety and peace. Go ahead and tell your kids how being mean and greedy is a good thing.

  19. Anytime he uses all caps you just know it's a complete lie, not that most shit he tweets or opens his mouth it's a lie. But the caps are a clear sign.

  20. Why are the people of the USA surprised about this, as if this is new behaviour for DT. DT cares about one thing in the world, and that is DT, no one else matters.

  21. I live just up the road from Prestwick Airport, the USAF and the Canadian Airforce have been using Prestwick for decades. Although of late there has been more and more flights, which you can easily see on youtube etc. In fact its been quoted now and again as US Airforce Base, Prestwick due to the number of flights. Logistically its one of the biggest and quietest airports you can get after flying over the Atlantic. When the DC3s flew over the Atlantic for the D-day commerations, they passed through Prestwick. You get Hercules transports, C17s. We get the C5s passing through as well. Last week we had Ospreys parking up, we get US tankers passing through. KC-10s and KC135s etc. To stay at Turnberry is a bit odd as there are plenty of hotels around the airport as well as two Open Class golf courses – if your into that kind of thing, right across the road from the airport itself.

    Trump himself has used the airport quite a few times. The last time Trump was here he turned up in Airforce 1 to stay at Turnberry. Cost the Scots £3 million in police security. He himself was in a Presidential motorcade from the airport down to Turnberry. I wish MSNBC would use the phrase Scottish airport instead of Scotland Airport. Thats like saying Canada Airport.

  22. https://www.military.com/daily-news/2019/09/07/air-force-defends-c-17-crews-stopover-scotland-trump-resort.html ….And what's this staying at the Trump resort is less costly than other hotels..saving the tax payers money..say it isn't so..oh..but it is..lol

  23. Saw this story on rachel maddow and trump's denial tweet the next day. A scottish reporter found the agreement that trump made with the airport. But it wasn't supposed to cover military landings and gas. He is a lying conman.

  24. The con man keeps lying and stealing from American taxpayers and anyone who voted for him I hope your spouse, children, and friends lie to you too because you evidently looooovvvveee liars!

  25. So what? The Democrats will start "investigating" that & will get back to us in 10 years. Keep waiting.

    Kicking the can down the road is what the Democrats are good at.

  26. impeachment proceedings have begun. they needed to make sure they could seal the deal. watch closely everyone. first president to serve jail time.

  27. And will THIS make Pelosi push for Impeachment? Nope. Almost like they're all in on it and like making money while pretending to care.

  28. The Title of Nobility Clause is a provision in Article I, Section 9, Clause 8 of the United States Constitution,[1] that prohibits the federal government from granting titles of nobility, and restricts members of the government from receiving gifts, emoluments, offices or titles from foreign states and monarchies without the consent of the United States Congress. Impeach him Now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. Trump plays golf a few times a week to make his personal private deals 😁😁😁 and this costs hundreds of millions of $$$ to clueless Americans 😨😨😨

  30. In a psychopath's brain, they own the world and whatever they do, they NEVER regret, no matter what happens!!!!!!!!!

  31. Lying is like breathing to Donald Trump. He doesn't think twice about it and he never season a real percussions for doing it. That son of a bitch needs to be imprisoned. He brings shame to the office of the presidency.

  32. Well, isn't this news Amazing!
    Dope is so stupid!
    He's not smart enough to have a wet dream,
    with his tiny penis!,
    And tiny hands!
    What a dweeb!
    And no one will find out, Right DOPE!
    Right Pelosi!
    She's a dope also!
    She likes the money to much to act!

  33. It’s never enough, never bad enough with Trump, is it, America ? You like the abuse and rape of democracy, yes ? No ? Why not protest by the MILLIONS ?? Weird ppl.

