Chip Leading the $11 $5,000 6 max MTT on ACR!

welcome to the stream I’m Geoff Boesky
playing on a ACR sign up today using bonus code Boesky curly chip leader in
the eleven dollar 5k let me know how the lapel mic is echoing today hopefully
it’s loud and clear for you guys switch over to the lobby for you let’s see we
got here alright there is the lobby almost $1,000 up top always good 200x
your money in one tournament how’s everybody’s Tuesday going make sure you
answer the Boesky bounty every Thursday at 6 p.m. password should be Duke D u ke
with a capital D five dollars and fifty cents to enter two hundred and
sixty-five dollars Sunday million ticket on my head you can’t beat that value
come knock me out play the Sunday million walk away with six figures it’s
just that easy I’m gonna raise it up with pocket eights
we have a player otk a longtime member of ACR with a pretty standard three bet
spot out of the small blind considering stack sizes I think our best play is to
shove all-in you can have a lot of gapped hands that can’t call the shove and we’re gonna put our chips to use
show him who’s boss it’s based on the stack size it’s a real good spot for him
to 3bet all of his suited aces maybe even some Broadway’s like King Queen
King Jack Queen Jack maybe even some small pears
pick up another premium oh shit sorry wasn’t on the screen my bed
we raised eight small blind 3bet and we jammed and he folded with a hundred and
seventy thousand behind back to the main screen you’ve seen it enough to lobby
that’s all that happened no big deal just open jammed pocket eights got it
through picked up sixty thousand chips gonna be calling a shove this guy’s been
very active when he calls he says he has a hand like a middling hand like eight
nine Jack’s exuded a lot of hands that are gonna hit this flop I’d continue if
I had a heart some sort of redraw it is tempting with two overs but in the slim
case he has something like nine ten our queen is the worst card for us to hit so
we’re going to give it up pretty awkward lead by hand but we have a good chip little switches
over one more time and switch it back how’s everybody doing out there the
crypto has been down but a nice bounce today that’s just how the market
corrects itself that’s why you should never panic so buy more on the dips sell
a little bit when it’s pumping take some profits rinse and repeat it’s always
tough to time it but in general that’s a great game plan
I wouldn’t sell just yet but it’s way better to sell today than yesterday for
reference I did release a new vlog if you are joining the chat you’ve been
alerted of such kind of controversial considering what the secret I reveal at
the end but it should be good for your viewing and entertainment pleasure 18
players remain 447 entered Hank pilgrim is very active from
Portugal I believe or Brazil same shit we’re gonna catch him overvalue in a
hand or bluffing in the near future our Hawk pilgrim mmm
decent 3bet candidate with the ten six suited the stream health looks good let
me know how everything is on your end still trying to figure out the random
echo problem may have to take my computer in and possibly get any sound
card I’m not a tactical expert but I watched my last stream i’m playback and
the majority of the time the echo was not a problem we’re gonna go with no
music while we one table this six max to victory pocket nines where I would have lost a
big one see how he played that the other guy said he had pocket fives set over set Wow checks back nines gets
raised doesn’t get it in and just check hauls an oversized pot bet on the river
yeah he’s gonna be playing a GTO pile based strategy over betting very
polarized ranges we’ll keep an eye out for that who we got we got poker medic
great mod in the chat Tim P T Goodman crypto freedom nice job
knocking me out the 2.5 k way to wake up with aces Jason Miller I saw you say
some good things about me in the comments appreciate it I put this guy in
timeout this is a positive stream let’s keep it positive flop a flush draw good
hand to see bet 9 hyderabad off barreling pretty bad turned to barrel making it less likely we have a queen he’s gonna continue with all of his
eights and three so I bet doesn’t do too much so let’s just hit a club we do not
hit a club does he feel the need to turn a hand
like jack ten into a bluff here has he got a value bet 8x yep miss sizing would
indicate an 8x value bet and we can’t continue yeah this hawk pilgrim has
gotten the better of me so far I think his video lacks evidence and
evidence is important anybody can speculate until you provide
evidence that’s all I have to say about that issue about a very common question
so there’ll be my generic response for anybody that asked me about that video and the maniac takes over the chip lead
not optimal hard to see the suits what the colors are different
how are you talking about Clyde drinking water in the background a shout-out to
Clyde I’d I’d say hi to the viewers 17 remain make the final table and
you’re guaranteed $85 first place is $975 we got our eye on that prize now
that my new vlog is out I have to get to work on the next one
it’s a never-ending process this one will be featuring a special 72 hour test
drive I was able to get and fully enjoy shove on him checked privilege shove on
this loose opener 41 joining us I expected to be closer to
a hundred and we reached the final table we would defend nine four suited here
just not 9 4 off seat Jason ass who’s a better opponent nimi
or Brad Owens when you say better do you mean a better player I’ve only played
with them at the vloggers game at Stone’s casino so I don’t have too much
info but I think Brad Owen is slightly looser than me me and as far as in
tournaments I’ve played with Brad Fertile many hours at the Planet
Hollywood $1,600 main event which we both bubbled but it’s pretty tight
straightforward and my buddy played with me me and a wind tournament and he said
he’s a super net so there you go lay down and open up the jack ten on the button
and of course fall through Jam hopefully they just call or fold though or we can
flop the nuts that’s a good result put in a C but hopefully as a queen or
8-9 type and should continue with all of his middle
to para Taipans nice or six seven I would love for him to have six seven see
your comment on YouTube D Goodman we’re gonna size down a little bit
give him room to shove 40,000 even allows him to over 3x check-raise if he
thinks his top hair is good or for us to easily barrel the river setting up a
nice stack to pot ratio avocados are yummy I enjoy them in my breakfast bacon
and eggs every morning you know I’m always on that grind Jason it’s a labor
of love makes you play the $265 Sunday million
in $1.00 tournament every week on America’s card room over $100,000 an
overlay this means more money for you to win and less people for you to eliminate
hell of a value unfortunately I couldn’t play it this week because I was at a
Super Bowl party but I make it a point to play it as many weeks as possible and
try to keep the reentry’s to a minimum because that 265 does add up especially
when you keep losing flips but that’s the cost accumulate yeah it went a lot
of flips to win tournaments a lot of things got to go your way currently in second place behind hawk
pilgrim or get them Oh we’ll get them King 9 suited very reasonable hand to
open but not calling under the gun open somebody commented that my videos don’t
have enough strategy hand analysis and breakdown at least for my vlogs but I
have plenty of videos me playing online on a CR which I do just that so feel
free to check out my previous live ACR sessions
sign up today using bonus code Boesky hit the subscribe and like buttons on my
channel helps the channel grow and let’s see good modding out there
poker medic why am I not at ATK yet well I’ll tell you what the new goal is 100k
ATK this ain’t gonna cut it for what I’m trying to accomplish for a new vehicle
you’ll find that out in the next vlog is a long path from MTG to WSOP many
years but a lot of the same skill sets reads possibilities thanks for binge
watching Conor try to put out a good product that everybody enjoys good 3bet
this but we’re gonna play a little more Slugger snug against the other chip
leader a decent flop for our hand with the backdoor club’s ace high might still
be good also five-minute delay Alexander Brown thanks for subbing Raymond I live
just outside Las Vegas Nevada thanks for joining me nick pappagiorgio one of the
oh geez in the channel always bringing the funny comments we’re gonna check
hall with ace high and continue club boards
maybe he’ll slow down did you pair up similar hand strength as ace high
because if you had an 8 or 10 he’s still ahead and of course jack 9 it’s there if
he was betting with over so clock King Jack Queen Jack type hands we’re now
beat also all we really beat is something like King Queen of Hearts it’s
always gonna hope to get to showdown we do get to showdown he gave up maybe add
h3 something like that and we take it down and take over the chip lead of the
tournament 16 remain tempting to call his jam from otk sees something here I’m
pretty reasonable hand selection open from the button it’s reasonable hands title thankful ten blinds I call or if
he was in later position I’d call but six max you definitely got to open up
your ranges no Tim be Vicky will not be coming by tonight she’s working I did
see here earlier she is not my girlfriend
she’s a friend the questions coming I feel free to ask
me whatever you want and chat I’m not shy Thank You Kyle I will get it Bobby
Honeycutt recognize that name trying to take it down quad jacks are good 15
players I mean who dogs might start barking neighbor just pulled up
not Vicky pocket sevens we’re gonna open and see what happens Hawks gonna defend
80% oh we must have the bottom 20% of his range there Green 6 we can fold anybody coming to Vegas soon let me know
if you have any questions regarding best restaurants massage parlors casinos
stuff like that I have some experience in those areas also if you guys like
value check out the Sunday live cage qualifier it’s $55 gets maybe 500 people
