DIY Dry Ice Soda Slushies

Hey guys, I’m Nate welcome back to the workshop not too long ago We showed you how to use liquid nitrogen to turn soda into a delicious Slurpee at the end of that video I said I might want to try it again Using dry ice because the liquid nitrogen pulled all of the carbonation out of our soda And I was curious if dry ice would put carbonation back into the soda as it froze it well today We’re gonna try a few different varieties of that. We’ll see if we can get a Slurpee. That’s still nice and fizzy We’ve got our soda. We’ve got our dry ice let’s get started To start let’s pour a measure of our soda into our Bowl Then break up some Medium sized chunks of our dry ice put that in and stir it and see if we can get our soda to start freezing That’s about the size About the size I want get these chunks in there just kind of stir it up and see if we can get it to start freezing into a slush I don’t really have a good sense for how long this should take I’ve never tried just Chunks of dry ice and soda before to see how long it takes to solidify We’re getting somewhere getting some slush in there. That’s what you want to see Interesting how it’s sort of freezing with a pebbled texture to it It’s not going evenly everywhere And I’m not sure what’s causing the difference turning into a good slushy though, the question is whether enough of the carbon dioxide Coming off of the dry ice has been dissolved into the slushy as it’s mixing up and freezing to really give us a carbonated Fizzy result when we eat this Alright, I think that’s a pretty good freeze on here try and scoop it from the bowl into our cup and of course we want To avoid scooping any chunks of dry ice into our cup. We don’t want to eat those Just want them to cool everything down and add a little bit of carbonation, hopefully There we go a homemade Slurpee it took five or six minutes of stirring up I would say and overall it works pretty Well, it’s a good texture, tastes really good It’s not very fizzy there might be a little bit, but there are a couple other things I still want to try to see if they give us a little bit more fizz. For our next test We’re gonna take a similar Quantity of dry ice but then we’re gonna throw it in a blender and turn it into a very fine powder We’ll see what happens if we mix that powder in with our soda and see if we get a different texture a different freeze time And if it’s more or less carbonated than our first one Our blender actually seals up airtight when it’s closed so to keep the CO2 pressure from building up inside We’re gonna drill a small hole into the side of the cup Alright, let’s take our soda. Dump in our blended up CO2 It’s not a complete powder But there is a lot of powder in there Wow that is definitely freezing way way faster In fact it’s frozen pretty much all of the way already with a bunch of CO2 left over in it And then of course we don’t want to eat the dry ice which is one of the concerns I had with this method is that we’re putting Powdered dry ice into the soda if the soda contains a little bits of dry ice that haven’t turned back into gas Then the dry ice would just go in your mouth if you started to eat it. We don’t want to do that wow that froze it so so much faster, like I said it took five or six minutes with the chunks of dry ice just constantly stirring with the powdered stuff it just immediately almost started freezing together a lot more surface area Alright here. We go. We’ve got our considerably more frozen slushy at this point I think we’ve maybe even gone past the texture of slushy and Into, I don’t know it’s kind of like the fruit flavored dippin dots almost it’s not quite that frozen And it’s not that well defined you can’t see the individual particles that much, but it is almost Powdery it’s so frozen. Alright I’ve got a spoonful of this I’m trying to make sure there’s no vapor rising off of it because I don’t want any dry ice chunks in my mouth Freezing onto my tongue that sounds uncomfortable Let’s try this Still surprisingly little in terms of fizz. I don’t know I think maybe Carbon dioxide doesn’t dissolved well into liquid when it’s this cold once it starts freezing They might squeeze all of the carbon dioxide out of it and just not hold any fizz left Well there is another variety we want to try We’ve still got some dry ice and as we’ve seen in the past if we freeze our dry ice in liquid nitrogen it becomes Extremely brittle to the point where we can just sort of break it apart So I’m going to try taking some dry ice freezing it in liquid nitrogen Then breaking it apart into a dust and then using that to freeze our soda. Let’s give it a shot All right, we’ve got some liquid nitrogen in our bowl Let’s add a chunk of dry ice to it and let it really get cold in case dry ice isn’t cold enough Ha! it just falls right to pieces now, all right, let’s see how soft this stuff is Man, that does come apart really easily In comparison normal dry ice Nothing super frozen dry ice Still hurt a little bit, but it broke up Not even gonna blend this I’m just gonna put the lid on and then shake it up That powdered most of it. We’ve got our little jet of carbon dioxide gas flying out here in the hole Alright, let’s pour off some soda, and then add our powdered carbon dioxide to it Well I would say an even faster freeze time than the normal powdered dry ice. That goes so quickly It’s still so cold, I’m just gonna pour more soda on top of it React with the rest of the dry ice in there Compared to just a bottle of soda this seems like it has so much volume It’s got so much air and carbon dioxide added into it It just seemed a lot bigger. I kind of wonder how much this could keep freezing We got a whole bottle of soda, and it’s you know it froze all of it no problem I think we’re gonna add more from a different bottle and see if we can get it to freeze some of that, too More. I’m gonna keep going until it doesn’t freeze it anymore or until I run out of bottles of soda It’s so weird This is the same amount of dry ice for the most part as what went into our first batch with the larger chunks of dry ice and it took a while to freeze just that much soda that was about half of one of these bottles and In the end it still wasn’t nearly as frozen as this is so Grinding it up and changing the surface area makes a huge difference. Just got a little bit left in this bottle Let’s just top this off There we go that’s our orange and lime or sorry Mandarin and lime flavored Sodas mixed together, and there is still chunks of dry ice in there. You can see the vapors that are still forming I dig down I can pull a couple of them out Take a gamble here. I don’t think there’s much dry ice in this bit Mandarin line That might have actually had a little bit of fizz to it There you go making slushies using soda and dry ice. We tried a few different varieties And we learned a few things – dry ice can freeze soda into a slushy consistency If you use the large chunks, it may take a few minutes of stirring but you’ll get there. You’ll get a nice mixed-up, slushy consistency Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to have much in the way of carbonation in fact none of our experiments really gave us a carbonated slushy for The most part so something about soda seems to not really absorb the carbon dioxide once It’s gotten down to the temperature Where it’s cold enough to actually begin to freeze We tried taking your dry ice and blending it up into a powder to see what difference that made when we mix it into our Soda and it froze way faster. It went from five or six minutes of stirring to about 10 seconds of stirring It was already frozen, but we also still had little chunks of dry ice sort of mixed in with our frozen soda And we don’t want to be putting the chunks of dry ice in our mouth So you have to be really careful sort of picking around the dry ice as you scoop it out into your cup Then finally we tried freezing our dry ice even more in liquid nitrogen to really bring the temperature down Because that also makes it more fragile So we took our super cool dry ice broke that down into tiny little chunks and powder and mixed that in with the soda. That did an amazing job of freezing the soda, very quickly as well. In fact We’re able to freeze two entire bottles full of our soda And it still turned into slush and had some dry ice left over so overall the dry ice Definitely has enough freezing power to make a slushy out of a bottle of soda But it can take a while if you want to do it the safe method which is to leave some larger chunks that can easily Be picked out once your slushy has formed Thanks for joining us for this experiment today and remember to come gear yourself up with products and merch at See you there Where’s my spoon Oh, that had dry ice in it

