Candidate Control Part 3: Selling Exclusivity – Recruitment Training by Hannah Keep

Hi welcome to Part 3 of Candidate Control. We’ve already done rules of engagement and testing commitment, this one is about candidate exclusivity. Do you know what, I’ve run this session many times in the classroom, and I’ve had so many recruiters say to me, “I would never, ever sell this.” and I’m ask, “Why not?” And they say to me, “Well, if I was a candidate, “I would never go exclusive
with one recruiter.” “Why not?” “Well, because I wouldn’t
want to put all my eggs in one basket and not be
able to know what’s happening across the whole market.” Okay, I totally get it, and we need to cover
that objection for sure. But if you don’t believe
in any of the solutions I talk to you about, you’ll never bloody sell them! So first of all, you need to believe it, and I hope by the end of this video you will believe in this solution, or the alternative is to compete on every single great candidate you have with the rest of the market. Good luck. So we’re going to look
at contract and perm. Contract’s quite simple, there’ll
be quite a few situations that you will sell this in, but let’s look at the most common. You’ve got an amazing contractor who has been on contract
with you for a while. You’ve spent that whole time, (I hope) building the relationship. It’s about eight weeks before
the contractor’s end date. Maybe they are going to get extended, or not get extended, you’re not sure. Your job then is to
replace that contractor if they don’t get extended. This is about your
contractor redeployment rate. You’re missing a trick
if you don’t do this, and you know what, I don’t
even need to teach you how to pitch exclusivity. If you have got the relationship, that contractor should not
be going anywhere else, but only if you are lining
up other opportunities. So that contractor becomes your BD job, until you do find them
another opportunity. Anyway, contract
consultants you can go now. Let’s move over to perm. Okay, it’s a candidate short market everywhere in the sectors that I work in and you work in, and, you know, we know that. So, let’s just picture
this for one moment. You are a unicorn, you are the most amazing candidate that anyone has ever seen, right? And all of a sudden, you know what, you are starting to get
a little bit tempted. Those recruiters that always call you, you start to have conversations with them, and then you say, “Okay, I’ll update my CV.” And before lunchtime your
confidentiality is now at risk. The more recruiters that
know that you’re looking, the less you can protect
that confidentiality. The second thing is that
the minute you do that, your job now becomes to
manage your job search, right. The amount of time, the amount of hassle involved in looking for another opportunity, we all know it. It’s a nightmare, why
would you want to double, triple, quadruple,
whatever, that nightmare? I can’t even entertain
it in my head, okay. So firstly, now you’ve
got a load of time and a load of hassle in dealing
with your job search. And thirdly, you lose objectivity the more recruiters that you deal with. And the reason why that is, is because if you deal with one, one, ‘career partner’ that
is the expert in that market, doesn’t just say they are, they are the expert in that market that can give you that
proper helicopter view that’s got hundreds of vacancies that can shortlist that down to the best seven or eight that can get you the three best interviews that match what you’re looking for, why the hell would you
want to do anything else? And the reason why you
get objectivity in that is because that recruiter cares about you. They don’t care about
which company you go to, they just care about you, and will help you make the right decision. Pros and cons, they’ll
help you weigh them up. You know, there’s a lot more benefits that you could give to exclusivity, and there’s obviously a technique for how you pitch it, so you know where to come
if you want some training. But you know, my message to you, is, is that if you continue to compete with other recruiters
on your hot candidates, you are leaving your time that you’ve invested into building that talent pipeline completely to chance. And you know what, if you’re getting objections to the way that you pitch exclusivity, yes, it’s probably down to the pitch, but it’s also down to the fact that maybe you haven’t
established credibility first. I would only work with one recruiter if I knew, and believed, that they could genuinely,
genuinely, deliver, and that they’ve built that relationship before I even started looking. So, let me know your
thoughts on exclusivity, I look forward to hearing
from you, see you soon.

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