Career Advancement Centre, Smith School of Business, Queen’s University (Commerce)

Day one, you have to come in and be able
to set that foundation. And that will pay dividends in the long run, being able to
set weekly appointments or monthly appointments to cater to the needs and
what your career aspirations are. I think the CAC really put into
perspective the different opportunities that were out there in terms of emerging
industries such as innovation, analytics, advertising. Where I’m now going, my
direction I’ve set leaving the program is not what I thought it would be
upon entering. I attribute a lot of that change in direction and the process
of discovering myself through working with the CAC coaches. Focus on uncovering that career clarity,
that career vision. And then once they get that ‘aha moment’ about what they
should be actually focused on, it’s building out the capabilities from a
career perspective that will help them to be successful. One of the biggest
things as Commerce students is that we’re not simply here because we’re
smart. That’s a given. At the Smith School of Business, one of the things that makes
people stand out is those extracurriculars and those experiences
that differentiate everybody. And the career coaches really help you take
those experiences outside of class and formulate them in a way that really
makes you stand out. Your online presence and your personal brand is something
that resonates with people and it’s sort of their first contact point with you – so
you want to represent yourself well. And the CAC was very helpful, helping me
understand firstly where people will go to – so LinkedIn – and perhaps limiting
other social media platforms in terms of where I’d like to represent myself. Perhaps you led a team and you’re able to really narrow down on not just
that you were a leader – what kind of leader? How do you spell that out – were you
a visionary? Were you a mentor? Were you a coach? So taking it to the next level and really laying that out as far as the specific scenario goes, that’s what
really remains memorable with interviewers. The CAC has been really instrumental in
my internship process, being able to find internships at Amazon and Goldman. So my
last summer I actually worked in London UK, and I’m actually signing back
with Goldman Sachs and going back there mid-July. We would love to partner with
you in taking your career to the next level and that’s what we call career

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