and half of those people are sitting out $8,000 package minimum of three are
given out to Costa Rica where you can play a 5k live cage plus $3,000 in
travel expenses there’s a good chance I’ll be attending that in March I
believe should be good vlog material and a good life experience I’ve never been
to Costa Rica hopefully he limps or folds that’s good
Thank You PO chromatic I see you in the chat holding down the chip lead 70
blinds is very comfortable shout out to Thailand Thailand paint rag
I hope to go there someday also some of my friends went there and said it’s very
cost-efficient food in the club scene the women are there to
please you I can get down with that many people thought my last name was Bosque
common common but you know we all need an alias sometimes good question James
do I make more money per hour online or live it’s close I never really
calculated it but the cost of driving to the casinos and you know food at the
casino stuff like that and the slower pace of the tournaments makes it pretty
close because the tournaments are softer I’d say a $600 tournament live is softer
than a $60 tournament on line will lay down keep your questions coming topics
you want me to rant about always fun I got a lot to say in a lot of different
subjects what else is going on good day in crypto for the Senate overall
positive you can find coverage of that on Doug Pohl crypto good synapses with
highlights avocados are great for you and pretty tasty some people don’t like
the texture yep Hank going for the obvious three bad
spot probably with an eighth blocker Alexander says there’s an echo yep it
comes and goes it’s pretty random instead of complaining find me salute
the solution I went over my worst WSOP bad beat Kings
verse Jack’s for over a million chips in the millionaire maker in the 2014-2015
something like that we’re gonna fold the jacks and do the Rochelle Sachs echo
comes and goes I don’t know what to tell you mic positioning closer should be
better try it a little bit farther away let me know how the echo is from this
distance I get a walk that’s good what’s up Dee Anthony that’s right I’m a
champion for life they can’t take it away once you accomplish it there’s no
asterisk like in baseball no peds in magic or worst bad beat yeah Jax first
Kings deep in the millionaire maker for I don’t even know how much equity would
have been the chip leader of the tournament with a hundred left that’s
the one Jonathan Dimmick won I got 30th or 27th or 36 there’s something all right
each Jack suited on the button will be calling his jam or opening that’s the
plan I’m not gonna tell you where she works for obvious reasons and of course
we’ll call o TK’s region as you should be jamming lighter than a stack plus all
the money that’s already in the pot makes it profitable and it’s not for our
tournament life there it is recall we need an ace there it is
take it down 900,000 chips 300k over second place 14
people remain answer the Ingram question again he provides no evidence people are
entitled to their opinion until he comes out with hard evidence I have nothing to
say on the matter it’s out of my control play your own
risk it’s a gamble best place to eat downtown the two I always recommend are
if you like all you can eat sushi I’d go with gory mine if you like barbecue I’d
say rollin smoke all the fine restaurants that the casinos are going
to be overpriced due to their that’s the word location ease of convenience for
people that are staying at the casino and their usage of comp dollars we’re
gonna defend the nine ten suited versus the under the gun raised four handed
it’s a great flop based on the stack sizes I think I’m just going to check
Hall although a lead shove is good too I can rep sets in two pair type hands if
he does raise we can jam or we can barrel that’s a great card to barrel yeah I’m gonna barrel that one 12 people remain now six-handed we get a
call but we get there we were running great when he calls the turn I’m putting
him on a hand like Queen Jack a very excellent River because if he has any 9
he’s definitely calling so I want him bet an amount that I’m gonna get a call
from a jack and hopefully get a 9 to raise we’re gonna down bed a little bit
and give him room to shove his 9x combos and call with Jack X combos and we take
it down 1.1 million chips double second place
unfortunately on a CR they don’t show the hand at showdown in that situation
only the called hand is shown and James Colton just asked the question
that I explained I could Jam this but we’re gonna go for the call no reason to
get too out of line with the chip lead hopefully we can just chip away at our
opponents he is probably pretty mad at this point after me getting there and
calling me down with Jack or possibly an overpair yeah that you just can’t see
their hands that show down when they muck same goes for you if you call a
river bet you don’t have to show your hand just like live poker asian massage
parlors would be heavenly world or you e foot spa same AC our questions will get
the same answer keep asking them and you’ll get a 300 second timeout because
I have nothing to say on the matter it’s out of my control
let’s take a peek at the lobby oh yeah sitting pretty
whoo let’s put these chips to work pocket threes oh and yeah steak houses
at casinos are going to be overpriced they are excellent but I mean you’re
looking at $60 fillets $10 sides really adds up after tax and tip drinks
desserts and they can be paying 150 dollars on dinner easily this guy’s been
very active and he still might be steamed
he’s from Portugal so they are pretty wild odds of him having a bigger pair
very slim and we’re getting a decent price to gamble and we have the
flexibility to flip with our chip lead so we’re gonna make a statement and put
in the call he does have an over pair but we can hit a three we do hit a three
on the river running very well and yeah that’s what you got to do to win
tournaments you got to be willing to gamble and make some marginal plays when
you have the chips to spare since we have momentum I will be opening the 10
for offsuit we can easily fold to the jams or three bad from Hulk Hawk pro
pilgrim but hopefully we just take it down or of course navigate various flops nice grand Lux is good inside a Venetian
if you play a tournament $400 or more they’ll give you a ten dollar food comp
you have to ask for it at the front desk little known secret highly recommend the
Asian nachos on the appetizer menu or the chicken and/or shrimp jambalaya they
also have happy hour specials if you eat in the bar area excellent value you can
get some great burgers or appetizers for five dollars each if you want music feel free to play your
own I will be playing all the highest-valued WSOP events those are
going to include all the weekend ones and all the themed ones like the Goliath
monster mega stack anything with a special name is gonna get the biggest
crowd highest probably prize pools and the softest crowd Queen 7 is a median
hand he should be shoving around 40% of hands with the money already in the pot
and is non all-in bet it makes me more likely he’s got something like jack 8
ace deuce that we have good equity against and we can afford to gamble
living it a player yeah ace 3 Green 7 we do not hit that’s fine it’s good to
winner to lose a race versus the shortest stack in the tournament most
affordable Swede 4 3 2 4 dudes I highly recommend the wind encore I mean not the
most affordable the best bang for your buck call them up and get the poker rate
I believe it’s 159 during the week 199 during the weekend before taxes and
resort fees just depends what’s going on during March Madness the prices will be
raised but call the poker room there and see if you qualify for the poker rate
they may want you to play the daily tournament or put in six combined hours
of cash games to be eligible for the rate but I don’t know how lenient they
are on that Thank You Gregg P we’re gonna open any
Qinghai on the button of course fold the resistance but you know I like to keep
that pressure on bad flop for us better flop for his range I don’t think this is
a good hand to three barrel Bluff with so we’re gonna check it back he has a
sticky player that’s going to pay a play well post flop and he puts in the half
pot value but on the turn with all of his 9x Jack X maybe even a few straight
draws like Queen ten but we can safely fold our king high Cosmo is going to be
expensive but you know not too familiar check your pricing I’m gonna open up any
suit at hand five handed stream health is good that’s good the window and we’re gonna take it down uh-uh don’t know too much about fedora
King Jack suited you know we’re gonna open this up it’s weird how they hide
any vulgarity in the chat just from saying paying out the ass but I
recognize your nickname you good you good bro all right great flop to see bet
we have the range advantage on ace high boards raising it up under the gun of
course we have the nut straight draw and the backdoor flush draw so we’re going
to put in the seabed and barrel various turns he’s going to continue with a lot
of hands like Queen ten ace ten Queen Jack queen king not the desired result he shouldn’t
really be jamming here without an ace facing this action there is no
open-ended straight draw you should probably call with a queen or fold it
but he has very tight stats so I’m gonna give him a Sten type of hand don’t let
it go out to pair a six and a say yeah pretty good on my range analysis a good time out there poker medic let’s
keep it positive in the chat uh yeah a lot of a lot of cannabis smell around
the strip right outside most casino poker rooms it’s very strong but those
bothered me too much Queen six suited definitely gonna defend here three ways
it’s good that Hawk lost some chips and it’s noted that he flat calls the ace
eight instead of three bets it on the button we do have so decent back doors
on this flop we’re gonna check it and see how the action goes it could be a
good candidate for a check range to put a check raise depending on stack depth
King is not a Greek hard for our range that’s we’re gonna check Thank You Greg
