CEO Vehicle Source Walkthrough #2 Steal Cars like an Import/Export pro

Hello everyone, this is HoestOnline & Welcome back to my channel. Today, we’re going to source some more vehicles. But first, I’m kind of pissed off at this Ammunation guy. He won’t let me in. And all because I’m in the middle of some kind of delivery mission. I can’t accept that man. Alright that took care of him, now let’s go. Uhhhhh…… Let’s go……. GO Alright, quick tip: Don’t drive your car into an Ammunation store. Just don’t First vehicle of today Is a Roosevelt Valor And in order to get this one, I have to do a point-to-point race And I have to beat the time the owner set, which is just about 3 minutes in this case. Now you don’t really need a very fast vehicle to get there. Just make sure you don’t crash and any vehicle will do. As you can see I’m driving a Benefactor XLS here, the armored version It’s not that fast and I made it in time. The game will make you make it in time, unless you crash or something along the way. So don’t worry about that. The owner, that’s him, will try to attack you. So be ready. Ok so after you take the car NPC’s will start to spawn in. They will try to block the way and start shooting…. Doing damage to the vehicle Now what I used to always say is, get out of the vehicle, kill them off…… Wait for all the waves of NPC’s to spawn, and then continue. But in this case I decided to try a different approach and to just race it. Now look at this. Yes, I do take damage, but when I stop I will take damage also. As long as you don’t crash, you should be good. Accept the damage you take, just race it. Don’t crash and you should be good. Skipping aheahd to the end of my journey. I took about….. (o, stupid crash there) 4.5 grand of damage. Which is acceptable for a top range vehicle. So if you feel confident enough that you won’t crash, race it! Next up, we have a Z-type. I decided to take the same approach, meaning I’d just race it. And just ignore the NPC’s following me. Baring in mind that, in this case, it’s not just cars following me…. But also a helicopter is following me. You can see him on the minimap in the bottom left corner of the screen. A little red helicopter icon is chasing me. Now what I have always remembered is get in between high buildings. Or dense areas, the Wind Farm is a good place. Trying that, I’m crossing the movie studio here, watch this….. Boom, the helicopter crashed. Next is another point-to-point race. I flew to near the starting area and am destroying my helicopter. It took some damage. By destroying it, once you spawn in a new one, you’ll actually get a new one. And not the same old damaged one. So that’s why i do that. I always shoot the tail rotor to avoid attracting police attention. But being close to The Lost compund, in the city….. I attract their attention. Now, they’re not that hard to take out. But bare in mind, you will trigger them when firing shots. Just a quick tip. I spawned in my car and I’ll be doing the race with that one, the Truffade Nero. The race is pretty straight forward. I made it in time easily. Remember you have to try drive these cars a pretty good distance. And a global signal will trigger a few seconds after you get in. So beware Next car for me was a Grotti X80 Proto. Same approach as before, I’m trying to race it. I’m being followed by a car and a helicopter. This area is kind of hard to race, it’s the Vinewood Hills. Narrow roads, traffic, always. So I can’t be as fast as I want to be. But still I decided to try it and just to show you how much damage you actually take… Provided that you don’t crash along the way I think it’s acceptable. And I’ll show you how much it is, when I finally arrive at my warehouse. Here we are, this is the final part. Under 3 grand, which isn’t bad in my opinion. If you’re willing to accept that and if you’re a decent enough driver to not really crash, I’d go for it. The final vehicle for today is a Roosevelt Valor. This one’s involved in a police chase. You try to snipe the driver, but if you fail you’ll have to chase him and shoot him. I use the AP Pistol here. Always be sure to have a car on hand. Because you might need it. As I did in this case So missing the snipe shot, you need a car. I’m calling Lester here to get rid of the cops. Don’t do that! This is my mistake, this is pretty stupid. Because as soon as I get in the vehicle, I’ll have cops on me again. So learn from my mistakes. Don’t do this. Helping my buddy here selling off his car collection will wrap up this video for today. Thank you so much for watching, press that thumbs up if you’ve learned anything. Subscribe to the channel if you want to see more. Put this video in one of your playlists. Share it with your friends, do whatever. Be engaged, give me a comment if you have anything to say. It’s all good. For now, I’d like to thank you all so much for watching this video. Keep coming back for more. I’ll see you guys next time. Thanks again!

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