Check Point, Web Exclusive, COPS TV SHOW

OFFICER: How are we
doing tonight, buddy? What do you have inside the
car that I need to know about? SUSPECT: My prescriptions. They’re prescriptions. OFFICER: Your prescriptions? SUSPECT: Yeah. OFFICER: And where are they? SUSPECT: In my pocket. OFFICER: You have
them in your pocket? SUSPECT: Yeah. OFFICER: Are they in
a prescription bottle? SUSPECT: Yes. OFFICER: Step out of the car. SUSPECT: Yeah. OFFICER: Put your
hands up, please. Step in front of this vehicle. OFFICER: Yeah, he has something. OFFICER: Something we
need to know about? OFFICER: Yeah, Xanax. OFFICER: Xanis? SUSPECT: Yeah, I
get panic attacks. OFFICER: Can I talk
to you for a second? OFFICER: Xani bars. OFFICER: Yep. OFFICER: Is that what you
had for breakfast, xani bars? SUSPECT: Oh. No, I take four a day. OFFICER: How many
did you take today? SUSPECT: I’m on my third. I take my last one before bed. OFFICER: And you,
sir– right now, you have a warrant
for your arrest. Turn around. Sir, what’s your warrant for? SUSPECT: I don’t know. OFFICER: You don’t know? SUSPECT: I don’t understand–
explain it to more English, you know? OFFICER: OK. Partner, what’s inside here? SUSPECT: [INAUDIBLE]. OFFICER: No. No, what’s inside
this paper in here ? SUSPECT: That’s the pill. OFFICER: The pill? SUSPECT: Yeah. OFFICER: So you have
drugs on you, dude. Are these prescribed to you? SUSPECT: No, that’s from him. That’s not me. I don’t take them. OFFICER: But they’re
not prescribed to you? SUSPECT: No, no. OFFICER: OK. Well, here’s the deal. They’re in your pocket. That’s possession of a
controlled substance, sir. Do you have any
needles on you, buddy? SUSPECT: Yeah. OFFICER: Yeah. SUSPECT: This is the only one. OFFICER: That has no cap on it. SUSPECT: These are good. They’re good. OFFICER: You got that? OFFICER: Are you diabetic? Do you have bad sugar? SUSPECT: No. OFFICER: Anything else? SUSPECT: No, sir. OFFICER: All right, brother. Let’s take a walk over here. OFFICER: And nothing else inside
the front of the car there, right? No further drugs? SUSPECT: No. OFFICER: That was
right here by her feet. SUSPECT: Fred’s flare gun. Great. OFFICER: Did you see it on the
floor right between your feet? SUSPECT: No. I get in trouble for his crap. I’m done with him. I am done. OFFICER: You’re going to
be going up to our station. You’re going to be cited
for possession of drug paraphernalia, all right? And we’re going to work on
those pills, the ones you have in the ibuprofen bottle there. Going to find out what they are. Going to find out if you have
a prescription for those. If not, you’ll be charged
with them as well, OK? And you, sir, you know
you had those two needles in your front pocket, OK? So you’re being
charged with possession of drug paraphernalia,
as well as the warrant. SUSPECT: These on the floor. I pick it up. OFFICER: And it’s now yours. Also, now your fiance is
coming back with us as well. She does not have
a driver’s license. And there was also a flare
gun between her legs. SUSPECT: Flare gun’s
mine in the car. I don’t know how the hell
she got it out of the trunk. OFFICER: All right,
going up to the station. SUSPECT: Yes, sir. OFFICER: All right, all right. OFFICER: What’s your
date of birth, Shelby? SUSPECT: Um– 4, 86. OFFICER: ’86. SUSPECT: ’83. OFFICER: 80– are you sure? SUSPECT: ’86. Sorry. OFFICER: Do you know
your date of birth? SUSPECT: Mm-hmm. OFFICER: OK, ’86. So how old are you? SUSPECT: I’m 32. OFFICER: Are you sure? OK, if you were born
in ’86, you’d be 30.

47 thoughts on “Check Point, Web Exclusive, COPS TV SHOW

  1. Yikes. I hate when they find uncapped needles. It makes me cringe for the officer everytime. Id have a hard time being as nice after finding them like that officer was.

  2. That guy is a dumb dumb. The police do not need to know about your prescriptions. Oh yeah he's on xanax that's why he can't think straight.

  3. cop:what do you have in the car
    inmate: nothin just prescriptions
    cop: you have a warrant
    inmate how
    cop: from drug dealing
    inmate:i dont wanna go

  4. Why would the cops need to know about your legal prescription? No shit if it's not really yours, but the cop said "do you have anything I need to know about", implying anything illegal, and the guy said just "my prescription", which should be legal so why does the cop need to know about it??? He gave himself away is what I meant, didn't think I had to spell it out but apparently some people are fuckn stupid..

  5. Passengers should get out and walk away. They aren't required to speak to police or provide any information whatsoever.

  6. What is the PC for jacking up the passenger(s). This series shows multiple civil rights violations (Federal crimes) by cops, as if doing so is all a-ok. MULE MUFFINS! This is COP PROPAGANDA TV.

  7. The 80's where u had pot, coke and maybe crack. But now???
    Prescription drugs, needles and a flare gun!
    Times have changed.

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