I’m glad you enjoyed that video make sure you like in comment below
helps grow the vlog there’s a lot of ways to qualify for the main event I
highly recommend playing it even if you have to sell ninety five percent of your
action to your friends or to backers online at face value hopefully at markup
but for five hundred dollars to play a 10k is a experience you’ll never forget there’s Megas at the Rio right before
the main event five hundred and fifty dollars and eleven hundred dollars those
are probably your best bet I think they also do sit and go flips for a thousand
dollars if you really want to gamble did answer that numerous times I should have
a copy paste stock comment for that still waiting for evidence and I have no
control over it you know all right oh this guy berated me earlier and he’s out
mm-hmm for making a good call with a 5 – a four flush board he was bluffing all
right jack nine suited mm-hmm checked privilege is very tight so if he
opened some balance between a call and a three bet but easy open on the button you do not like seeing a jam here much
rather see a fold or a call and it’s just too much for us to call with such a
pretty hand not interested in the baccarat system
but it’s nice that you get free hotel rooms for your play just don’t lose too
much gamble responsibly of course we’re gonna open the King Jack four handed
nine players remain I believe we combined at seven maybe six
so there’s gonna be a lot of action-packed short-handed gambling take
it down yeah Chuck privilege is very tight for six max so we’re gonna be
taking advantage of that and giving him credit for when when he does come after
us I looked like Cameron from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off all come on be nice
did the hair didn’t coat my hair today just came out of the shower still
working on possible hair stylish styles I actually got in touch with Doug Pollux
guy who he promoted on Instagram and asked him how much it was he said one
hundred and twenty-eight dollars one hundred and twenty eight dollars for a
haircut from this guy but I get 20% off because I’m a local so one hundred and
twenty dollars a hundred dollars pre tip should be a damn damn good haircut for
that price shout out to Greg also ex magic player
all right interesting spot this guy’s real tight my gut says two three bet
would be a sticky spot if we got four bet but I think this is a good hand to
three bet with and he’s gonna play straightforward versus the aggression so
we can easily fold a few four bets and hopefully just folds right now 99
was also a great year for music not sure what movies you’re referencing Greg but
I believe you know it was that beer of American Pie I bought in my range but
three handed we can open this especially attacking the tight big blind
let’s hope Hawk doesn’t start playing back at us he has cooled his heels as of
late 122 viewers appreciate everybody joining the stream tonight tell your
friends to get in the chat let’s have a good time together what locals hate
about tourists King Jack suited based on the game flow I want to maintain my boss
status first this guy and let him know he can’t just open light so we’re just
gonna rip it in and put his whole tournament at jeopardy and we’ll take it down he’s the type of
player that thinks he can have more edge playing small pots and he’s not gonna
want to call off his tournament life so we’re gonna do what he doesn’t want us
to do I did not keep a Black Lotus but I had a beta one and mint and unlimited
one for quite some time full near-mint to mint beta set along
with every sweet card you can imagine that I acquired through good trading
skills arbitrage was an excellent opportunity in magic where you could buy
cards from people or the stores sell them online or sell them to other stores
or sell them to other people huge differences in price fluctuations
depending on what cards are hot what decks are hot and there’s also gambling
where you play heads-up for someone either for a cash or more commonly cards
so if I had a $50 card and somebody else had a $50 card I wanted their card they
wanted my card instead I would just play them heads-up and instead of just
trading someone wanted win each other’s cards and people would often
overestimate their skills and I was definitely a long long run winner
playing heads up I think it’s recalled for ante ante up
it’s been a long time of course they’re gonna raise the king queen suited if
Hank comes after it we’re going with it we’ve had enough of it we have enough of
him you might even three bets fold and if he
jams that really narrows his range to some weaker Holdings you wouldn’t Jam
aces kings or queens so we can profitably call versus janam also mainly
a sex type hands and small to mid pairs he flats which makes me think he has
something like a Jack ten suited hopefully not
but very dry flop so unless he has specifically a jack or a slow played
pocket aces we can profitably see bet this board
especially with Czech privilege playing very face-up small chance he floats us
but that’s ok we can bear all a lot of turns that improve our hand like a 10 or
a diamond or 9 I think of nines reasonable you could definitely be
calling us with a hand like ace 10 diamond does a great card now my
decision is do I want a barrel or check Jan he’s never folding a jack
I don’t think he has many mid pairs so I think a barrel will fold out his ace
highs and he won’t Jam on us with a jack so we’re just gonna barrel half pot setting up the alleged river shove if he
does call him we don’t improve we will shut down because no hand that he calls
the turn with we’ll be folding the river nice he was floating with an ace high
and we were able to get him off it and Ron brick thought that was a pretty
good hand analysis on that hand pretty much in the zone calm not overly excited
but this would be a good day saver been cashed both the streak tournaments I
mean if you’re if you’re not playing the streak tournaments you must hate money
they have like double overlay the guarantees 40k they only fill up like
20k very top-heavy were the only the final table gets paid but yeah the rest
you know min cashes a ticket to the next streak so you break even but final
tables very top of you can check the lobby for the $88 and the $22 streak
tournaments I’m gonna get the oven ready for my victory dinner and show you guys
the lobby hopefully I remember to revert back to
the table mmm table my gun hot mic 144 watching
appreciate the support neck pillows are crucial
I hope you all invest in one if you have a high back chair I did it dabble in sports cards big fan
of Shaquille O’Neal stuff like that all the 90 sports cars at tons and now
they’re just worth nothing so horrible investment never gotten into yugioh or
Pokemon but I was aware of them because the car card shops had them in the
display case yeah buying and selling arbitrage tons of money made even
traveling just to different cities different card shops cards worth $10
here it’s worth 15 over there buy four of them make a quick 20 bucks
just flipping them kind of like drugs against this guy typed in that bet and
he’s been super tight I’m gonna give him credit this time but not in the future I’m not going to celebrate at the
massage parlor tonight not really that sore already got a massage today and I
got bowling tomorrow so I’m fine MA ting saw bantha knee pain Dubbo ski that
would have been my next name choice if the Boesky was taken boesky was already
taken on america’s card room so I went with Lebowski I don’t know of much
collusion in Vegas tourneys although I called some Europeans out on it at the
wind the wind 2:25 rebuy they clearly clipped chip Tom to his real awkward
because one of them was mad at the other for beating them in a pot like they’re
supposed to soft play and then a few hands later they were texting back and
forth and then like he opens another guy three beds his buddy for bets has made
five bets like a min raise five bet all-in and he just snapped folds and
says there you go you happy just giving him his chips back Hermann Pete it’s
cold in the UK man I feel sorry for you I I know what it’s like it hurts the
skin it hurts the bones living in Michigan for 20-some years Vegas of 78
today in sunny felt felt like money these are the days we really have to
appreciate because before you know it’s a hundred and a hundred and ten and it
hurts doesn’t hurt as much as the cold but that’s why I moved here I would
rather have it 110 then freezing a state if he raises we’re just gonna flat if he
limps we’re gonna raise that’s that’s what’s up
he limped good read Herman I’m gonna go with the less effort option of a sprouts
apple cinnamon pork stuffed pork chop five dollars
pretty good value just throw it in the oven for 40 40 minutes at 375 and good
to go all right his limp calling range is
gonna be a lot of Broadway hands like King Jack maybe Jack nine eight nine
stuff like that so we’re gonna put in a small C bet hopefully fold out his
equity on this paired board parrot boards are great to stab at because of
the implied consequences if they want to continue but we’re actually betting for
value with our ace I never worked as a chef I’m not a great cook by any means
but I’ve taught myself how to make a few good dishes that I like and it’s really
worth it just you know do a little research and cook for yourself if I’m
not eating at casinos or at steak houses table service
I’m definitely cooking for myself nope not gonna go to Alberta -40 at Hertz
King four against Hawk he’s got a great stack to regen against an open so I’m
just gonna go with a limp planning to limp fold if he raises or stab at
various flops so he was gonna Jam regardless and we saved two extra blinds
by just limping he has a hand like any ace any pair and a lot of broadway’s
he’s going to be jamming here I’ve not heard of qui gong but I did do
yoga for a month before I had a bad experience with a gay yoga teacher
touching me and I put an end to that real quick
I think I’m yeah I’m just gonna open Jam here because I don’t want a raise call
and his hand doesn’t play very well post flop with my chip advantage it’s a
