(Day 1) The $10,000 World Poker Tour – Los Angeles Poker Classic

no luck for us in the satellite we’re
gonna run great in this 10k mein tomorrow instead come on $1,200 if you make it up day one of the $10,000 LAPC poker
classic 40,000 chips to start 60-minute levels were starting at 100 100 no aunty
going to 100 200 no aunty so you know we’re gonna be
playing tight is right getting value flush over flush set over set we’re
gonna be on the right end of some coolers and of course a break every two
hours with blinds ads 100 100 were under the
gun 5 hand did I make it 300 with King Queen of Hearts action folds to cut off
Adam Hendricks who puts in the call and we’re heads up to a flop the flop comes
King King six two spades one Club we’ve got 300 and he calls the turn it’s an
off suit 7 a brick put him on a lot of flush draw combos maybe some small pairs
few ace highs so we’re gonna bet for value again we make it 800 chips and he
puts in the call could you have a worse King could he still have a mid pair or a
flush draw let’s see what happens on the river the river is the ace of clubs so
now we want to make it look like we still have a weak hand we might have
been barreling with an ace and we want to bet small make it look like a blocker
bet to induce a raise from his missed flush draws that’s the plan so I bet 600
very small bet he’s gonna want to rep a king with all his missed flush draws and
even value raised his worst Kings there are a few so after I bet 600 he makes it
3800 there could be some small merit in turning our king into a bluff but I
think that’s a little bit too optimistic because we do have the range advantage
when it comes to all the ace king combos and pocket aces just in case he has
pocket sixes or pocket sevens but I think that’s a little too little too
optimistic so we’re just gonna put in the easy call catches Bluffs and his
mistaken value raises with all of his worst Kings we call in he shows pocket
sevens for a turn boat and we lose 5,000 chips but Glines adds 100 100
Adam Hendricks raises to 300 under the gun gets three callers we’re in the
small blind with East King of Spades so think we got to narrow the field or take
it down preflop we make it 2,000 to go Hendricks folds the button blake bone
calls and small blind calls they’re probably set mining the flop
comes ace jack seven rainbow I think it’s a great time
to bet for value so I bet 2,200 and they both quickly fold to take down
a nice pot my first break with 40,000 about the starting stack tables not very
soft but that’s okay we’re gonna figure out their game plan and counter their
intentions that’s the secret of Poker they throw rock we throw paper how do
you not play by oh yeah you follow another two levels down and we now have
42,000 chips hanging in there playing solid preflop ranges no crazy cold for
bets no triple barrels ABC poker will get us through day one I went a few small pots to go up to
50,000 chips with blinds at 300 500 run to the gun plus wonton with pocket kings
I make it 1,200 action folds to Adam Hendricks in middle position who puts in
the call everybody else folds the flop comes 10 6 4 2 clubs we do have the king
of clubs usually I’ll bet here but as a little bit of deception and pot control
he can still have you know a pocket for his pocket sixes sixes were not being
too paranoid but I’m gonna try to be a little bit balanced here and going to
check Hall mode I check and he bets large 2,400 so we’re gonna stick with
the plan and put in the call we do have the king of clubs which blocks some of
his flush draw combos so it’s a little less lately he has a flush draw he’s
gonna be value betting all of his 10 X’s that he flatted pree and of course his
sets pocket fours pocket sixes and some mid pairs when the turn brings the 10 of
spades there’s now two flush draws and the 10 is paired so we check again he
thinks about it and bets out 5500 so now he’s repping a 10 some chance he’ll
barrel with his flush draws but it really looks like we don’t have a 10
because we didn’t bet the flop but the plan is still to call I put in the call
and the river is the 3 of diamonds 5 7 gets there but that’s not very likely
he’ll probably just fold that preflop I check with the same amount of speed as
the flop and turned and he counts out a bunch of ships and bets 24,000 he has
5000 behind a very polarizing bet when he bet over the pot and barrel on this
run out what hands are busy betting for value all of his 10x combos pocket sixes
and pocket fours what hands is he bluffing with he’d be bluffing with 8 7
suited that’s double belly-buster but he might not always barrel the turn when
the 10 hits pretty tough spot the plan was to call down but these large
polarizing bets on the river and live tournaments usually meanie has it the
quandary is we’ve under upped our hand a lot we have one of the
hands we can have that we take this line we could have checked called the turn
with a sex of clubs or a sex of speeds in the end I put in the fold and he
takes down a nice pot we now have 40,000 chips on the last break the night two
more hours to play let’s stay focused with blinds at 300 600 600 action folds
the button whose art P high-stakes cash player WPT two-time champ makes it 1,400
I’m the small blind with King nine of diamonds I put in the call and the big
