"Damaged goods" – The story so far (3 months)

you don't set out to build a wall you don't say I'm gonna be the biggest baddest greatest wall that's ever been built you don't start there you say I'm going to lay this brick that's perfectly as a brick can be laid and you do that every single day so you assume you have a mole is damaged goods she's poison Sam we're in Hell right now they're like a two second rebound rate your back to the next pain in here yeah let it work I'm motivated by we can climb out of hell one inch at a time okay so it's a lot of hard work and and it's a lot of worrying constantly and if you don't love it you're going to fail well why no matter what I used up when you can we welcome coming something great I just want you to be okay and that word is love that doesn't mean that hasn't been hard you think it's a weakness make it strength it's really hard and you have to do it over a sustained period of time you real there's a team we're going to crumb rather work hard bringing horses buying the work someone else it's not gonna be have to work at this every day but I want to do that because I want you well nevertheless somebody tell you loser how you change by loving me and for that I am eternally grateful the ones that are successful love what they did so they could persevere well you know when it got really tough and and the ones that didn't love it quit because they're saying you made my life and I'm just one chapter I will always love you

36 thoughts on “"Damaged goods" – The story so far (3 months)

  1. Bravo bravo bravo. you have made the right decision you put the relationship first and your horse has a goal. Bravo

  2. I hope her show name is Damaged Goods! I think that is very cute. I noticed you posted this years ago, I hope you two have continued to build!

  3. you gave this horse a second chance which sadly 💔 many aren't that lucky…. you and this special horse have gone thru so much together….you'll have a bond with this horse forever….thanks for bringing up some great memories….

  4. This is amazing, your patience and commitment was just what Onyx needed to excel. You are my Idol!

  5. I have a young horse and I've been riding since I was 3 I'm 12 now and my whole family says "he's dangerous" " he'll never jump!" "He's stupid" "all he does is fall" he's a clumsy" "he's too much for you!" "We'll buy you a better horse!"…..in June when I'm finished with the horse they have me ride now I'm going to prove them wrong!! I'll show them he's a great horse! Everyone out there who's dealing with the same thing stay strong!

  6. No whip, no smacking, no spurs, no straps, no verbal abuse. Girl, you are a great horsewoman! You take your time & go gently with your horse which was all she needed. Thank god no one else had the patience for her because she found a gem in you! And you showed no fear even during all that bucking & messing around. How I don't know. Fair play!!

  7. wow that horse had alot of fear in her. You can't even call it a spooking horse at the beginning of the video; that horse was so scared, it was way beyond a spooking horse. Excellent job you did on her. Such a different horse at the end.

  8. Good for you Hannah!!! I am so happy I came across this video. What a wonderful thing to see when a person sees through the problem to what can be on the other side. She is a beautifully balanced, stunning mare and has made so much progress. I cannot imagine what she endured to make her that way, but we have all seen it before. I am glad she crossed your path so you could show her how life can be. Good for you!!!

  9. My mum has a horse that was abused as a goal and is so timid but as this shows u can make a horse that u can trust a horse ur not scared and mostly one that loves u and u love him/her x

  10. So impressed with your patience and dedication. You have a cracking horse and I think she will repay your input one thousand fold over the years.

  11. You are very brave and have done a wonderful job with Onyx. I rode for 40 years western, hunt seat and dressage. I would have been a little frightened of Onyx myself. Again though great job, well done

  12. dont let people get you down. i owned damaged goods for a long time. a black mare too. she became my best friend and greatest teacher. keep at it. youre doing an amazing job.

  13. So wonderful story! Brave Hannah Marie! I think my PMS speking but my eyes are all wet. I hopa You and your horse have all good time now. <3

  14. Cried when I viewed this. I used to rehabilitate horses in the late '60s/early 70s. Brought back so many wonderful memories. The first time when something 'clicks' inside them and they get it. God Bless you and all others that see the diamond inside the lump of coal. <3

  15. YOU ARE SUCH AN INSPIRATION!! WAY TO GO, YOU DID SUCH AN INCREDIBLE JOB!!! 3 months and such progress, you are making her life wonderful with an incredible future. congrats!!!
    This is what i needed to see I'm in a similar situation.

  16. You are a lovely rider! Beautiful seat, lovely hands and the gentle persistence that a horse like this needs. Good luck with her!

  17. You are doing an excellent job, keep up the good work, and stay persistent, you and your beautiful horse are winners.

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