profitable Jam especially four-handed with a possible final table ICM
implications we don’t like that he called let’s hope Wow
barely has his pipped but we hit an eight and he rivers a straight huge
swing of events very unlucky wall I mean I was lucky to hit an eight but you know
what I’m saying we pick up an ace not gonna let that change our dynamic I’m
gonna open it up for a race try to keep our timing somewhat balanced I am using a live mic $30 on Amazon
hopefully it’s better than the Yeti mic they glide you give me that what okay
goki good to see better ecipher value odds already didn’t hit
this flop he’s got to fold out all of his hands like eight nine eight seven
nine seven he does lead into us very straightforward player he could be
finding out where he’s at with a six but he might think we a little tilted from
losing that last hand I said we’re gonna lay it down good float good float if he
had that ace of spades I could turn a four or five for a
straight draw shout-out to Shawn Kemp SuperSonics excellent dunker good luck
Victor take it down walk it out I still got the huge chip
lead eight players remain the Raiders moving to Vegas should be great for the
Vegas economy bought a Raiders hat myself because I’ve always liked the
Raiders ever since Bud Bundy was rocking a backwards Raiders hat I’m gonna raise
up the nine deuce put a little pressure on Hawk pilgrim maniac from Brazil take
it down yes I have been in a long-term
relationship I guess you have to define what long is I’d say over a month is
long but yeah over a year too yeah that was a good deep pretty
standard call with the ace nine suited barely as pipped almost got him he’s
definitely our main competition from what I’ve seen for the remaining players
so if we would have won that hand it would have been real smooth sailing all
the way to the victory line go blue yeah what’s that group for poker hands I
don’t really do that anymore just with a few close friends going over some live
tournament hands or some selects cash game hands I do coaching for $100 per
hour over the phone if you’d like to set up an appointment you can hit me up at
Jeff Boesky youtube at and we can set it up Hawk raises our blind yes
32 blinds effective four handed with pocket fours definitely accept
profitable just a flat call try hit a set play some dry boards but instead I’m
just gonna rip it in and show him who’s boss
it’s gonna be very hard for him to call this Jam
there’s gonna be a huge gap between what hands he’s gonna raise and what watch
hands he’s gonna call off his tournament life with we’re all in shout out to
Tesla yeah Tesla’s doing a lot of great things
I see what how I worked with her how I visited their dealership and worked out
a little deal with them excellent people just a whole different vibe than a
normal shady car dealership we are going to give walks to maybe the bottom 10% of
our range and deuce for fits that range and I’m going to raise up the six eight
suited and of course folds any resistance from the blinds but we got to
keep the pressure on king-6 I’d raised if it was suited these
lapel mic down all right Bob we’re gonna have a
polarized raising range blind vers blind so three photos will play that well post
flop so we’re gonna try to either take it down pre or maintain the post flop
advantage after raising his limp I don’t expect him to raise jam that often and
if he does he has a very good hand and he successfully trapped us for two more
blinds but long term this should be profitable and we’ll take it down East 9
suited very good hand ooh Clyde’s got a toy all right good spot to
jam even though he’s very telly h9 suited is too good of a hand to fold not
good enough to flat haul so we’re gonna put our stack to use and just stick it
in there there are two more stacks on the other table shorter than him so
there is some ice and pressure he doesn’t want to go out next check
privilege I’m speaking of and we’ll take you down 97 suited same
thing we’re gonna be open pretty wide on the button I do expect Hawk to start
3betting us a little more liberally based upon our opening frequency this
would be a pretty good spot for him to do it with his stack size I could see
him making it 135,000 orders Jaime probably as sixes or something that’s
fine we can’t call appreciate the future in broadcasting recommendation heard
that numerous times from usually elderly people so I might have a targeted
audience there somehow unfortunately monotone voice could be a
good and bad thing people want more characters more being able to project
their voice at different frequencies but I’m not very good at so I just talk how
I do John McCallum wants to know if I’ve been to any Vegas hockey games I did see
the Golden Knights did a vlog about it about a month ago the thumbnail will be
me with a bunch of Vegas night cheerleaders or ice scrapers check it
out Daniel Negreanu might make an appearance currently I have a hundred and ten
dollars locked up in the ITM ATM meat-grinder
Grandmaster B that’s right Tim be you know that nickname epic Bud Bundy great
character I can relate to him on some fronts ya a hundred bucks an hour if you
plan on playing any type of Poker twelve years of experience that can be
condensed into one hour of valuable information that will help your outlook
on live poker or online 310 off plays pretty poorly post flop we can lay this
one down I’d continue with 610 off favorite celebrity that’s pretty broad
broad broad question I mean there’s some females I’m attracted to there’s some I
don’t really respect actors because they’re kind of fake to me because
they’re just acting but as far as favorite movies and actors that I
thought did good performances I’d say a lot of Mel Gibson films Braveheart like
boiler-room Shawshank Redemption and the standard
stuff no Gibson was just on the Joe Rogan
experience talking about stem cells with his doctor and Joe couldn’t get him to
talk about anything but the stem cell treatment and what miracles it performs
on people apple cinnamon pork chop is in the oven
kind of fatty so there’s some chewy parts but should be good as long as I
cook it well hopefully not too long but you’ll see I got it before it’s pretty
good it’s all about the dessert salty than the sweet the yin and the yang will
be folding if he jams calling if he raises maybe checking a mixture of
checking and raising if he limps but like I said check privileged super tight ICF medium Hawk very lag especially
earlier he’s calmed down as of late as I have asserted dominance I like a mix
between limping and raising here like a raise based on stack sizes decent flop
we’re actually gonna go for a larger than normal bet actually half pots fine
I don’t want him to continue with a wide range here although this flop hits a lot
of his range definitely worth a stab great turn card I’m gonna go half pot looks like we’re actually I’m gonna go for the check jam
this time just in case he’s watching the stream I played a similar spot with the
king queen or I double barreled when I turn to flush draw here he’s gonna I
think he’s gonna VAT value but a 10x or a weak Jack and by me check jamming I’m
gonna fold out a lot of his value betting range so I’m gonna do it fairly
quickly like it’s premeditated for value and
hopefully we get a fold or we get there he didn’t see that coming
now he’s in a real tough spot because he would have three bet hands like ace Jack
pocket tens and small chance he has deuces or threes but he would have
called by now and we take it down so it’s a kind of a high variance play but
a lot more pros vs. cons if I was to just see bet I need James honest we got
a fold and he denies all our equity but you know you could fold through our CE
bet too but night generally on that board for his you know Queen ten Taipans
ten eight stuff like that ten nine then we’d have to just give up on the river
if we don’t improve seven players remaining we’re on the
final table bubble cause some final table for all tournaments on America’s
card room if you do not have an account yet use bonus code Boesky you might pick
up pocket aces feels great Oh facing the jam we know what to do
here we’re gonna put in the call knock them out and advance to the final table
hold it’s not what we wanted to see but we played it like a champion and that’s
all you can do in poker luckily it wasn’t against a bigger stack hey Josh
yeah I have been commenting on some data – videos I’ve been following the
interests since he was just a young buck in the youtube streets I really like its
content and I like how he’s honest and very knowledgeable in the crypto field email me at Jeff boesky 187 or Jeff
Boesky youtube at to book a lesson of course you can always go to
Jeff boesky comm and fill out the form there to get in contact with me $100 now
or over the phone we can arrange a date and time that works for both of us
pocket nines I could limp to induce or limp Jam but I’m just gonna go with the
straightforward Jam hopefully get called by a sax or a worse pair or flip not
many pros in the dailies because they’re all usually around $100 the rake would
be around 20% so you’re our lead be real small if you even have edge at all but if you are gonna play a daily of
course I recommend the win / encore casino it’s 125 only $15 rake or
something cheap less rake and Aria and you know you know I love the win let’s
get to 200 viewers tell your friends share the link on Facebook social media
let’s grow the channel entering interesting spot with King 9 here I don’t want to get jammed on and have to
fold our outer equity so on the final table above what we’re gonna put max
pressure and just jam pick up the 47 K in the middle they’re calling range
should be very tight I did see the Joe Rogan experience with Ike hacks and I
thought it was very dull and boring he could have got a much better guest to
represent poker he was too cautious with his answers and didn’t really stimulate
Joe Rogan’s need for conversation 6 9 offsuit aka the man’s he gives out a
$2.00 bounty if you win with this hand in the live cash game king/queen really like how the stack
sizes are shaping up good for me to jam or region on with various holdings this
