Crossed Walk, Web Exclusive, COPS TV SHOW

dispatched to a call. There’s two guys fighting in
the middle of an intersection. They’re reporting that one
is armed with a hammer. Let’s see what’s going on. We’re ready to rock. Get on the ground. Lay on the ground. Lay on the ground. On the ground. Lay on the ground. MAN: I talk her to
get away from me. OFFICER: Lay on the ground. Keep your hands there. Keep your hands there. MAN: [INAUDIBLE]. See, he looking at me. Look at him. OFFICER: OK. So what’s going on today, man? Tell me what happened? MAN: All right, look, him and
his friend is on the bike. He swing the bike
and hit me with him. OFFICER: Yeah, stay right there. MAN: Oh, OK. You know, he hit me with
the back tire, right? OFFICER: Where’s the hammer at? MAN: I ain’t got no hammer. OFFICER: Someone was
saying you had a hammer. MAN: No. I ain’t had no hammer. No, I got a cane,
my walking cane. OFFICER: Is that what
you were swinging? MAN: No, I was blocking them,
trying to get away from him because I knew he was going
to try to swing again. I got a bad leg. So then he backed me out into
the street, holding up traffic. And everybody see this. OFFICER: Did you pick up a rock? MAN: No, he picked
the rock up first. And when he missed,
I went at his ass. I ain’t going to lie. OFFICER: So if he’s trying
to get away from you, why are you chasing him down? MAN: No. No. I’m trying to get away from him. OFFICER: But he’s the
one that got cracked in the head with a rock. MAN: Because he’s the
one with the aggressive. OFFICER: You still
engaged him, right, when you could’ve walked away? MAN: Sir, it is what
it is, you know? OFFICER: I know you already
told my officer over there. But you want to try and tell me
the same thing what happened? MAN: Long short, me and him
were going to go to the 7-eleven where we always gamble. OFFICER: With this guy? MAN: Yeah, me and this guy. We’re both right next
to each other talking. This guy goes walking
across the street, tells us to move out
of the effing way. He starts mouthing
off to me a lot. He just kept riding. I go, I want to leave. He tossed his bags, went to
the middle of the intersection island, picked up a
rock about that big, and he didn’t throw it at me. He swung it at me. And I’m surprised he went over
the bike and hit me with it. OFFICER: OK. MAN: He didn’t have a hammer? WOMAN: I thought
it was a hammer. MAN: I thought it
was a hammer too. But it was a cane
that folded up. OFFICER: What was he
doing with the cane? MAN: And he swung it
at me a few times, but I blocked it with my bike. OFFICER: OK. This is the cane that he
was probably swinging. I guess it could be
mistaken for a hammer. I’m guessing that’s the rock. All right, Andrew, you
know the deal, man. You’re going to go to
jail today for battery with substantial
body harm, all right? You could have
walked away instead of making it more serious
than it really had to be. OFFICER: I want to see what’s
going on with these guys. I get a lot of complaints
from the clerk in there, so– yo. MAN: No, I’m just walking. OFFICER: Come back
right here, bruh. OFFICER: Ready? Oh, got one running.

44 thoughts on “Crossed Walk, Web Exclusive, COPS TV SHOW

  1. Battery with a deadly weapon using a rock wow! The cops were right that he could have walked away instead of escalating the situation. SMH!

  2. "Still could have walked away"

    Yeah okay officer, I'll slam you in the head with a rock and we'll watch you walk away..

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