38 thoughts on “Canada to slap new tariffs on US products

  1. 7 months later, how did it work out? Canada making a deal hat in hand while the US economy is roaring as the economies of the EU and China are slowing down. Canada was never going to win, it was just basic math. Canada has a GDP of roughly $1.5 trillion, the US, $20 trillion. Yeah, just math.

  2. Wow, she has no idea, give in and drop the tariffs on American dairy so we can get back to business, that will put our dairy farmers out of business. It's all about greed, what we consume here is peanuts compared to what they do.They have a surplus down there and would easily put our farmers out of business by selling it cheap, then just raise the cost back up. Trump just doesn't want to leave any rock unturned. Leave our farmers alone Donald Dum Dum. I got a big icy snowball in my freezer with your name on it, come on up here and pay us a visit. You won't find us quite as easy trick.

  3. Bill we do grow our own tobacco in Southwestern Ontario Canada and we do have our own milk, cheese,, etc. but it all has to do with trade.

  4. @ Smart deal
    The United States imports about 8 million barrels of oil a day from the Wahhabi kingdom
    # Smart Solution: Importing the Oil Requirement from the American Continent "Canada + Venezuelan + Brazil + etc
    This reduces the cost of imports
    The American continent is self-sufficient
    This is what the United States must do as soon as possible, but immediately.
    God bless America

  5. Oh I have heard so much about no national security issues. Picture yourselves sitting in a tank made of cheap Chinese steel.

  6. Free trade should also be fair trade. Our trade deals were negotiated by politicians who had no idea what fair trade means.

  7. We have different brands of mustard and ketchup and I rarely use them but my adult kids eat it. We are not purchasing American products like what we used to since Trump and his gang of bozos are the ones doing the trade war against Canada who is so polite and gentle. That is the thanks that we get for being a good neighbor.

  8. Canada has a Population of 36 million. What can they ACTUALLY have that USA is DYING FOR? CALIFORNIA out number this country by 3 to 1. CANADA RELIES on our EXPORT not IMPORT. Can Anyone tell us what made CANADA Highly Crucial to USA Economy?


  10. OMG, Canada Canada Canada, what do they have? Like a 3 month growing season. Lol. Food is what runs a country. Feed Americans First. They obviously import to much whiskey.

  11. TRUMPO is killing his own peoples and supporters why would he leaves canada for nothing ha ha ha? TRUMPO wants every single penny from those countries dealling or buying from usa so he wants trade war with every one doesnt matter canadians or mexicans?

  12. I very much doubt that Canadians needing MRIs or CTs (you are put on a "wait list" in Canada for these tests…6 months average) / affordable liquor & cigs / nice, cheap winter homes are going to boycott the USA. Citizens of the USA are VERY tired of getting screwed on Trade.

  13. Canadians are being gouged on dairy products via collusion between government and dairy cartels. Canada needs to bargain in good faith. Keep playing tough and we have no problem gutting auto manufacturing and bringing it home. This is a pissing match canada cant afford to play much less lose. It'll be a sad but just spectacle watching them follow their pansy leader into the abyss.

  14. U. S Is a BULLY NOW more than ever even though I like Trump..He doesn't care for Canada or It's PM..The second largest Country in the world Land wise..Canada had one of the Best ever Militarys in the world In WW1 AND WW2 BUT now they are weak except their Rangers are the Best in the World..Alongside Navy Seals..

  15. Maybe Canada should ‘get something’ on Trump. That seems to be the current trend to make sure he’s subservient.

  16. It's quiet simple
    the canadians are going to learn there are others in the world they can trade with
    and you can't unlearn something

  17. Why isn't potus arrested for treasonous acts? I don't get it. You impeached Clinton for a damn blowjob but this quack siding with Russians? Really you choose Russians and north koreans over Canadians?

    Yiu know in the last 100 years Canada has American back in every conflict even tho we publicly didn't admit sending reg forces too Vietnam or Iraq war had out top secret jtf2 unit fighting next to your seals and delta force.

    America needs to be careful eventually the candian gov will finally smarten up and stop depend on America for trade and then all America will have is russia and North Korea good luck with that

  18. Good. I hope Canada hits us hard. Next, Russia. And if they can't land the k.o., let it please be China. This abomination, I mean, Administration, needs a wakeup call, and instead of their penny-ante gaming, maybe they'll FINALLY get something accomplished.

  19. We imports more products from USA then USA brings Canadian products into USA. why should we be hit with a tariff? We only been friends for 150 plus years. Why u Americans loving this?

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