is the pressure that you want I can tell you a little bit something about some
pay bubble and final table bubble tricks if you do sign up for my coaching I also
have a deal with raise your an excellent coaching site run by Ben C be
a high stakes crusher hold King 10 Jesus calls with worse this guy’s got nine
lives but yeah by him calling with Queen Jack he’s assuming we’re shoving very
wide pretty thin call unfortunate that he had it worked out for him that would
have given us the what the hell Windows restart if we go off air stick around
the computer might be restarting for some reason we have an ace on the button
so we’re gonna open it up did not want to see a region from the big blind and
we’re going to fold of course we’re pretty lucky earlier
winning with a pair under pair and one other notable suck out so you know can’t
win them all but really unfortunate to lose a huge pot King Queen first Queen
Jack I can’t let that deter you or make you play differently every hand is
independent and we can fold some of our weaker hands check should shove a lot of hands he’s
gonna be opening the button very wide but he’s just super tight so he’s
probably folding a seed here great structure in this tournaments been
running for seven hours and 20 minutes 447 entrance should get a walk here should bring up the other table to see
what’s going on do not get a walk last time he did this yet Easter Egg when he
bet just under his little stack but we cannot continue there’s a lobby thousand dollars – 25 is
what we’re playing for over a hundred dollars locked up for an $11 buying still ship leader even after losing a
700 K pot Jack six is more of a median type hand so we’re going to go for the
limp and raised polarized blind reverse blind good or bad he is likely to attack
this limp I’ll lay it down yeah I could have limped the nine she
was very aggressive that’s a mixed bag because a lot of bad flops but overs
don’t worry us too much because he’s gonna be raising if he has big cards or
jamming so it would be a decent trap with the nines but you know I can
balance my shoving range and get calls from worse
as you can see call it with Queen Jack he’s calling with any ace and definitely
any smaller pairs yeah the bazarian podcast was much
better than the Ike Haxton his term terms of entertainment we dip under a
million chips tragedy a three handed on the other table so there’s a little more
action over there when stock is down with the Steve Wynn
resignation understandable highest cash game stake I played I’m not really cash
game player but I played some 510 at a commerce or the bike with Bart Hansen
all right this guy picked up a strike again but we can’t continue booked a
winning session and racked up quickly it was a rush avi I played some to five mostly one two
one three when I play and to five PLO on a to PLO still the most aggressive player at the
table playing forty thirty eighteen if you guys know what that stands for yeah
of course we have been short-handed and it is six handed so six handed
tournament total so we’re gonna be a lot more a lot more aggressive than a nine
max or eight max tournament King six we’re gonna raise it up fold to the
three bit hopefully just take it down pre yeah I like the a a tile floor at
the wind poker room nice entrance he wants to wants to get tricky
those Brazilians are crazies in the water stacks on the other table are 600
K 500k and 700 K yeah I’ve done the flotation tank many times once in
California there’s a one in Las Vegas I think it’s still open it’s called float
you or float this well worth the $40 or whatever a lot of people can’t handle it
but it’s nice to be able to float and just completely relax Steven Greiner I would think that’s a
troll account but I believe that’s the real Steven Greiner a good friend of
mine what’s up Steve we’re going to open the deuces and actually fold through a
jam versus this knit in the big blind it’s crazy as it sounds because we just
be hoping to flip hoping he flats and this flop does hit a lot of
his flagging range so instead of betting and trying to turn our hand into a bluff
we’re just gonna check it back hopefully the board pairs or we hit a
deuce on the turn and we can put in a little value bet most lost in this session talk in
tournaments or cash games as far as cash games it was documented on the
livestream at Stone’s gambling hall where I lost a $1,400 pot flush versus
set a bad turn he’s still gonna continue with all his pairs we’re hoping to get a
cheap showdown hopefully he’s got something like Queen Jack Jack 10 Jackie
a sax didn’t pair all right we could be good unless he is
a five or four should value about everything else nice all right good hand in the big blind if
he jams I’m not too excited about it but I think we have to gamble if he limps we
can shove checks fine – but prefer the aggressive around don’t ban Stephen
Greiner if he’s trolling very good friend of mine he has the green light unless that’s a troll someone pretending
to be him I doubt it all right blind first blind I’m gonna go
for the limp Jan last time I limped he raised so limp Jamm should work well he
checks the two overs I think a check call is in order I think he would have
value about a nine or a king now we can bet for value inside I think he has a six or five do we want
to bet real small for value yeah let’s just go with the unexploited small value
bet trying to get a six or a five to call oh it’s okay Clyde oh you had the
nine damn it yeah the night it’s okay it’s okay it’s okay
come on treat laundry I know but could it cost us more if we check he bets half
pot and recall so that’s fine go get Dukie go get Dukey you want some
food let’s go I feed the dogs real quick be right back all right 75 suited or offsuit Hank’s
been picking up their blind so huh limp or raised limp arrays I’m gonna raise it
up that way we can wrap high cards if they come or hit medium to low cards if
they come those are the high cards but it is pre coordinated
I think it’s continued range is too strong on this flop so we’re just gonna
check it up unless a card like six rolls off ace get one do this guy’s our side
we do have a seven and we do have a club but how credible is it that we can rep
Queen Jack here I’m not very yeah just give up even
though we have the stone bottom of our range pocket sevens damn noted that he
didn’t reread guess he cares a little bit more about
ICM and not wanting to go to war but now he’s got the chip lead on us which it’s
not optimal and position if the King Queen only holds or the ACE eight holds
verse ace nine we’d have him and would be winning so many more ships must add a
real shitty hand did not shove their King eight a tough one to open when we
don’t really want to call the blind shove and bug three bout us pretty
liberally my cursor is a flaming sword not that I
am into swords or flames but it was the biggest custom cursor to really show
where it is so just for the best visibility easier Wayne what the hell
are you talking about I he’s a little wheezy and little Wayne
he’s both facing an open easy call place it flops a good flop we’re gonna
continue as long as four card straight or an ace doesn’t pop off but he’s very
aggressive wouldn’t put it past him to barrel with some sort of blocker 54,000
easy call all right pretty much the top of our range would call with an eight or
four also attempted to put in a small value bet on the turn but we’re just
going to play in flow he definitely barrel ace-high type of
hand hmm he’s opening very wide small chance he
has a for better chance he hasn’t ate or he could Bluff a mystery draw yeah I
just don’t think he’s gonna call and I don’t think he’s gonna Bluff very much
there probably should have put in a real small value bet also so he doesn’t have
the added information of seeing our hand if he does fold because we have to show
first and we’re gonna fool shout-out to Cosmo
aka little Moe Steve does dream about me how’d you know good boy Clyde porkchop should be ready
soon hmm Hawk making moves trying to steal got
caught I know I know exactly who’s keen and my training you learned a lot about different personalities different player
tendencies with they’re capable of it’s a general blueprint of the player type
you’re dealing with then you can adjust based on that information to make a
better decision that’s true 20% cash rate maybe even ten
dependents out Agro you are if you’re just playing to win or nothing which
isn’t a bad strategy you don’t care about cash and you care about
accumulating chips and get them Clyde is hoping for a walk
but you know you can’t always get what you want you got to handle the swings
not get emotionally frazzled when things don’t go your way and not much action on the other table
400k and to 700k stacks these guys are serious 7 hours and 40 minutes in I’m
gonna fold this and show you the lobby really making me work for this nine
hundred and seventy-five dollars it’s not easy when in a hundred binds see
it’s a dicey spot with them having those stacks and the blinds and three bad
happy guy Brazilian behind me so based on those
factors I’m just gonna make a tight fold Queen eight suited and he’s gonna be
shoving a very wide range with better position 3:10 can’t defend go limp call sand please well post-flop good flop to stab it we have all the a
size some five axes huh well I don’t think you’d ever raise
a 5 here so we’re gonna raise because we would stab a 5 and this puts him in a
really tough spot if he calls we can continue on a any
Club any nine any 10 and we read right through that illogical Bluff sorry Shawn
no Vicky tonight she’s working not my girlfriend
and we regained the chip lead with the fearless 10 high bluff believe this one
down make sure you click my affiliate link
below if you want to sign up on America’s card room use bonus code
Boesky 100% deposit bonus matched that gets released the more you play can’t
just double your money right away for bachelor party in march what’s a must do
reconsider marriage you know it’s never too late to not get married
shout out to zack in the chat depends how strict your wife is a lot of good
strip clubs Spearmint Rhino definitely check out my review of the legends
