Commodity Trade Finance in Geneva

welcome to the global banking and finance review awards the awards were created to recognize companies of all sizes that are prominent in particular areas of expertise and excellence within the global financial community this time we're proud to present an award to SCCM structured commodity trade finance based in Geneva SC CF specializes in sourcing short-term financing for the trading production processing transportation and distribution of essential commodities throughout the world the award is for the best commodities trade finance provider Switzerland 2014 recently in London to receive the awards from global banking it's Noel O'Leary Dimitri Brusco CEO and founding partner of SCC F will do a tree welcome to London and indeed graduations on the award thank you thank you very much it's good to be here thank you yeah well I'd like to talk a little bit about SCC FF I'm a and the services that you provide I know it's difficult for small to medium sized commodity traders to find funding at the moment first of all why is this and how can se CF help yes indeed it's it's more and more difficult for for small mid-sized traders to raise financing for two main reason me because of the low equities they have at a certain time it was not so important but today because of new regulations Basel 3 and so on they need to have more equity so the banks have a tendency to finance bigger traders that's why we we can help these traders small mid-sized traders to raise equity and also to present themselves to banks maybe sometimes banks don't have a right image of this trader so don't understand the business so really help these traders to present themselves to go to the banks and of course we also raise financing for these traders from private funds in this case we combine financing from banks and from funds in in these markets because of the other markets sometimes very difficult to predict community trading its physical traits from one point to the other so it's it's a real economy so these phones like to these traders they have a good understanding there is no speculation we don't talk about community font we spoke about we speak about trade finance fund so it's it's more transparent it's it's clear business and they like to participate in this development your based in Geneva it's an important financial capital how important is it difficult in they portrayed is to actually establish in a city like Geneva well yes in Geneva there is not too much complication the administration is very efficient so we can incorporate trading company whether easily rather fast it takes a few weeks the taxes of course people do not come only for tax purpose they also come for the infrastructure for the political stability and also to find human resources there is 400 traders in Geneva 400 community traders in Geneva so a lot of professional people are there not only for banks not only for tax but also for the for the people simply so those are some of the advantages or what are the services that you can actually provide to help make it easier for a traitor to set up in Geneva yes so we do particularly everything for the for the traders except the trades the commercial part of the activity so we incorporate the companies we open bank accounts and we raise financing also we can do the back-office for these traders we help them with the logistic with the shipping of their communities worldwide for any trader setting up your journey but what are the risks and indeed some of the regulations as well well the regulations are rather straight I mean trailers have to explain their business explain where they are from there is no special license required in Switzerland to to operate as a trader as long as all the documentation provided is clear we also do our own kyc know your customer due diligence on our customers on their counterparts and usually it's rather fast not saying it's easy but things work well finally the matrix what kind of businesses does SCC have actually worked with yes so it's all the traders we have our physical traders community traders essential commodities like oil petrochemicals metals or and of course green and Geneva is a good place to work and do business on yes indeed I think a good place to live to work definitely administration infrastructures are very good banks are there and there are many traders a lot of traders in Geneva a lot of people professional people with lot of experience in all kind of part of the training logistics we also have a lot of insurance company etc so yes I think it's a really good place to live well it well that's good to know to now and it's good that you've come here to talk to us today to meet you once again congratulations on the award and thank you so much for coming to talk to us thank you very much you you

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