(Day 2) The $1,600 Wynn ONE MILLION DOLLAR Main Event!

it’s a lot more fun when bow skis got
the gun the wind 1600 main-event 1.4 million in the prize pool over 200k for
first our time is now confidence is high this is our
tournament to win let’s make it to day three and take this baby down with blinds at 1,000 mm mm under the gun
plus one opens to 6,000 he spent at the table for almost an hour and that’s the
first time he’s opened action folds back to us in the small blind and I have
pocket thisis this is the moment we’ve been waiting for
I have 180,000 he has 120,000 let’s get it in I make it 20 mm to go action folds
back to him and he eventually folds no way two more hours down started with 197
lost nines two queens in a semi big pot but we’re back up to 200,000 going to
1,000 2,500 2,500 still a long ways from the money it will draw us pretty tough
no one’s doing anything crazy a lot a small ball hot control definitely not
the softest table probably one of the harder tables in the room well that’s to
be expected on day two of a win main event
one our levels are nice while I was four tons of play 30,000 starting chips with the 3000 big blind I’m under the
gun with pocket kings make it seven thousand ago on a hundred and seventy
case tack action folds to the button whose snap jams forty thousand small
blind Reece snap jams around a hundred thousand actions back to me does this
guy have aces can I fold Kings here of course I can’t pull of Kings I got him
covered I put in the call original Shover has King Queen off suit second
snap reach amber has East Jack let’s hold here’s the video Oh really and we now have 390,000 after we’re in a
few small pots the blinds at two thousand four thousand four thousand
action folds to a russian-born citizen now living in new u.s. makes it nine
thousand to go on one hundred and seventy thousand stack we’re next to act
in the cut off with pocket queens mandatory three bet spot we got him
cover to make it thirty thousand actually folds back to him and he puts
in the call put him on a lot of mid pair type hands maybe ace Jack suited pop
comes 10 10 5 two hearts he checks to us and we want to target all of his mid
pair type hands we want him to continue its we about 35,000 he puts him the call
does he have a 10 is he slow playing Kings or aces
I don’t know you could have a flush draw could have a mid pair Turner’s an off
suit 7 he’s got less than a pot left behind him
so we put him to the test all in any folds what he later claims to be Jack’s
so I guess that’s a bad show if he’s folding Jack’s the one the second best
hand of mine but we’ll take down a nice pot regardless look down at ease queen suited so I make
it nine thousand to go in the middle position action falls to Dillon
Wilkerson on the button he shows seventy thousand in my face does he have a skank
everyone folds and we put in the call we’ve been pretty active recently so his
shoving range should be a little wider than normal
he shows king queen suited the board comes out all bricks and we eliminate a
player and we now have almost 500 thousand chips with 107 places paying as
soon as pretend from the money I start to really ramp up the aggression we’re
raising maybe half of the pots see betting and just you know staying
aggressive and chipping up it’s a lot more fun when beau skis got the gun
let’s mow him down and chip him down make him fold their way into the money 110 players remain Ron dinner break with
Michael Hague and add mock some good company 685,000 ships were coming back to three
from the money we’re hand for hand on the money bubble on the biggest stack at
the table you know that means action pulls us on the button I make it 13,000
with ten eight offsuit small blind flights big lion flats flop comes jack
nine seven two diamonds action checks to us and we’re gonna bet big for two
reasons looks like a bluff and we unblock all
the pair combos this flop should hit their planting range very hard so I bet
35,000 small blindfolds big blind goes deep into the tank and shoves all in for
almost two hundred thousand I don’t ask for a count i snap call we have to wait
for all hands to finish before we reveal our cards I showed the straight and he shows the
straight he also has ten eight offsuit but we got the diamond backdoor free
roll let’s get there we have video diamond on the turn and
the river is a brick blinds at 5,000 10,000 10,000 under the
gun if your old Caucasian male makes it 20,000 folds back to me in the big blind
4 7 handed team Queen offsuit I think 3 bed might be over upping our hand a bit
so we just put in the call flop comes four four three two spades one Dimond I
check and he bets 25,000 pick up a little live telling him that he’s just
based on his timing that he’s not too comfortable the King I might be good
here we might be able to Bluff if a spade comes out possibly even seven
maybe a deuce so I put in the call the turn is a beautiful queen of diamonds I
check any checks behind definitely think they have the best hand now the rivers
nine of diamonds pre-inoculated I bet 55,000 and he puts in the call I
show my top pair and he shows ten eight of diamonds runner-runner flush got me with blinds at 5,000 10,000 10,000 in
middle position 8 handed with East 7 of diamonds so we’re gonna raise it up to
22,000 action Falls the small blind who puts in the call we’re heads up to a
flop the flop comes 8 8 5 a lot of his broadway type hands are gonna miss this
and he’s gonna continue with probably all of his mid pairs maybe a few ace
highs after he checks to us i think it’s reasonable to bet with our backdoor
flush and straight draws and ace high I bet 18,000 he puts in the call the turn
is a 6 pretty good card for us he checks again now the merits of betting here are
a mixed bag can we get him to fold out some of his two pair of combos is he
gonna be sticky we’re repping an over pair his two pairs shouldn’t be good of
course is not gonna fold trips but sometimes he’s got to go for it give
yourself a lot of chances to win we bet 45,000 and he puts in the call the river
is a 10 he checks and I mean how often do people triple barrel as a bluff
sometimes you got to go for it but not this time I check back and he shakes his
head and shows pocket tens good thing we didn’t unload the clip and we chipped
down to about 350,000 with blinds at six thousand twelve
thousand action folds to us in the cutoff with ace king offsuit
make its twenty eight thousand Asian male aged 40 to 80 in the small blind
puts in the call and the big blind folds we’re heads up
the flop comes ten eight three two spades one heart we have the ace of
spades he checks and he’s gonna have a lot of middling hands in his small blind
defending range so we just check back you gotta always ask yourself are you
betting as a bluff or for value I really don’t know in this situation so we check
the turn is the ace of hearts a beautiful card he leads out thirty five
thousand pretty draw heavy board but we have position and we’re very under
wrapped we got the nut kicker I put in the call forever is a three of hearts
brings in the backdoor flush any bets again seventy-two thousand what’s your
rapid back to our flush ace worse kicker miss straight or a front door flush draw
don’t think we have much of an option we put in the call and he shows us King
Jack of Hearts nice hit runner runner nothing fonder and we now have about two
hundred and fifty thousand ships but blinds at six thousand twelve thousand
action folds to the cutoff Russian male aged 25 to 35 makes it 25 thousand ago
we’re next to act with pocket fives and two hundred and fifty thousand every man
lives but not every man truly dies sometimes you gotta wait for a better
spot I fold with blinds at six thousand twelve
thousand twelve thousand action folds to the hijack a Russian male aged 25 to 35
who’s now relocated to Las Vegas he raises is up to thirty thousand with
just under a two hundred and fifty K stack we’re next to act with two hundred
and fifty two K in East King off suit easy Jam we’re all in action folds back
to him and he snapped calls Oh he shows ace Jack we barely got him
covered but we have to win five hundred K pot incoming I got video two more piece yeah good alright so on the back here all I
need is your name and your chip count but it must be very neat on this piece
of paper all I need is your name and your gypsum but it must be very neat
the blinds go through us a few times and we bagged up 435,000 chips going to
16,000 big blind 40 players remain over 200k up top win Poker Classic main event
can I be a win poker classic bait event champion stay
tuned for part three