crypto strip club room of course they accept cash got to meet Stephan Bonnar
Brenna sparks a lot of great steak houses a lot of great sushi
all-you-can-eat places Thai restaurants Chinatown every casino has something
unique you can check out oh shit we got break in two minutes I got to get
my pork chop hey I don’t go to the bunny ranch overpriced and undervalued or
under attractive said a word who King six a few jams I’m gonna be very tempted
to call here but he still has been playing super tight I’ll take the walk
it’s fine oh shit on the lobby my bad you guys are
gonna be mad oh you guys gonna be mad no I actually don’t worry it’s a table oh
fuck that means you didn’t see her did you see that sick 10 high bluff I hope
so alright good flop to barrel we can hit for Sept 7th on that great but 10
Dimond stuff like that if you guys didn’t see that 10 high bluff in the oh
shit you didn’t probably did diamond great card to barrel stacks aren’t right
for a check jam so we’re just gonna put in the heat get him to fold a 5 a 3
maybe some straight draws diamond not a diamond we do have the 7 blocker which
is good and bad makes it less likely a 7 8 but he can’t have 7 4 if he’s holding
on with the 6 we couldn’t Bluff Jam here but his call is pretty strong on the
turn unless he has something like east for we can fold out east for do I want
to jam it in with 10 high here I do I do want to jam it in with 10 high but he’s
good enough to make a light call goddamnit I’m probably wouldn’t have
worked but would have put him in a tough spot
floats us with the overs and backdoor flush draw
turns top pair pretty reasonable I think you would have called probably should
have went for it I’m gonna get my chicken cutlet or not chicken cutlet pork chop then see
you guys in four minutes fork job cam barbecue sauce Trader Joe’s and sorry I
gotta eat downstream eat for this bond to let me know in chat should I rip the
ten hi there is he gonna fold it was close that’s why
I time down automatic rate back is not automatic you have to email them to
request I believe 27% great back support at ACR to the client whatever it is oh it’s juicy not you dry Thanks alright let me replay that that’s sick
ten nine all right so blinders blind got the ten
nine of clubs he checks behind so I mean he could have
a five true but would be bet and he raises oops
should hit pause play again we’re back in action I reached the bottom to be
dealt with East five offshoot got easy yeah so we’re glad he checks could have
anything but not a pretty many who would definitely ready to premium so we bet
paired board we got a lot of east heights 5 X 3 X we need three X raises
he’s saying he has like three he’s just not reppin much at all so we put in
three raise and take it down we’re gonna kick it back to attacking the short
stacks and the blinds makes a good shove exploiting our term in here knowing we
have a big gap and before eight this guy hate Brazilians wild bamboos so annoying
that’s not PC cultures Oh andr life I would get a walk there it’s
good other table has 300 K 2 X 600 K 900 K so now that the stupid Brazilian is
positioned on us and the chip lead it limits our options and we got to tighten
up no fun get well soon Artie he had the gun store
you can rat machine guns ak-47 stuff like that I mean I see em matters more
if your bank rolls low I guess but I mean I see em it’s real mathematical
model that does matter it’s just when to apply it look patty a little fatty bottom table sit in third place $185 locked up thanks
for joining the chat the good news is we now have position on
the crazy Brazilian and a great stack to read Jam over his opens soon as honest
bluff and the other shorty bust out but he knows this too so we’re still gonna
reach him pretty reasonable range damn could I get a pork chop without
that damnit yeah there is a effective cash rate back
on ACR leave up to 27 percent you have to
request it though it’s not just given out automatically I’m supposed to have it I just haven’t
seen wearing the cash here you can see when you get paid for it I got a a
support about that hmm our favorite hand come on bro shoveling
to their brasilia babu must add seven deuce I can go for a honey big Tam think I’m
gonna get one next time I gotta go grocery shop and I’m just gonna get fat
$30 $50 honey baked ham with some bread and some horseradish sauce and just make
honey big sandwiches for a couple days easy jam with the a Sadoff it’s good
some folds nice hmm here I’ll put like my bad the deuces or shoving this it’s pulled
it – oh actually let me take that back the three shorter stacks I think
lymphomas better it’s close Portugal you know I put it 15 K up $10 15 K
greater now let’s see some elimination so we can
get short-handed and go more crazy hmm the Venetian yesterday parent a few
days ago walk through the bathroom God comes out of the bath and says Boesky
saw your vlog yesterday love the food porn more food porn please so it’s good
to get that feedback I tried it you know my life isn’t based around the blog so
I’m not always like oh shit this is a good moment for me to record on my own
about to pay some decent food I’ll take a little picture or video of it for you
guys to give you that food for tough to see the fat versus the pork
meat same color alright someone call this all that in
buses show that’s okay not gonna buy this again
take regular pork that Jack screws damnit alright but at this pork session mmm we want to win a doesn’t matter that
works by hey Don – pity dammit all right let me get rid of this poor
grab some dessert be right back close I’d be should be shoving the King
Jackson all right time to get in the zone Pelt
light closer yeah I’ll host a JSS trophy if I take
this tournament down remind the great Brian there’s a pretty sick trophy I
remember looking at it in the case before day one of the tournament even
started and I just visualized winning it just like I’m gonna visualize winning
nine hundred and seventy-five dollars tonight
livestream for 169 people let’s do it mmm stacks are all pretty close contra
Jam this for dessert blueberry muffin hmm
let’s dry ages we’re mmm good flat but that’s pretty obvious
you knows we’re gonna provide rejoining range you’re gonna stay someone balanced
against this competent Brazilian maybe we got a call from some Broadway or
smaller pair mmm hold hold over hold got them cooler Oh they’re done ham with bread and mustard and lettuce
I’m about mustard and lettuce honey baked ham with the sweet crust pork the
white creamy horseradish sauce and maybe some French bread those are the
sandwiches ballin he does have a folding range in the
small blind that’s strange we’re just gonna call knock out this guy
check it down or value about if we get a good hand small ball it’s got better I quit jack all right
good thing I didn’t show up free four-handed second chips a few questions best all-you-can-eat
sushi I like goemon Joe Cheng is also good but
koi Mon salmon belly Moshe dessert yellowtail all the special stuff on the
menu that they limit you to if you want to be crazy try some Unni I’ll have like
a hundred different roles you can choose from that’s not great value because the
rice and seaweed go with nigiri salmon belly yeah yeah like I said yellowtail
stuff like that don’t get gas-station sushi nick pappagiorgio i appreciate you
like to elevator button troll that was some good stuff I can’t play this ace 3
as the auto C bet as before due to the one blind stack now we can now we can no
personal questions about my location Connor I did not sell any action for
this $11 tournament I got the port from sprouts that’s
alright just a little fatty decent piece of meat for five bucks
probably over a pound hmm good suggestion m5 with the smoked ham
deli baguette spicy Brown little flow lettuce I I feel that but something
about I’ve seen it at sprouts but something about it being called Boar’s
Head meat it’s really turns me off this guy should be living the button but he’s
a vamoose so they don’t give a fuck not surrender pretty similar stacks and that’s the
knit okay good putting into knitting the maniacs take it down Milka getting pretty annoying I’m
guessing you’re trolling by calling desert desert you must be referencing my
rant where people abbreviate words that make them sound and stupid like fab
Gorge do it again to get 3,300 seconds in the corner where’s my moderator it
get him glad you eat you eat your food mm-hmm actually muffins aren’t you dry
pretty juicy in the middle with the blueberries would be good soup with some
coffee maybe but I already had my two cups for today almost any nice that pointing to be raising any to
burst in it in the big blind take it down good flapper arranged I’m gonna put in
the seabed and barrel anything that gives us a straight draw
if he continues and does not give us a straight draw but
still good for our range if I bet again I should get him to fold all his jacks
with the exception of a tea Queen Jack so we’re going to fire one more barrel
if he calls we give up damnit Emmit could he have king/queen probably
just a rag is like a state yeah you fold a six or a lot of jacks on the turn so
just give up and our nemesis now has the chip lead pretty shitty King ten god
damn it yeah it is good to have position on that
Brazilian butt yeah I sucked out on his twice on the river go lay down go lay
down now over the short stack that means we’ve got nothing to lose our range is
now wider mmm he’s he open against the tight big important one to take down he
wakes up at the hand not optimal uh I went to nine a couple times and was at
the palms I didn’t care for it too much mainly because it was super noisy and
crowded not the optimal Steakhouse atmosphere fire those bullets Boris head was sold
by pavilion I don’t think he’s trapping much here so we’re gonna try to take it
down free nice every pot really counts there’s a 100k
out there especially when we got Kings so against uh tempted to flat but there’s been three bet real small good
show but this looks like I’m giving him just a little bit of room to rip it on
me he’s crazy enough to take the bait any ACC’s ripping and he pair some