  34. Though DJT has claimed Puerto Rico’s government was corrupt, unsurprisingly, it turns out, it was officials from his own administration who were actually doing the scamming.
    A federal grand jury recently indicted two former administration officials and a utility company chief charging them with bribery, fraud, fraud, and more fraud for diverting disaster relief funds into their own pockets. Taking advantage of one of the most vulnerable moments in the history of Puerto Rico to enrich themselves appears to be a running theme of the current administration. DJT has claimed Puerto Rico received $91 billion in aid, though U.S. lawmakers have only allocated about $42.5 billion in disaster aid so far, and about $14 billion had been spent. As per usual, DJT has suggested he was the best thing that ever happened to that foreign country whose president’s name he couldn’t quite remember? The "stable genius" failed to understand he had actually met the governor of the island. Puerto Rico is an unincorporated U.S. territory, it is he, DJT, the genius, who is the island's president.
    Hearing the tales of DJT's questionable actions it's hard not to immediately think of another unpopular and frustrated president turned dictator Ferdinand Marcos of the Philippines. Mr.Marcos and his wife Imelda are listed within the Guinness Book for 'Greatest robbery of a Government. It has been estimated that government's loss was between 5-10 Billion. As fellow narcissists risking constitutional showdowns for personal political advantage, their similarities are alarming. Some of the ways Trump mirrors Marcos are almost uncanny.
    When Marcos first ran for president of the Philippines in 1965, he introduced a now-familiar campaign slogan, without the red hats: “Our nation can be great again.” Both leaders have also raged against “false news” and journalists. Among the words Marcos used to characterize reporters were “rapacious,” “corrupt,” abusive” and “self-righteous.” Sound familiar? Marcos said God spoke to him personally in a dream, telling him saving the country was his “principle mission in life. Nobody else can.” And then DJT volunteered he is the "chosen one." Marcos also wanted to end constitutional term limits so he could run for president a third time, a very similar suggestion recently by DJT as well.
    To keep his loyal political base, Marcos also turned up the heat on a campaign of fears and lies about a contrived Communist menace, while DJT has maintained a constant lie regarding caravans of brown people at the southern border. Marcos, like Trump, also ignored inconvenient U.S. intelligence. In the interest of himself, Marcos invented a sham crisis, when he directed a staged assassination attempt on himself. The faux attack was an unoccupied government car riddled with machine gunfire. Frighteningly something we can all see DJT definitely consider if it's not already in the planning stage.

  35. Far out AMERICA!!!!!
    When are you going to sort this out?
    Take him down, you look foolish and whipped bye this pleb !
    The world is watching

  36. Trump attended the 9/11 Memorial making an ass of himself,he doesn’t care about anyone if he did he wouldn’t be denying the entrance of the people of the Bahamas he was ready to talk piece with the talaban knowing how the victims families felt about it they haven’t even had closer for 20 yrs he doesn’t even respect that the only thing trump cares about is lining his pockets with our taxpayers money.

  37. One thing he did not lie about: after a year he said his presidency was the most productive of all time. Now we know what he meant: signing little deals here and there. So as he said he was so productive, we need to dig out all those deals.

  38. Oh! Mr. Farron ..just love to listen to your WAY OF DESCRIBING exactly what we think and say!! .

  39. 🤔🤐🎺😉👌AMERICA KNEW WHAT HE WERE THEN, AND disturbingly #KNOWS EVEN MORE NOW..& SO, WHOSE #Primarily AT FAULT.✔✍🤬🔥✍👺💥Who?!😡🌏☻

    🙄😒Pssst! 🤷‍♀️🤦‍♂️🤗America is.😂🥂🤣WTF

  40. Of course he has used his position to enrich himself personally and also his businesses. Renting space in Trump tower to the secret service. Going golfing at his resort every weekend. Hosting events at his hotels. having members of his party spend huge amounts of money at properties he owns. Plus everything else he has done to cash in on his current status. His whole term as President has been a plan to collect as much money from the government as possible, from diverting funds to overcharging for services provided. The man is greedy and the only reason, besides trying to avoid jail, for him to run for a second term is he wants to steal as much money as he can from the taxpayers in this country.

  41. That's why Trump and the Pentagon are buddy's now they get a break at his resort in trade they give him part of their budget. The wall for program that helps military families and operation world wide. Here I thought Trump and the Pentagon are spending money foolishly, my bag.

  42. Trump is a very sick man,my reason are simple.He said when he looks at his daughter he thinks of sex sometimes.He said he grabbed her by the pussy and treated her like the white she was.He said that Mexico was paying for the wall.He thought he could change the weather.He said the CIA was wrong about Putin and he was right.Now the one that should have gotten him walked out of the white house straight into the nut was when he said use a nuclear weapon to stop hurricane Dorian and he is the choosen one.Somebody better do something and quick because we got a damn fool trying to run our government.NOT MY PRESIDENT.

  43. His taking advantage of taxpayers money…what do you expect his a conman , a clown, and a liar. His a chosen one by the devil and it working on him….

  44. Emoluments clause violations again. I thought he was supposed to give up all commerce after becoming a president. Not cool!

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