Canada reaches deal with U.S. on steel and aluminum tariffs

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30 thoughts on “Canada reaches deal with U.S. on steel and aluminum tariffs

  1. maybe us had low prouction in aluminium and steels as it is profitable for canada at present.nice job anyway that the two government are sucessfully ready for their own internal reasons

  2. October just doesn't come soon enough, so the political experiment in immaturity and superficiality will end.

  3. Why are those lined up behind smiling???.what is there to smile about😡😡😡 And stop nodding your heads like you did all this…

  4. Hey Justin, don't take credit where there is none to take. You would be better spending time and money removing the trash from the Philippines. How's that going by the way? What silly excuse have you now for not cleaning up a mess you admitted we were responsible for two years ago. Filipinos are generally nice people. You should know since 3 of them are bringing up your children. But they are also very nationalistic, and also extremely vindictive. Philippines will soon be a very dangerous place for Canadians. Like China.

    Trump understood that the US would have lost at the WTO (yeah, I know, it's irrelevant to most Americans to be a part of something that might create fairness in trade).

    His China trade war is not going as planned and he's losing allies, where China is gaining.

    It also serves the US no good purpose to have a neighbor country in a deep recession, caused in part by trump sanctions, you're inability to be diplomatic, and in part by China retaliating against Canada, not the US, for holding someone that the US demands extradited.

    As much as I'd like to see Canada do a trump and simply backstab, by cancelling the extradition agreement as a matter of national security for Canada, the retribution from trump would come at a higher cost than China is currently inflicting on Canadians, which by the way, the US has responded to with little interest or assistance.

    I'm guessing that trump needed Canada to help his cause in getting democrats to sign on to the usmca. Which is really quite sad, considering just how badly MAGA supporters wanted to go it alone, but then their boss realizes he is screwed without help from a bunch of hated, hapless syrup drinkers, who, just over the past couple of years, he has thrown under the bus for a few bucks. More than once.

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  5. Say Justin that garbage in the Phillipines belongs to you guys, and you guyz are the one's that labelled the blooming thing incorrectly in rhe first place,thats where all the confusion was.But I bet yall knew about it..!!

  6. so president trump agreed with the prime minister check this out ignore each other infront of the camera..

  7. I wonder what we had to give up this time to get this settled. I'm sure there's more to this then they are telling us😕

  8. Don’t bother celebrating Trudope, your gone October 21. These steel companies are American owned satellite plants. The pressure was from the US head office to either settle or close the Canadian plants. You did nothing Trudope. Go on: vacation, apology tour, or costume tour. Maybe it’s time for a vacation in India?

  9. Yeah well Trudeau you f*** hard it's a little freaking late thanks to you hundreds of us in this province of aluminum workers have lost their jobs but if your GM you'll fire the money down their throat like it's going out of style but if you're magna cosma or any other international company that's making car parts out of aluminum country go screw yourself that's what our government says

  10. Glad the steel tariffs are gone. Lets hope there is more good news this Oct when Justine is gone along with the carbon tax.

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