suited connectors maybe ICF is a tight Russian that’s an
oxymoron yeah Columbian cake up that’s great
how’d you know uh circuit mid-february yeah probably see what’s going on why do
I hate I have pH well I hate Phil Hellmuth and
Planet Hollywood so you got to be more specific be more specific and I can go
on a rant on either of those these four takes it down let me see the action here raising a call while we check called ace
four on Jack six three with the backdoor hearts mmm good flop this could get
tricky if we don’t improve he definitely doesn’t put us on an ace so he’s gonna
min bet but I don’t put him on many aces either I think he’s gonna open rip or
braise his ace so we’re gonna Bluff catch bottom pair hope to improve he could have actually have some worse
fives a few seven X’s we’re gonna check it back that way we have some seven axes
and some straight draws like eight nine and our range still he’s a good card
mm-hmm probably gonna call he bets and check
back if he checks it’s hard to make two pair jacks is giving up so yeah just
going to check take it down I’ve been live for almost two and a half
hours thanks everybody for joining 191 now in the chat dues for is the bottom
this guy has loosened up recently I mean the short-handed deuces three handed 20 blinds we’re all
in profitable shove especially when were the shortest stack pick up 100k let’s
see here we were going to defend also reasonable to show but now we cannot I know more people to lean towards the
defend there than shove but I’ve been testing out the shove with the suited
connectors in that big blind defend mode and it seems to be working pretty well
takes with a positional advantage post flop and you know you got full daiquiri
this way if you call you have zero fold equity but you do have better low board
coverage I’ve not been to Lotus of Siam but I
should have been by now from all the good things I’ve heard about it that
call check that call a big pot big bet and I call good let’s see
someone eliminated and we get heads up Hank isn’t known for unloading the clip
he does have some restraint so if he’s shoving he’s doing it for value or with
a hand like he’s five he pocket fives that’s a bluff let’s see
some blood damn it actively rooting against Hank
not the desired result at all but now we’re in second place barely can I call the jam and he’s gonna be very aggressive with
these effective stack sizes basically hoping we’re going to weight each other
out and he’s gonna take the blinds in the meantime pretty close to a region
here King town riri-chan suited and he’s gonna fold damn it damn it
she’s a big game of chicken when it all comes down to it Bluff free Bluff a six
off my least favorite ace I got a bad feeling about this one
I think I’m just gonna open fold it very rare very stack size dependent probably
slightly profitable to just open rip but we got 17 blinds 18 blinds 3 handed yeah it’s real close probably not a jam
with ICM considerations Wow he beats me to it again wow I would have Jam this
but he’s probably got like East ten packets Evans type of hand which we do
pretty well against but we can’t just call it off
hopefully ICF does he snapped folded okay Planet Hollywood where can I start
I mean it’s not just me my the general sediment is widespread throughout the
last few years for circuit events and during the World Series they’re famous
with a pH series dealers are horrible oh here we go catch shoved on got snapped
off and boss were now heads up versus the Brazilian as expected we were
battling back when blinds were two thousand four thousand now they’re
30,000 60,000 King seven off I’m pretty sure this is a profitable shove heads-up so we’re going to go all-in take it down and like King 5 off in that spot I’m
sure he knows heads up I see em so this is gonna be a high variance heads a
battle that probably isn’t gonna last very long so hold on to your butt’s
approaching 200 viewers let’s win six hundred and twelve dollars locked up for
eleven dollars investment but our eye is on that nine hundred and seventy five
dollar prize got two hundred people rooting me on who’s he got Brazil they
barely got any people in Brazil uh yeah I can show a 50 percent eighteen blinds
I was ranting about Planet Hollywood bad chairs bet dealer’s bad floor bad
lighting almost a like a half mile walk from the parking garage to get to the
poker room so the walk of shame hurts even more there’s no real walk of
anticipation I’m gonna lead here hopefully fold out his jack eat type
hands he calls that’s not good can’t be ahead of much other than like a six nine back to our hearts gets there probably
as four seven and handling for seven makes sense it’s trying to get cheap
showdown but you can get some thin value from Queen for I definitely flow any
fact or heart combo let’s let it go yeah you know go to plan Hollywood you’ll see
don’t take my word for it hydrate I think I’ve said enough a seven suited
easy Jam let’s win called by worse let’s hold ace
got him 1.6 million good hold good hold duck Panang curry I had that
at not Lotus of Siam we’re gonna read Jam this he’s ten at chat a house tie
knot chain of Street if we had we could three but now I’m just going to jam good
three beds like 3x call a jam but directly realize our equity that’s a
good hand to open try to keep our timing balance so we
don’t give away any strength tones and then let them sweat not snap fold
anything to give anything away blinds are up we have 20 blinds effective good
walk a seven suited I think I’m gonna min raise call definitely a profitable
Jam but plays decently post flop because it’s suited and I could get them to shot
worse worse aces King Jack type hands just depends not low easy fold men raise I could employ a limping
strategy I think you would attack that pretty hard and make her life tough so
we can keep our range uncapped with a more conventional minrray strategy
unfortunately walked us there with the ace Jack will love some action good flop or no value bet interesting spot he’s trying to rep a
six but I think he’s more the type that would slow play it I normally had a call
here but to avoid his high card equity we’re just gonna rip it in and show it
was boss the new trend is to check raise low paired boards to put the other guy
in a tough spot so well aware of that not gonna let it happen on my watch he has folded a couple buttons so attempted to jam but maybe we can just I could check raise this or check call
King highs good here a lot he’s going to stab this min bet very high percentage
of the time so we’re gonna do what you just tried to
do to us and 3x check-raise if he calls we can barrel any spade any king there’s
tough for him to have connected with this board won’t take it down he’s very aggressive would normally men
raised his hand but I think I’m just gonna rip it so he can’t jam and make us
fold such a good hand and every pot you went heads up means a lot it’s like
double the actual chips in play because the the differential and momentum swing
very important see my mods in the chat pappagiorgio pop poker medic same thing
is the king six suited similar stack size we could jam but we play some flops
– not the best flop obi-wan I don’t take time for no reason
definitely legitimate reasons to balance the timing and sizing of all my actions
so they can’t get any type of read semi-bluff and take it down blinds are
up in four minutes I could start employing a limping
strategy but I think he’s gonna 3x and make me full a lot of my range
he didn’t missed I’m just good so we’re gonna do the limp stab approach instead
of the men Reyes stab approach unfortunately he calls he’s gonna have a
lot of 3x yeah there’s a lot of 3x type hands now to get card six four gets
there ace 4 gets there although I think he jams that free can I get him off a
three no my line doesn’t make much sense if I was to vote now there it is
and when the board pairs not a great run out to bluff hopefully he raises that’s
good that means he has a pretty decent hand so we’re gonna go for backs value
and the wind I hope we could get oh gosh we three but yeah let’s just three bet
call leave him a little room to spaz with such a premium no dice we have the chip lead and
control 6/7 off good candidates the limp because we don’t want to put in the
extra blind and have him jam just gives him more incentive obviously gonna bend
bad for value top here he’s gonna continue with all the sixes and deuces
which fit a lot of his check back range if I’ve been delayed Chris obviously
hesitant and his men raised their after I three bet him last time nine six is
close but I think we have to complete here place it flops middle pair I’m
gonna go with a check call you do get comps for playing at the win I think
three dollars for every two hundred dollars in tournament buy-ins could be
wrong but it’s close goes right on your card small bet could
raise four value deny equity just some over cards but I think that’s over
playing our hand a little bit a good and a bad turn carjack 10 gets their Queen
Jack Queen ten to get there but we turn the diamond equity ten also not a good card obviously Jack
makes a straight he might have been afraid to value bet his Queens hand
Queen Jack on the turn now he can value bet it so we’re gonna check and just
hope to go to a cheap showdown versus 8x oh damn it up should fucking jam that
flop he hits his miracle Queen three so he did men range the Queen three we’re
gonna note that ever gonna go on break if I do jam my second pair there we’d
have him three two one shift lead now it’s close to even so like I said every
every pot means a lot but will note that sizing and be back in four minutes alright let’s take this down nothing
messing around I don’t want to limp calls so I’m just gonna min race try to
take it down three or maintain the post-flop advantage I know it’s coming from huh Oh ace Jack
suited I loved ace jack see that I’m all take it down ace jack-off been raising
deuce I don’t mind him to return the favor here rip it rip it with your ace
deuce nope and he rips it that’s fine a 720 blinds
rollin whoops sorry raises Queen 3 or other
handsy Lynch oh he chatted I’m so tired 6:00 a.m.
