Class of 2018 – U.S. Merchant Marine Academy Indoctrination

you my name's Ethan you evolved from little stuff in New Jersey have three my siblings going here I'm super excited be part of the class of 2018 hi I'm Eric Kearney I'm from New Jersey hi my name is Isabel Hutchinson and I'm from Baltimore Maryland McCabe hi my name is Yasmin Solomon I'm from San Antonio Texas or kay spoi is an elite institution that you are Breville AG major starting today being raised for you we will be raising that bar every day the next four years and just that you attack your new responsibilities and your academic studies the maritime administration is going to be working hard to ensure you have the right tools to complete your education and your in your Coast Guard there

17 thoughts on “Class of 2018 – U.S. Merchant Marine Academy Indoctrination

  1. Haha a bunch of wannabe marine pussies! They provide nothing for the military cuz they aint real military, they rejects who failed the asvab, i bet these kids dont even got good grammer😂😂😂

  2. God bless the u.s. merchant marines work hard and keep those supplies come to our troops over moves because you move it brothers.

  3. Those of you talking shit…. Don't you want well trained individuals on cargo vessels? This is not the military or pretending to be your military. They are teaching young folks who've never been away from home how to be an adult and take on the duties of a sailor.

  4. So awesome to see our son on the video when we never spotted him all morning! We love you Eric! XXXOOO So Proud of you!

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