blind calls flop comes King King five two hearts normally I’d check this but I
want to make it look like I’m I have a five and I’m betting to see where I’m at
or I have a flush draw most people would check a king so we’re
gonna play out a flow and unbalance in bet 2500 art myself both started this
hand with around 25k big blindfolds and art puts in the call arts gonna have a
lot of ace highs mid pairs flush draws in the spot only one King left the turn
is a 5 so now we have a boat we’re hoping he has a 5 but if we check will
be bet a 5 if we bet will you fold as flush draw I think we want to make it
look like we’re giving up and check and he quickly checks behind the rivers a 9
giving us a bigger boat always a good thing now we got to think about how
we’re gonna play our hand vs. is flop calling a turn checking range there’s
only one king left there is one combo of pocket fives the question is if he does
have the remaining King Willie calling all in yeah probably
since all a king nine if eclis beats him what can I be bluffing with here
if I was to Bluff I don’t think I’d risk all my chips so I was about 15,000 a big
over bet but it should be a good one in accomplishing a few hero calls from ace
high he’s very thinking players so who knows
what he’s gonna think in this spot but what he does do is he quickly calls he
doesn’t shove we show our boat Kings full of nines and he is very very upset
so I’m guessing he had a king he mucks his cards and says I hate tournaments
this is why I don’t play these things which shocks me considering his great
success at tournaments how can one be so bitter towards a format that’s given you
a millions of dollars I know he doesn’t play many of them so don’t be ungrateful
buddy he ran hot he played good but don’t
curse or bite the hand that fed you and we now have 40,000 chips with blinds at
400 800 action folds to the cutoff a Brazilian who just lost a 70k pot at the
hand before incorrectly value betting nines on the river and he opened limps I
figure if he’s tilted he’s gonna be raising definitely any of his premium so
he’s limping just trying to get in there he’s got a weak hand I’m on the button
with Queen 10 of clubs raised it up to 3,000 the big blind has about 5,000 so
we’re definitely to call that all-in and we got the button we got a good hand
both the blinds fold though and the cutoff Brazilian puts in the call flop
comes King 10 3-1 club he checks and we’re gonna check to try to get him to
blow off some turns and rivers the turn is a 7 complete rainbow aboard and he
bets 5500 everything is going to plan 10 with the Queen should be good here so we
put in the call the river comes probably the worst card in the deck and that’s
the jack eight nine gets there Queen 9 gets there a lot of 2 pair combos jack
10 King Jack he thinks about it and bets 16,000 we were gonna catch some Bluffs
but what hands would he stabbed with on the turn that he’d continue with on the
river that don’t have us beat not many semi Bluffs available using this line
probably has to Broadway type cards like Jack 10 King Jack Queen 9 suited and
refold we do not catch his punt and then he immediately says I should have bad
less indicating he had a value hand he wanted to get paid let’s focus with blinds at four eight
Anthony’s panella hold please raises under the gun plus one to sixteen
hundred I’m in middle position with two red jacks
normally it’s a pretty auto three bet but there’s still a short stack with
about 5k – to my left maybe I can induce the squeeze or we can just play our hand
pretty deceptive so I just put in the call guy and my left puts in the call
and the big blind calls for ways to a flop the flop comes ten nine three all
diamonds a great flop for our jacks action checks to us and I bet 3,500 for
value guy on my left calls and the big blind calls really putting the big line
on something like ace of diamonds acts Anthony folds for three ways to a turn
in the turn is an ace of hearts not the best card if someone does in fact have
ace X of diamonds which is very likely but when it checks to us I want to
target all of their 10x and 1 diamond type hand so I bet real small just 4,000
button does fold and the big blind calls okay you can still have a lot of 10x a
lot of one diamond type hands some a sex of diamonds also when the river brings
the ace of clubs I’m like in my hand until the seemingly Caucasian male 50
year old amateur bets out 18,000 betting out of flow
he just went runner runner ace to make him trips I’m guessing he doesn’t want
me to check back he’s not scared of me flopping the flush
what Bluffs can he have I don’t think he’s turning a 10 into a bluff I don’t
think he’s turned the King of Diamonds into a bluff and we reluctantly fold our
pocket jacks and lose yet another pot hey I’ve had enough doubled Jameson’s I
just start on that after all the beers and I’ve bagged we need a bag bags on
six back just over 22,000 chips long day I have a headache a lot of thinking a
lot of focus needed it will come back stronger tomorrow with our 22 blinds
find some good spots and play fearless no regrets didn’t really get out of line
at all today could have made some big hero calls but
erred on the side of caution and we’re coming back for Day two
it’s a marathon

