22 thoughts on “China made a mistake retaliating to Trump tariffs: Peter Navarro

  1. 1 year down the road, watching this video, China grows at 6.5%, their exports have increased, Huawei is dominating smartphone and 5G technologies, soon they will roll out their own OS as a result of this trade war and Google is at risk of loosing hundreds of millions of users. If we stay with them, they are the number 1 and if we fight them, they are the number 1. There is no way around it. There is 1.5 billion of them, they are extremely smart, have highest IQs in the world, they are hard working and they don't spend trillions on senseless wars in some deserts, unlike…. Well… I better go now. Wish all ya a good evening.

  2. This trade advisor to Trump must be sack!!!!! Trade war is good and easy to win??? Dragging more than a year now and tariff man still threatening every countries more tariff for their goods into USA!! are they dumb as Trump to not retaliate????? MAGA????? Resign or be sack Peter!!!!!

  3. Trump will go down in history as one of the best Presidents we have had at one of the most crucial times in our countries history. Our economy needs this new attitude toward our trading partners for its survival. God bless our President and the United States

  4. People.God.has.heard.the cries.of.his.elect.God.is.going.to.collapse.China's.economy.because.God

  5. That's why democrats who have business in china was so devastated when Trump imposed 25% tariffs on all goods that made in china. Best president ever.

  6. When the Americans make tons of money with the exploitation of the hard working Chinese slaves they r happy n quiet.
    Now when the Chinese save the money n work harder with their sweat,the Americans say they steal their money. U think the money just fall from the sky without sweating it out? The Americans logic is if u rich u must have stole my money!

  7. America should remove the favorable trade status of China because they became a bully and steal intellectual property of other nations. Make their economy suffer so that maybe they change their behavior

  8. With this, I have the belief that China also is stealing our money in the Philippines under the same situation with US. The reality is, the Chinese monopolize our resources supposed to belong to the Flipinos. To cite it, among the top 20 richest in my own country Philippines are mostly Chinese.. Worst than this, Chineses hold Philippine politics. They hold postions in our government.

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