Content Creation is ALL PROFIT w/ No Hidden Costs – Best Online Business [2018]

what’s up guys so yesterday we did a
promotion basically launching the affiliate program for the premium course
now I got a lot of questions yesterday on you know whether or not I had a
preview for the course you know people wanted to check it out I got that
multiple times especially through email and a couple comments on the YouTube
video and I wanted to go ahead and drop the first lecture of the course which is
basically an overview of everything that the course entails the business model
just in general so you get kind of a better grasp on what it essentially is
so I’m gonna drop that in a second here but two things first and foremost first
I give my personal email in this video because it’s the first lecture of the
course so do not email me there I will not answer unless you are actually in
the premium course on top of that this is all you have to remember that
everything earned with this business model everything earned content creation
wise is 100% profit so you’re not dealing with you know if it were Amazon
specifically you’re not dealing with any you know startup cost to get inventory
you’re not dealing with any you know Amazon fees that are hidden that you
might not have thought of or accounted for and your overall bottom line if you
were Shopify you’re not dealing with any you know overhead to pay for the Shopify
website or any software to run it you’re not paying for any ads this is literally
all profit from your mind with your knowledge so it’s all profit tell me any
other business model I’ll give you a couple seconds tell me any other
business model that is all profit and doesn’t have some underlying hidden cost
don’t worry I’ll wait there isn’t one that’s the thing there isn’t one this is
literally all profit every penny that you earn from this is profit there’s no
ad spend there’s no nothing it’s literally all profit so with that being
said we’re in jump into this first preview lecture I wanted to bring it to
you today you know it was a good idea to kind of show you it’ll also be you know
as a promo and a preview lecture on the actual course let’s just jump right into
it what’s going on guys and welcome to the
course I hope you’re really really excited to get started I’m really really
excited to relay all this information to you and basically teach you how to make
sustainable semi automated automated for the most part money online here with you
to me now you’re gonna become a udemy instructor that’s gonna help you build
your personal brand and you can take that and basically take all that
experience and all those students that you grow with as a result of that you’re
gonna have access to all of them and you can morph them over to your own personal
platform whether that’s YouTube in the future your own website your email list
a number of different things your Instagram you know all your all your
social media whatever it is you to me is a phenomenal phenomenal way for you to
basically build a brand and a student base that’s global because we’re moving
into a global economy you know if you’re if your plan is to get on to content
creation potentially in on you know YouTube a great way to kind of give you
a boost and subscribers and and you know people that that you know network with
you and kind of like your personal brand is by you know teaching on udemy and
then making money on you to me building your brand there and morphing
some of those people over to youtube you know specifically so a lot of people
will basically teach you know build a YouTube and then you can sell a course
you know like this is obviously my premium course and my very first course
where I’m selling for you know roughly a little bit more than I usually do a lot
of my courses on udemy sell for ten to fifteen bucks and a lot of yours will
too now you might be saying you know specifically and we’re gonna talk about
all the money and the numbers full disclosure here in a second you might be
saying well that doesn’t sound like a lot how can I make a lot of money
selling ten to fifteen dollar courses you can make a lot doing that and you
can make a lot monthly and consistently and I’m going to show you how the entire
course will run you through that and it’s pretty much it’s ninety five
percent automated all I have to do every single month is literally hop on udemy
answer some questions answer some messages and the money is there every
single month now that’s because I have courses already on the site that earned
me money and udemy boasts about twenty million students twenty million students
so specifically like I was about to this will be a very informal course I
just kind of want to talk to you and mentor you and take you through the
process I’m going to show you everything the ins and outs of recording content
you know finding content ideas putting it on the platform succeeding because
anybody can put courses on you to me anybody can you can right here right now
but anybody you know not everybody can rent courses on the platform not
everybody can be successful on the platform there’s only a low number of
people that are successful on the platform and that’s because they don’t
know how to get students into other courses they don’t know how to market
their courses and they don’t know how to rank their course as well and I’m gonna
teach you all of that and you can sustainably make anywhere from about you
know your first month when you’re getting started to be perfectly honest
I’m not here to sell you pipe dreams I’m not here to sell you you can make a
hundred grand your first month because that’s not realistic but you can make
you know anywhere you probably your first month you’ll make anywhere from 1
to 3 grand you know passively you don’t have to
spend any money to get started really relatively and you know you’re not
you’re not that that will obviously be easily easily that will obviously be
easy to scale because as you add more courses as you add more students as you
increase your ratings and that’s something else we’ll talk about I have a
lot of great blackhat strategies to teach you that will basically make you
money with the site and build your brand and your following as you increase all
those the scalability factor is immense it’s crazy so specifically if you talk
about the the monetization and the money factor like I said the first month you
can earn one thousand and maybe three thousand the second month the third
month that should kind of increase you should steadily be earning three the
four two thousand and then obviously as you add more courses you can make more
money now that you can scale that all the way up to like 10 grand a month 20
grand a month I know instructors personally that are making 35 grand a
month on udemy it’s literally that simple and this is 100% passive now I’m
gonna take you through all the numbers in next lecture but specifically here I
want to talk about the brand and the marketing strategy behind this idea and
why it’s going to be successful and why you want to implement this so
specifically other teachers will teach you you know build a brand on YouTube