100 thoughts on “(Day 1) The $10,000 World Poker Tour – Los Angeles Poker Classic

  1. Art's not a bad player, I watch him on live at the bike a lot, but he looks depressed at the table. You would think that he was seasoned enough to control the emotions in the bad beat spots?
    GG though, tough swingy day at the office.

  2. Think you played very well considering each situation independently. A lot of hands players would call off on river, especially after bad run outs all day. You kept your composure and made disciplined folds. Good luck.

  3. Do u not think that player when u had kings might be betting qq or jj your correct in general when they smash three streets betting 3/4 of the pot it’s heavy value he might even have had aces

    Very interesting spot considering you under repped your hand it would have to be a very experienced pro to be balanced enough to bluff that spot considering you will be checking back kk and aa some of the time on unconnected low flops

  4. when u check twice on T64 T your hand looks a lot like A hi . He s never putting you on KK + wouldn't a T or 66 44 bet the flop? He might have bet a pair of 9s or 8s on the turn and trying to get heroed on the river?

  5. You're much more controlled than I would have been. I'd have called with the KK thinking he was trying to push me off a lower pair. .

  6. Way to hang in there. I don't think I could have folded the KKs. I do think you probably did the right thing. Hope you cashed. Waiting for the happy ending.😊

  7. You highlight these "well known" successful players but I think they should recognize you! I am looking forward to seeing Boski at the Final WPT table on TV….soon! It is deserved!

  8. If day 1 was that brutal and you still bagged, much respect!! I don't think I could have laid down KK on that 2 10 board. I would have put him on JJ or 99 and dusted it off…great job Boski!!!

  9. I gave that Johnny "Bad" Vibes a piece of my mind for dissing you on the LATB stream….He was shut down because of the cascade of negative remarks towards him…. He's NOT going to ruin the march toward the crowning of BOSKI the WSOP main event champ!!!!

  10. Im very glad that not all "poker players" can make the disciplined lay downs that you make! That would make my job so much harder.

  11. Imagine trying to leave Commerce with $1mil you need a bullet proof vest and police escort to get outta there

  12. FYI Jeff Art has been looking like he hasn't been enjoying playing poker lately. I say this because his posture and demeanor at the LATB big cash game have been noticeably negative on the stream lately.

