Day Trading for $13,436 in one hour! – Meir Barak

hi traders seals is gaping down today 12 % SS JD I'm about to show it 1400 shells if it bring it down under the laws which is 37 41 yes it goes ok I'm short I need 20 cents and here it comes I have 20 cents it was quick waiting for just a bit more and here comes 40 cents 50 cents I'm up seven hundred dollars unbelievable look at that what I write nine hundred dollars it's not stopping if it moves over thirty seven I will buy no need it continues moving down or this is a nice breakdown just the first few minutes of trading absolutely amazing look at that 1,300 1,400 dollars come on baby break it down okay 1600 I'm getting ready to buy you just have to pull back sometime over here look at that 1800 about 1200 shares if it pulls back absolutely amazing first five minutes of the trading day and just up here it goes okay buying first pullback just realize 1,300 still have 200 shells left Alcor shorting 1000 shares it's down seven and a half percent today it's a quarterly report hope it will work out why lcw had a great trade yesterday I'm shouting 1000 shares over here hopefully will break under the laws I'm adding added 500 more it looks good just remember it from yesterday I had a great trade in yl CW hopefully today too and I'm up to hundred and something dollars right now buying I'm a little bit concerned it's very volatile okay AAA is not doing what I wanted it to do no near it's moving up now I'm going to put a stop just very close to you just don't don't really want to follow it 996 that's my stop just once entire fit will go just by once and I'll be out not at all moving in the right direction here we go okay 96 I'm out stop order and that's it I see PT that's a story it's giving up 66 percent today no that's a gap up form two hundred and eighty dollars to four hundred and sixty and you should see what it was doing yesterday I just shorted three hundred shares over here this is a very very risky trade I'm just up nicely for the day and I feel like I can take some kind of a risk and you just have to see the daily of this one I can't even think about moving right now to the daily it's just such a very dangerous trade right now whoa look at that I'm up two thousand dollars I did expect a move but it was quick i shorted it at $4,460 52 cents it's down 15 cents in what few seconds sixteen dollars 16 points in just a few seconds look at that three thousand dollars I took a big risk shorting it but I couldn't do this you just have to look at the daily it's absolutely amazing I was waiting for it to make this move yesterday I didn't have the guts and I'm glad I didn't because I kept up today a few hundred dollars and here we go five thousand dollars oh this is just an absolutely amazing day for me right now I'm getting ready to buy buy 200 shares f77 thousand dollars right now I want to put the risk behind me I really really really want to do that eight thousand dollars bank okay Wow just here lies five thousand four hundred and ninety four dollars I'm still riding one on chairs empty age I'm shouting one thousand shells right over here I think it's about to pull down now I'll wait see TRP looks like the wall to pull back up now to move down six percent today I'm buying over thirty eight okay right over here thirteen hundred shares I really wanted to buy it at 3801 I got it to 3808 I just didn't press the button quick enough if 1,300 shares and we go come on make the move getting ready to sell I'll say eleven hundred that's a nice move okay look at that just realize 462 dollar this is absolutely amazing day for me mph is moving I'm up $200 I'll buy 8 on the shares I'll buy 700 okay just realize $119 ICP I'm still holding 100 shares up $6,000 but I'm looking at it right now it looks like like it looks like it's about to pull up and I'm buying just realized $12,000 on this trade absolutely amazing empty age is not getting anywhere last 300 shares moving out that's it form th and seals this doesn't seem to be moving also last 200 shares thirteen thousand dollars four hundred and thirty six dollars what a way to finish the week thank you very much for watching see you next time

36 thoughts on “Day Trading for $13,436 in one hour! – Meir Barak

  1. If you have a day job, forget ABT this… If you are jobless and got 50k as capital, do it for a living.

  2. I know this video is from eons ago, but what trading platform do you use? Also do you use a program like trade ideas to find your stocks? Much appreciated Meir!

  3. Are indicators necessary?
    or just one have to be perfect in understanding charts?
    btw what strategy did you used?

  4. That ICPT, if Barak were to leave his short position just a couple days later, he would have made nearly $50,000 once the stock reached $300. I am not sure however if it is possible for him to stay in the market though for that long… never mind me, I am new here anyway…

  5. Hello Meir, great video, gained my sub. I was curious, with wins (and potential losses) of that size in a single session, how has that affected your psychology and emotions in the past? And has it got easier to control those emotions today? I am studying hard to discover a trading strategy that will fit my mentality. I just discovered VWAP and it really makes a lot of sense to me. That is how I found you. I really your trade style and look forward to studying more of your videos. I will update you on my homework in a few months. Good luck this week!

  6. Do you by chance have a tutorial or a guide or anything? I would like to go into trading but there is so many things I still don't know

  7. Hi Meir, really like your videos. Can I ask how much you pay in commission to your brooker when you buy and sell 5000 shears in one day?

  8. I like the video overall, besides the occasional trading room ads. I'd also wonder why the huge BP swings between one trade and the other? Like something like 130k bp for icpt and maybe 30k bp on a few others, just based off trade confidence?

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