build a brand on your own personal site build a brand on Instagram all of those
are very very a curated with influencers or people in
that niche there’s a lot of successful youtubers there’s a lot of successful
Instagram influencers there’s a lot of people that are trying to sell their
knowledge and if you don’t already have a band a brand or a student base or
anybody that that you know am a following of people that are loyal that
you can monetize you’re not gonna make any money and that’s what they don’t
tell you it’s they make it seem like it’s easy I’m not here to sell you any
pipe dreams and be like you know you you you know you just need to hop on YouTube
and you’ll start to find you know people will find you and you can sell your
course in them that’s not that’s not realistic because people don’t just buy
something from somebody that just hopped on YouTube and have you know they don’t
have a following you need to kind of be in the space you need to kind of
establish yourself and then eventually once you establish yourself and you can
do you can establish yourself on udemy while you’re making money then you can
basically take all those people and then sell them your content now this is
especially relative for YouTube because as you’ll see here I have about thirty
courses and about ninety we’re approaching about a hundred thousand
students right now and all those people I have email access to all of them and
so will you – not my ninety three thousand but you’ll build your student
base up and you’ll put it up fast and I’m gonna show you how to do that it’s
very very easy now this is all relatively you know this is all great
because the the competition level on udemy to make money and you know get
great courses and rank them and get students in your courses is so much
lower than YouTube or Instagram or Amazon FBA or drop shipping you know
private labeling any of those they’re all super competitive nobody teaches
make putting courses on udemy but yet you can make a lot of money doing it and
there’s no competition there so I wanted to talk about that today we’re gonna put
courses on udemy I’m gonna talk about in the next lecture how much you can
specifically you know talk how much you can expect to make right off the bat I’m
gonna give you full disclosure on my numbers but rest assured you make a lot
more on the back end and this is something I want to talk about then you
do in the beginning but I’m gonna give you all my numbers I’m gonna take you
through the entire process this course is going to be very informal and on top
of the informality of the course you know I’m gonna be talking to you like
we’re colleagues like I’m teaching you and obviously not you I don’t
to just be like you’re my student now I’m the teacher I want it to be your
honor want us to be friends I want to help you kind of make money online you
invested in my premium course this is the first premium course that I’m making
and I really really really want to help you succeed and I’m going to help you
succeed so not only are you know she’ll be Converse like we’re colleagues and we
can help each other but also you’re gonna have personal access to my email
so my email my personal email right now is BG that’s BG media innovation at so I’m gonna type that into the search bar right here so you can see
it’s BG media innovation @ and we’ll take that over because I know my
my browser sometimes a little hard to see so we’ll take that to Google right
here because I have a wide screen computer so uh that’s basically where
you can email me that’s my personal email if you email me there I will stand
and I see that you’re a student my premium course I will star you and we
can converse back and forth you have you know unlimited email access to me so not
only for the udemy you know questions and building your brand on udemy and
being having success there but also for any questions across the board you know
I’m into a lot of business models I make all money online in a lot of different
ways and like I said we’re colleagues we’re friends and I want to help you
make money I want help you succeed so you’re gonna make money by putting
courses on udemy but I’m not here to sell you any pipe dreams I’m not here to
sell you any get-rich-quick schemes go for it as my one of my mentors Grant
Cardone says go for the get rich don’t go for the get work get well don’t go
for the get-rich-quick scheme go for the get rich for sure scheme and that’s what
I’m here to teach you today get rich for sure build passive income so that you
can be making 10 grand a month passively udemy will pay you passively you know
for the months to come into the years to come because this this business model
udemy is not going away anytime soon so if you take the information and hop on
the platform and start making courses now and building your brand now it will
pay you you know for five to 10 years at least if not indefinitely so that’s what
we’re here to do we’re here to establish that then from there once you build the
student base and everything along those lines which you definitely will do
because like I said it’s not as competitive nearly as any of those other
business models and I believe to my knowledge I’m the only one
really teaching this on in the marketplace right now nobody else is
teaching this you know there’s there’s a million gurus for Amazon private
labeling there’s a million and I’m not a guru I’m just kind of basically saying
the teacher there’s a million gurus for dropshipping
there’s nobody teaching how to put courses on udemy rank them and make
passive income so I’m gonna end this here we’re gonna happen in the next
lecture I’m going to talk about the money side of things how much I make how
much you can expect to make and the scalability of this or maybe you’re
looking at that like this it’s the scalability of this you know because
that’s what you look for in a business model okay you look for you know proof
of concept number one can you can you prove this concept does it work is there
a market for it will people pay for it and then you look to is it scalable
proof of concept scalability we’ve proved the concept over and over and
over again with so many instructors I know instructors personally and I have
as well and we’re gonna show you all that in this course and then scalability
and the scalability is 100% there so hope you’re excited we’re gonna jump
into the course we’re gonna jump into the money side of things and then we’re
literally gonna get rolling because I’m not here to waste your time I want to
teach you the methods and then I’m gonna let you go out and create your courses
and I’m talking about how you can do that very very easily you don’t even
need to get in front of the computer if you don’t want to I built my entire
brand without literally even talking and being on camera for the most part so
we’re gonna talk about all that here coming up but for the first the next
lecture that I’m actually gonna implement we’re gonna talk about the
money side of things and I’m gonna show you full disclosure on my dashboard of
what I earn and what I expect to earn going forward and more importantly what
you can earn too

