Construct Paradise – Haunt Me (Guitar Playthrough)

37 thoughts on “Construct Paradise – Haunt Me (Guitar Playthrough)

  1. I liked the band so much! I found the concept of videoclip very interesting: the mountain, the city and the sea. The sound of the band is superb, though I would prefer it if it were in the instrumental style, like Polyphia / Chon etc. This purple guitar is beautiful and very modern and it has inspired me with sea bottom. Great Job Construction Paradise! Greetings from a new fan from Brazil! Ps: I liked the bass player's shirt! Haha

  2. feel bad for the guys rockin budget ibanez gear, while hair doo is shredding the 2016 model of prince's purple rain

  3. Ayyyyeeee I recognize that guy from Instagram had no idea he was in construct for some reason 😂 love the band and his account just never linked the two 😂😂😂

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