here you play good pal good luck good luck oh nice guy alright I changed my
mind about Brazil I could have sent my bluff but I think
he was patrolling with a five or six on the flop and he wasn’t gonna fold it on
the turn and we’re drawing to the bad end of the straight so let it go Jack deuce off I could just fold this shovin how long ago just say that six
hands ago says he’s tired that’s good got that competitive advantage it’s only
midnight in Vegas I just bought a decent mic what more do
you want from me in range take it down stream melt is good what
for the mic isn’t echoing facing a min raise we call now we’re
gonna have to check call set ourselves up to be barreled off it not a good turn good turn kind of fold a few bets
hopefully checks barrels barrels and barrels and barrels damn it eighty-three off we can fold just snap reps it that must be deuces
ace deuce no thought for deuce bottom of the range fold check back chuckle check-check nice blinds are up this will be over
soon I’m saved a big blind by not raising
that’s good I could reach em hinge facing a limp
could be trapping but less likely when we have an ace in our hand
220 K out there 20 blinds rolling the feeling this is gonna come down to a
flip which is limped so we’re going to mix it up and raise flop nothing a lot
of queen highs are in his calling range and fault Goodridge am hands over a limp ace five
is the Nueces suited take it down don’t think he’s going to be limb trapping too
much but we’re gonna keep him in raising hopefully take down a lot of small pots
let’s open raisin and back and forth we go oops again and Richard 200 viewers thanks for joining us
tonight make sure you follow me on social media subscribe on YouTube it’s
free hit the alerts button to know when I go
live for these impromptu live streams or I release a new vlog usually at least
one every week I’m gonna raise it up with the bottom of our range and the top
maybe we’ll limp middle of the range for a while I’ll check back middle pair try
to get the show down or bottom here I’m not a great turn card especially for his
calling range and a big bet is gonna get us to fold our bottom pair even though
there’s a ton of straight draws available now Queen 10 8 9 8 10 6 8 now
he’s got a straight draw look that Queen 10 does get there but all his other
straight draws missed and he knows I can have an ace and I don’t block 6 8 8 9 8
10 clubs do I have to turn this five into a bluff see just have a jack maybe
fifth pair no kickers good got him gutter ball did not get there didn’t
Bluff with the blocker huge pot bottom pair get a walk now my heart’s pumping do seven I know how to play do seven back in the chip lead we’re gonna put
the pressure on wow wow this is close this is close King 10 verse a nineteen
blind open Jam I got a minute time bank think about
this one for the tournament King 10 Wow let it go so close so close 6040 versa nays flippin verse a pair
just the snap jam he hasn’t been getting too wild with the jams he’s mainly
limping strategy mainly there’s that 20 blind Jam again probably a SpaceX ace 5
something like that back to even h-town gonna go for the raise call or
take it down and pocket fours that’s the premium s I
just wanted to live fold and it’s good just take down that free money seven nine suited could’ve shoved but this is fine to pick
up that speed draw before we check raised three acts we need to flop trips
so his trip ranges uncapped he could still have fives
I’m gonna check it back and try to realize my equity against Forex or
possibly to flush Wow if he is 4x my 9 high would be good my 9 I would be good
but he’d have to have is a limped pot he’d have to have deuce 4 3 4 4 6 4 7
for 8 for 10 for Jack for King for he doesn’t have 480 was shoved I’m gonna
call this guy with 9 high he still just have fives and queens in his range 2 we
doesn’t have any ace highs he could have ten four and B value
bluffing me Wow I almost call it with nine hi so sick ran out of my time Bank see how both call of night I not crazy
I’m not crazy oh fuck if I put six seven straight
draws in his range it’s the call I wasn’t thinking about the straight draws
oh my god I just thought it was 5x or 4x god damn it if I thought about the six
seven six eight Bluffs I call with nine hi
oh and I get the street cred of the nine hi call well I wish I had 10 more
seconds to think about that dammit he’s just going with that Jam
strategy can’t even call he’s taking the lead yeah cuz he wouldn’t he wouldn’t
Jane he wouldn’t raise six seven six eight seven eight while my nine I was
good walk he tanked a little longer there about impaired I can’t pull the pair heads up it’s not
the one bet not a good turn all right gotta get fired up a bit here
get some momentum back we’re gonna fold bottom pair blends are up in four
minutes King 10 is a shove take it down
gotta change gears get on the aggressive and regain this chip lead damnit a little lag there little lag mmm King
Jack that’s a good hand good hand to shove over a limp
so he’s sticking with a limping or shoving strategy with 20 blinds so and
all of his limbs have been pretty weak did min race Queen three off which is
weird so I’m just gonna start shoving pretty much anything reasonable Jack
nines a pretty good hand andr live
let’s hit ten spade Ted diamond whoa big hand big river let’s finish him off we
got the chip lead can’t call he’s heated hopefully they’ll make a
mistake Queen high we got the chip lead let’s put the pressure on calls tinkles we haven’t led so maybe we
should do that see how it reacts probably the best hands will bet again
for value take it down good paint all in walk every hand is so important blinds are
going up in one minute walk it out damn it big game of chicken
now three two one chip lead getting five two
one damn it he’s all over it knows we’re not
limp trapping what used to 50k a pair let’s hold oh my god
Spade no oh oh pair over pair heads up and I don’t hit a flush
oh shit blinds are up to 65 130 that’s a new level whatever we’re all in with
king queen calls hitter king queen king queen four million chips
he’s got three blinds let’s finish him off calling any to jack for Jack or for
Jack or 400 straight no straight all right all right little comeback that’s
fine we got him huge lead running good on those and all ends close but well Jam
he can fold some hands or we can just win right now nice he folded 214
watching a sigh we call oh you walked good I think we’re jamming any – except
for deuce 7 on the button here jack 10 all in hold Jack I got him
we got him first place champion of the $11 5k six max an epic heads-up battle
nine hundred and seventy five dollars ninety buy-ins come in my way I think I
was in for two entries it feels good to be a champion I want to give a shout out
to all the viewers all 214 of you I could have done it without you this is
the greatest victory for me of February 2018 bigger things to come I’d like to
thank Trader Joe’s movies such as Shawshank Redemption Braveheart the full
Lululemon clothing line tea tree shampoo Apple products iPad
iPhone maybe I can afford some earbuds now maybe a better mic maybe it some
tech support custom overlay let me know what you think about that 9 hi Paul
should I have done it am I crazy I’ve never really called with 9 high before
but that seemed like the perfect spot in retrospect I would have done it just for
the street cred maybe the clip on YouTube 9 high like a boss not a super
user really battled with all my heart and soul against a very competent player
from Brazil I knew he was good when we were battling earlier we went back and
forth with the chip lead we’ve been streaming for 3 hours and 11 minutes I
could have done it without you guys I might have punted it off
you know just after the money but I wanted to get the stream going want to
let you guys know sign up about a CR bonus code Boesky great selection of
micro and small stakes tournaments or you can have fun and win a lot of money
reentry freeze outs streak tournaments with huge overlays just check
schedule the rush of winning a tournament is so great compared to the
pain of losing over and over so I really just want to relish this moment I’ll be
on the stream for a few more minutes before I take the dogs on a wal kay let
me check the chat and answer some questions feels good man feels good if
you don’t know what this trophies about check my newest vlog called I’ve got a
secret or my secret exposed the picture is right Connor
it happened if I’ve been a delay on the stream we currently got them three two
one feels good to watch back many more streams to come hopefully a big one on
Sunday excellent tournament selection on a CR lots of overlays and good value you
can play here too shout out to ACR also check out
nine-to-five poker calm a great sight if you like poker vlogs these guys cover
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give away a little something special along with special vlog coming up
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Boesky they may have something special for you that will be coming out in the
next vlog don’t sign up now he’s my filly at link highly recommend it been
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over a million dollars I believe absolute crusher you can actually find
free videos on youtube under raise your edge you’ll see what I’m talking about
this guy knows what’s up let me check out the comments here crazy
lucky what a luck box you got this brother pretty exploitable nine hi dad River it
was a good River now seeing the Jack ten verse 8 deuce hand Jack high holds and
we win joining the chat two hundred of viewers I really appreciate it
love putting on this entertainment for you guys why pay for cable when you got
YouTube maybe pay for Netflix some good shows on there the thrill of victory the agony of
defeat it’s all part of the game hey jumbo check now that’s in the other
room weighs like 20 pounds you’d be surprised that was very difficult to
carry home from Florida a lot a lot of weird looks carrying a 10k johnboat
check around when you’re 15 years old but I didn’t get mugged but that’s it
thanks a lot for tuning in subscribe hit the alerts button we’re gonna do many
more of these more deep runs on a CR check it out today go over to the lobby the finality and of course watch the
replay I didn’t do any music so it won’t be banned worldwide
no copyright nothing like that tell your friends tell your co-workers we’re doing
big things in the vlogging streets a lot of big deals shout out to all the
viewers my mods poker medic nick pappagiorgio excellent work guys
thanks for keeping the chat positive I really appreciate it
we took it down until next time we are out of the Americas card room $11 five
case six max with the overlay just more added money for us to win almost four
figures in our pockets thanks again for a while

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  1. Boski the GOAT..thanks for telling me about has been a good experience so far…even got a cashout within 24 hours….

  2. Wish I would have waited to look at comments until after the video….I would like to hear you speak more about the different strategy used in 6 max vs. a 9 or 10 max tourney, if there is any.Β  Thanks for another great video Boski!!!

  3. What are your thoughts on the recent videos and accusations in regards to America's card room the evidence seems to be mounting I know that you are sponsored by them and may not be able to comment but I have to ask.

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