Cheap Traffic Sources For Affiliate Marketing

hey there Rachel slick here and in this
video I’m going to go over cheap traffic sources for affiliate marketing these
are traffic sources that I use some free ones some that still cost money or cost
time which could cost money but I’m going to go over them all so if you are
into online marketing and affiliate marketing and want more of these types
of videos be sure to subscribe to my channel and turn on the notifications okay so let’s get into it some of the
things that I’m gonna go over in this is YouTube SEO regular SEO for Google’s
such as ranking things on a wordpress site using Facebook groups using your
Facebook page and networking with people on it Instagram Facebook ads and solo
ads and these are not all the cheap sources of traffic for affiliate
marketing but they’re the ones that I’m going to go over this is what we do we
make sure that the title of the video has keywords in it things that people
are actually searching for we also put a link above the fold so in the first two
lines there’s a link to something we put a description of what we’re talking
about when I say we I don’t know I mean I have people help me with this but I’m
in the videos and there’s description of what I’m talking about and we are
putting proper tags and keywords in the video too we also put keywords and links
to other videos in the description or you can also link other playlists and
that’s a great way to get more traffic to your videos and to your offers and
put a link a few times in the description it it doesn’t have to be a
link to rap to an affiliate offer it can be a link to a lead magnet so you can
collect people’s email addresses or even facebook chat but in
YouTube for the keywords if you just do one short word it’s too short you need
to have longtail keywords so like full statements that people are searching for
and you can see what’s trending on YouTube or you can use keywords
everywhere tool and find keywords that way too another great way to get more
traffic is collab with other people so I will interview other people or they’ll
interview me and they’ll put me on their YouTube channel and to their audience
and Facebook group or their email is and all do the same and we collab and it’s
just like more visibility more eyeballs free traffic if you are doing blogging
let’s say with WordPress you can use a plug-in called Yoast which can help with
your SEO so then you are fully search engine optimizing because that is the
point you can also check to see where people are spending time on your website
by using Google Analytics and you can also find trending keywords and what
people are searching for using Google Keyword planner which is free to use so
now let’s talk a bit about networking on Facebook so this is like my face a
screenshot of my Facebook profile and you can see I have a cover photo that’s
like businessí and my website and then the little bio here I say some stuff
about me I also say I link to where I work which is just my own company anyway
but I put that link as you’re getting traffic to your Facebook page like
eyeballs on your page you want it to be set up in a way that lets people know
what you’re all about if you are going the personal branding route and it’s
also important to not be like to business your promo ly on your page you
still want to be real and make real friends and show them into your life but
you could mix it with some business stuff and non business stuff another way
to get leads from the traffic that you’re getting is to link your social
medias and your links in your bio and it shows up real
nice and mobile Catelyn taught me this strategy I’ll make sure your opt-in page
or there’s some link in maybe your cover photo or your profile pic if you want or
there in the little About section you can also drive traffic to a Facebook
group from your page and the way to get that eigvals on your page is to engage
in other groups be helpful in other groups and then people will check out
your page send you a friend request so here’s a screenshot of my Facebook group
and I just provide value in there do trainings and give people all this free
stuff and find really cool trainings so then when it is time for me to sell
something I could sell something but I also try to keep it really engaged
because then it shows my group in the suggested groups bar on Facebook and I
get ton of free leads every single day people are requesting access into the
group and I set up three questions so one of the questions is what’s your
email address so I can send them my lead magnet and I collect a lot of emails
through my Facebook group I also use a tool I’ll put the link in the
description called a group funnels which helps me automate so as I’m getting all
these requests for people to join in all these emails I just click a couple
buttons and it puts them into my email autoresponder I also like to use the
unit section of the group because I could add I could organize things so it
kind of looks like a course so as I’m getting traffic to the group then I can
direct them to other offers and get eyeballs on those offers so Instagram is
a great way to get free traffic or you can call it cheap traffic because I have
some accounts that are quote accounts I have motivational quotes and I pay other
people to run them or I’ll also just pay for certain things with an Instagram
like shout outs or paid ads but then I also have my personal branded Instagram
this is not me but this is an example of one it doesn’t have to be fashion it
just be like lifestyle or just your life showing people what you’re about
and then maybe keeping the more business e stuff within your Instagram stories
and then of course a link in the bio this one is actually mine and it says
what I do help people make money online and I have a link to my YouTube but you
can also put a link to a lead magnet I just like to send them to make YouTube
because I feel like no no I connect really well as you guys here on youtube
so if someone first came from instagram send them over to the YouTube talk to
them and then maybe they will subscribe to my channel or join the Facebook group
we’re getting on my email list and hey maybe eventually one day buy something
from my affiliate links maybe maybe not it’s no big deal so when I’m saying
cheap Facebook ads here I mean just spending like five dollars a day
boosting a video getting more eyeballs on a video so I did a really cool
livestream video and then I uploaded it to my business page and turned it into
an ad and I get still a lot of clicks and visibility from that you could also
do lower priced YouTube ads too but then we are getting into ad spend which I
know you guys are looking for cheap strategy so you can be like lower budget
with it though if you want so another type of cheap traffic source but it
still cost money it’s not free is still a web this is where you are paying for
clicks from someone else’s email list but I could still be cheap and you could
really know your numbers with this strategy and it’s a great way to start
driving traffic to an offer alright guys I hope this is enough to help you get
started I know there are other cheap methods and other free methods and I’m
gonna keep putting out YouTube videos teaching you guys this kind of stuff so
be sure to subscribe to my channel and then I have a ton of resources in the
description of this video free courses paid courses training Facebook group
affiliate offers to promote a lot of cool stuff to help you guys start making
money online as soon as possible but of course it is up to you to take massive
action so if I can help motivate or inspire you to do that too
then I am happy ok thanks for watching and I’ll see you in the next video

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