  13. Man I had to check my graph from back in the day…mind you I was a total fish..grinded the $5 free stars gave me into a whopping $1440 in a year playing the lowest of stakes lmao my early finish was 14.5% early/ middle 16.3% middle 28.7% middle/ late 16.4% and late 24% ITM a huge 38.1%….I LOVED Min. cashing I guess lmfao I now say fuck playing 12 hours to almost bubble…it's pick a spot to shove and go deep or go play cash…I'm not sure my bankroll appreciates this??? Is tight right to min. cash a ton and slowly build to take shots…or try to bink one??? Nice Vlog as usual and good play!!

  14. Crybaby pros like art that bink a tournament or two seem to think they should never lose a pot, dude will be busto when the horseshoe falls out.

  15. Man that was tough! I need a nap after sweating those with youπŸ˜‚

    I need to recharge! This Tournament is one of your toughest so far. And you bagged and tagged πŸ’ͺ🏿

    Make them pay on Day 2 Boski! Take it to themπŸ’ͺ🏿

  16. I knew it was going to be a good one as soon as I heard Yung Jeezy …. the focus and determination is there…. we are all witnessing a rise to greatness… Let’s Go… Champ😎 πŸ†#Bag&TagBrotherhood

  17. LOL @ your advice to not bitch about losing! Have you watched your own videos? You’re a total hypocritical luckbox.

  18. Hey Boski, nice vid. I like all the folds, those guys are not betting those rivers without like 95% value hands. You cards did not beat those hands, so good folds. Get some run good for day 2!

    I cashed a daily at foxwoods yeaterday, tell me if u think this is a punt. 24 players left of 375. I got 600k, good for abt 2 or 3rd in chips. A dude with 500k raises to around 60k from mp, he has been very active. I look down at TT and jam. I am thinking 3 bet would have beem much better and i spazzed. What do u think?

  19. Solid next level inittowinit day. Love your play. Great reads and analysis. May the flops be with you. πŸ™

  20. Those damn river donks … rarely bluffs. Sucks to have to fold a few of those after investing in those pots, but likely good folds. That calling river donks and river raises after you bet is a big leak. Discipline wins over the long poker single session! Bang it up Day 2 Boski!

  21. I almost never criticize your play, because you're better than I am, but I think in the K9 hand you should be getting all of his chips. Sure, he's a thinking player, but c'mon man he's not calling 15k on the river with ace high, as you suggested. Either checkraise all in on the river, or just lead out all in on the river. You only left him like 5-8k, right? Leading 15k after checking the turn seems like an even stronger bet than all in. He's calling either bet with a King, and folding everything else (except 55 obviously) IMHO.

  22. Ha in Caesars yesterday the flop was kk5
    55 n king ten go to the turn
    A 5 woo woo
    More betting
    Rivers a king
    Cue lots of swearing πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  23. Did the same thing, "railed" Rarook and other players who played so many tourneys (high buy in all the way down to lower buy ins) …. #Respect!

  24. I don't know about that Flop check line IP with strong hands Buddy…but i'm just a kaucasian male age 20 to 50…

  25. KK449 board. pro loses his cool who hates tournaments. must hate his million dollar scores too. the agony. lol

  26. jesus that omelette looked horrible! boski ballin' with the 10k buy-in! probably gonna see a new tesla soon on the vlog.

  27. BOSKY GUY!!!

    I finally started making videos of me playing at acr.

    No Good news yet, but it is wicked fun.

    If you get a chance please checkout my channel sometime bro.. Goodluck!

  28. "which shocks me… How can one be so bitter towards a format that's given you millions and millions of dollars!" ROFLMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. with reguards to your KK hand i think had you of bet the flop with a good enough size he would have folded you can not allow people to see free cards when you have the best or they obviously have a higher chance of hitting

  30. Art is a bit ungrateful , and yea u got sucked out. how is that tournament related? in cash game the ranges are much looser and wider u can get sucked out even more. this is poker

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