10 thoughts on “Can Antitrust Laws Save Us From Facebook and Google Monopolies ? (w/ Robert Reich)

  1. Why haven't our elected officials even TRIED to halt this obvious rape of our laws concerning illegal monopolies?? Combined with the recent arrest of Julian Assange, this is probably the end of freedom, democracy, and a "Free Market Economy" left in America.

  2. Nobody believed the market would take care of fairness. they didn't want fairness. ray guns was 100% bad faith, just a little better liar than trump, good enough to fool most people

  3. I generally like Robert Reich and I appreciate that he fights against inequality of wealth and income. But I think he is behind the times. I haven't read his book Saving Capitalism but I assume from the title that he wants to save capitalism. But we have already spent decades trying to save capitalism from itself and is hasn't worked. It's gotten worse. And here he seems to want to increase competition because competition encourages innovation.

    But I believe we have to jettison the notion that we need competition. Competition is wasteful because it results in many people duplicating the same work to create products that are essentially the same, and then spending millions on (useless) advertising to convince consumers and buyers that their product is better than their competitors. Very inefficient. Rather, cooperation is better than competition. It would be more efficient to get rid of patents and share all information. Open source everything. If you think that this would stifle innovation, just look at the number of people who already contribute to charities, and this is in an economy where they also have to work to make a living. Just look at how much innovation comes from universities. Look at the open source Linux operating system as an example—it competes with for-profit operating systems. Just think how much work would be saved if we didn't have to duplicate work to compete with each other but rather cooperated and shared what we learn. We would probably only need to work half as much as we do now.

    Cooperation is better than competition.

  4. While a discussion like this mighy have a good point, i hate that it seems as if this is only catching mainstream supoort because Conservatives feel attacked.

  5. THOM I'me surprised at the size of the page ❔. Your very platform is a beacon of light in a dark deep tunnel of desperate despots and fearful children of God along with rational thinkers with much to give and share toward basic to colledgent overall knowledge given the state we're in and where we May Go -Yes indeedE From your ability to dialogue with the common shmeg to your current guest to senators bankers and musicians along with GeekY science newZ that and having an open expanded mind = PRICELESS ⭐ So professor what bugs me is the fact that people crowdsource 4 Healthcare and or Free Speech TV❔🤔 So do you think We as Humanity in the 21st century Link in to the first phase overall before the whole thing goes up in flames ❔⭐

  6. What about making Facebook and Google public utilities? Or at least some portion of them, like Google's search engine?

  7. "Trustbusting" aimed at Standard Oil, Rockefeller, now look, They found ways to get around it and now they are a cartel once again. That is the nature of capitalism: it abhors competition.

  8. I was listening to Thom in the early days of DuckDuckGo and my imagination wandered as I saw some of the Duck Duck Go content also refer or wedge to Google. That said I wasn't sure if they were offering a choice or if Google somehow commanded the show at that point I do like the Duck Duck Go for example it is a little more cumbersome but it does not want every damn thing you do and who you call and what you say. So yeah Google have some great function and music application and for the most part all I need are the music some of the information toward the educational Curiosities and of course this platform but I don't need to have a device know Everywhere I Go or how to get there 🤔, nevertheless there are endless apps or advertisements to get me into the device location finding searching and all the other trappings with more ads. Miss out on quite a loT or maybe noT (must turn on location or) what just to find out? YO oooooooooooo..🌠✌️ and 🖕Thom en Robert indeed there is a shortage of folks like yU. dU what yU dU👌 Godspeed

  9. Geez Robert, why did you support NAFTA… I mean Christ, this was god damn awful to manufacturing jobs…I appreciate many of your videos since… but hell, this does not exonerate you from Neoliberalism and slave labour….

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