CashBack World Introduction for Merchants

cashback is known to be a popular bonus program mr. Moser runs a flower shop unfortunately he rarely finds new customers mrs. Hedwig is a proud coffee shop owner but isn't proud about not having regular customers what does cashback have to do with them cashback world offers partner programs that are tailor-made for them how does that work by partnering they become part of a shopping community in which partner companies and shoppers benefit jointly thanks to purchasing advantages there are two programs to choose from the partner program and the premium partner program mr. Moser chooses the partner program around 13 million cashback world members can now collect purchasing benefits from him from now on he can record all sales of cashback world members he can also create individual shopping point deals in addition he himself receives cash back and shopping points on his company purchases from partner companies important contract data invoices payment variants and product orders can be managed online mrs. Hedwig chooses the premium partner program she has even more benefits not only can she record sales she can also register existing and new customers directly via the app or PC she can digitally manage regular customer data sales appointments and cash back cards and evaluate and compare all sales and transactions via this statistics module if members registered by her purchased from other partner companies she receives an additional marketing bonus of up to 1% she can optionally use branded cards and flyers or newsletters and customer surveys both of them not only enjoy more customers but also more revenue by the way we have suitable products for partners from various sectors

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