5 thoughts on “Content Creation is ALL PROFIT w/ No Hidden Costs – Best Online Business [2018]

  1. Today's Question is name another business model (besides Content Creation) that you believe you can start with no money, no overhead, and no hidden costs/fees… I'm interested to hear some different answers!

  2. Great video! Affiliate marketing can pass as a business model that requires no upfront money, since you can drive free traffic from different social media platforms (as long as you have some sort of following). The problem with that is that the majority of people who are starting out don't have any following whatsoever and have to pay some sort of fee. However nothing comes close to Content Creation!

  3. I got acouple good ones!
    One really good one and probably the most popular would be CPA marketing wich at first you do not need any upfront money ( it is helpful ) but you could work with out it
    Another thing id reccomend is selling house hold iteams on offer up or ebay… ive personally made around 300$ doing this method Wich is a really good start up amount if your trying to up a diffrent business that you can scale up to what you want it to be

  4. Your the real deal Bryan. I started following you a few weeks back and I know you grew very successfully without being on camera in the beginning which I liked. I like your models because like me you do a lot of different income streams at the same time. Cant seem to just do just one at a time. Me too. I have a few of your other udemy courses and they're all top notch info. Guess I'll be seeing you on the inside because you've sold me on the premium course too bro. I was talking to one of my business partners and they thought exactly what you addressed in this video. $10 a pop doesn't seem like much but you've definitely made it work and if your willing to provide the blueprint, I'm ready to make it work for me.

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