CSV file processor feature How to use wholesale Footlocker for amazon fba sellers online arbitrage

Hey guys, it’s Ted with OAXRAY, and today
we’re going to be going over a new feature, the load CSV file feature. Now, this is going to be awesome. If you have those wholesale lists from your
suppliers or wholesalers and you need to know what’s profitable and what is not profitable. Now, as I go to this file that I made up,
you’re going to notice a few things. First, I highlighted in red the 2 mandatory
columns. You must have a ASIN or a UPC. This is how our system is going to look up
the items. So either put ASIN here or UPC; capitalization
does not matter. Now, our next column is going to be cost or
price. This is going to be the price of your whole
sale, what your… what your buying the item for. So you can have the header be either cost
or price when you input it. Now, there are 3 columns that are not required
but you can add them if you’d like. So we have a quantity column. This can be the number of items left in stock
at your supplier or if there are minimum quantities, you can add that also. Now, here we have the title of the item. I just made up some random titles and kind
of drug it down here. And the final one is the link. So if you’re getting this from a website and
they have links, URLs, you can have a link column also and you can easily compare the
2 items. Now what I’m going to do to download this
is just go to File and Download as. Make sure that we select Comma-separated values.csv. Now whenever I download that, I go to the
OAXRAY, Load CSV file tab and I click on Choose the File. Whenever I click on Choose the File, we’re
going to get a pop-up and you’re going to be able to select the file; this is it right
here. And right here it should say ‘Detect column;
asin, price, quantity, title’; it’s going to say all the columns that you have and it’s
going to tell you how many items that it detects. And you hit ‘Go’ and it’s going to bring
you to the main tab. So here we are on a main tab and we can see
the title of the item, the item Amazon title, and our price that we put in. CSV shop is the price that we input on the
original spreadsheet. You’ll also be able to see your ROI and net
payout, ASIN and any other makes any other information. And if we can find this item on one of our
supported sites like Target or Wal-Mart, it’s also going to show you that pricing. So this is awesome, especially whenever you’re
trying to figure out, is your supplier giving you a great deal? Because I’ve already seen it where Wal-Mart
is selling an item cheaper than the actual supplier because they’re buying in such huge
quantities that sometimes they can get a better deal than you can. So it might be better to buy their item on
a website than to buy it from your supplier at a higher price. Thank you very, very much for checking out
my video on the load.csv file feature. And if you have those wholesale accounts,
input them into OAXRAY and see what you come up with. Have a very profitable day, thank you very

4 thoughts on “CSV file processor feature How to use wholesale Footlocker for amazon fba sellers online arbitrage

  1. Aaron and Yoiver—> It means you have to enter your AMAZON MWS info – which you probably have not set up yet.
    Go here and follow the directions: http://oaxray.com/mws/

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