100 thoughts on “(Day 2) The $1,600 Wynn ONE MILLION DOLLAR Main Event!

  1. After that little downswing I thought that dude was going to spike a Jack on you in the last AK hand.
    I'm stoked you're getting some run good bro, I can't wait to see the next update!

  2. Screaming for the 6d str8 flush with the 10 8 lolol. Dodged the house on river phew 🙏. "Am I bluffing or betting for value ?" Both. The Value Bluff is my favourite cheapest bluff. Double runner flushed out so sik. GGGs. Hang on the Run Good Heater Super Suckout is coming. LEGOOOOSSS

  3. Bang Bang mofo! I was worried at the end when you jammed ak that you busted. Thought I couldn't wait for day2….Take it down! We're rooting for you!

  4. Oh yeah. Thanks for the obligatory "what's he repin?" Ain't no heater like a Boski heater cuz a Boski heater don't stop.

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    – It is always fun when BOSKI has the gun.

    – Runner runner much more funner 😂

    Count me in boski!

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  8. OMG I'm so relieved you doubled up before day 3 😍😍… GL brother, you can have fun with the gun, but make sure you stay a responsible gun owner 😉 no oops moments.

  9. Captivating..Lets do this. Pick you spots carefully. You may consider adjusting opening range, considering smaller stack warfare. Take it down!!!!

  10. i was the Russian you described between 25-35..i put you on pocket 6's with my AJ but with no shame to die at the hands of Jeff Boski

  11. Best poker videos. More like art house documentaries, life of a famous gambler in the sixties. If you win show some half naked ladies please.

  12. Oh dude fuck yeah! I love/hate watching your videos because I have to wait until the end to comment because I don’t wanna see other comments that give shit away. But great run and great job absorbing 2 backdoor flushes still bagging

  13. I looked up what place you finished Jeff but I won't spoil it for the rest of the viewers. I will say to you awesome job man!

  14. I honestly don't know why you bother putting video of the hands in for all ins…You can never see or make out the cards anyways. I think it's a cool idea, if the viewer could see the cards on the board.

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