Cat de mare este piata de comert online din Romania in 2018?

I don’t know how to tell you But if the online trade in Romania in 2018 was 3.5 5 billion euros I was now on the exotic island With at least two blondes And not here to tell you about the miseries of online car trading Tiberiu Pop the supreme leader from Domo and And today I will tell you about how big is the online commerce in Romania We’ll see where these 3.5 billion euros come from Why no one had No problem so far with this figure And then we’ll see Which is the figure that comes closest to reality and And how it can be calculated Well, well, let’s just let it go Let’s see what the source of the evils is After a short Google search I found a press release on the site of an association What does the online store in Romania claim? And who says Without specifying the source Or how to get there At the figures presented That market Tico mares It will reach € 3.6 billion in 2018 With an increase of 30% compared to 2007 twelve And now there are 14 thousand online stores Good Even if at first glance it seems like a legitimate association If we look a little More carefully we notice that Despite the fact that That itself Clear association that it is 14,000 e-commerce sites It consists only of eMAG And 10 ghost sites like that Chiffon Fungift And also 8 More than that The press release is Signed by one of The first employees of eMAG Florinel are now entitled Its executive director Fictitious associates so The walnut association Association is more eMAG Good Then to make CIF The figures are even more credible They were rolled by peace Which I have no idea What comes from But I know he is organizing some online trading event Event Care simply and randomly It is sponsored by eMAG The official report of the ecommerce market in Romania Cover twelve Officially a lot of certainty PC fuses Cover Which is neither an online store nor an earring company Gift setting What you don’t do GP for money 6 billion trains became 3.5 here There are so many nonsense in this official report that it’s scary But for now we will only stop at one Let’s Have Why Laugh Andrei Radu in the other episodes CEO and founder G pack In translation for the mortal the supreme leader Declare The increase of almost 30% is one of the largest in Europe For the second year in a row, this fact demonstrates the huge potential Romanian actresses from IC went for it Ba Radule Or for money, minds Huge potential Let’s take a look at some graft The percentage of those who have ordered goods or services over the Internet for personal use in the last 12 months at the level European Union comparison 2012 2016 The last place The same refseek but in the countries of the region The last place Obvious Percentage of people who access the Internet daily Depending on the environment in which I live What do you think everything Timi Evolution of the percentage of online customers in populated areas Worse than the Bulgarians So Radule I don’t know what pills you take But don’t give in to others From the orgapack site And the rolled up phase some newspapers And look where you are looking now the size of the online market comes this brand 3.5 billion euros Who has to gain from this Digits Obviously eMAG and GP Just not me EMAG who has to sell his candle And it has to present the market As one of the most malach growing, the worst walnut in Europe And cap What do you need fools To come to conferences and ecommerce courses It is not done in the online store If you could see these growth rates Bigger than Any other industry Is made But why didn’t he have any problems so far with this figure Well what does Altex Dedeman Stone Lipan have that they shouldn’t because they want to So not very interested in these figures The garage is at eMAG and the rest are too small to have any relevance to this figure The Monilo council street tile is stupid but that’s about it It should be noted that That there is no precise data on the size itself The e-commerce sector in Romania Not to mention that the man is still lying, but he is still drinking and taking a break But pup you’re here From now on To comment on these miseries Let’s see now How to calculate it And closer to reality Now we’re back to the lid To see What sells online I’m the main one Maia chicken clothes Furnishings Books and flowers What was the Romanian Market for long-term goods I mean electronics and home appliances You photo and printing in 2018 3.4 billion euros sold as much Online and offline Say that not GIF t reports Which is the standard in the market when it comes to the gate Next we will go to the portal time Monopoly Council Which contains the most interesting figures of all this These types are calculated based on information received from the top eight electrolyte online sellers If we divide by the cumulative turnover, noting that it represents How 42% Percentage that is repeated three years in a row That is, how to say ultras online He has raised me by no means Further on We’ll compare the turnover by years GIF Take that presents the market of the living lake Well, I have respect Looking forward and we will find a 59 to 100 for 2016 We will keep as a reference the structure of ski sales in 2016 similar to that of 2018 The remaining 41% One hundred problems sell Offline in supermarkets and And in projects and leech so We have 3.4 billion Euro or 59% make two billion euros Of these 20 billion wood 40 From the percent What results in online sales of lake living By 2018 That is, 0.4 And the euro There are a few other companies that sell electricity online so we’ll round it to the bone Good What was the clothing market in 2018? Head of Fashion Days He says that for 250 million euros We trust the word for She’s probably the most knowledgeable person Are they from decorations? And money is made Hard has made 40 million euros in nine countries But from elephant books he made 28 million by 5 Loss and Libris 9 million plane tickets Flyer made 10 million hours Flowers Flowers made millions of euros and some concert tickets 1 million euros So in the happiest case if we gather Goods and services sold online Angela 1.2 1.3 billion euros Far from bad So leave them 3.5 g of peace and In conclusion First You have to believe now that you have just released everything online The second winter Yudai exaggerated forces at eMAG to persuade Romanians to buy online These ambitious to hell you will not be So much for today Put more sugar thrown into the house Until next time All the best

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