100 thoughts on “DIY Dry Ice Soda Slushies

  1. Mmmm Mmmm another cool 😎(and delicious) experiment! Pun intended 😁 I've always wanted to see that happen! And now you have made it a reality! Thank you TKOR crew 👑😎👊

  2. You forgot to blur out the Nutribullet label- like a famous, paranoid TV show does. And I thank you for that!

  3. Next time dont mix it up just le it sit there because think about shaking a soda it loses its fizz when u shake it so maybe if u dont mix it it will be fizzy

  4. What if you put a party cup of the drink and just like cover the sides so the liquid freezes and your have the slushy without have the two make contact

  5. If you want to carbonate the soda, you have to trap all the gas and liquid into a container. Its how soda streams work. You need to forcibly combine both of them if you want it to be carbonated if that makes any sense.

  6. It would need to be under pressure to absorb much carbonation. You learn about this when brewing beer

  7. Here's my opinion with some facts, it is very possible and is always happening for carbon dioxide to be frozen in pockets and even take a solid form, but another thing is jarritos is not that carbonated from what I can tell. I drink a lot of them, mountain dew or Pepsi definitely has more carbonation, try with that and I'm positive you will see better results.

  8. Hi guys i would suggest you put a glass full soda into a bowl that is filled with powdered dry ice and this will then leave the soda carbonated and without any dry ice with in , therefore making your own slushy maker

  9. When water freezes it realses all of the CO2 out. That's why fast freeze of sea water causes CaCO3 to precipitate. It's called cryogenic carbonated by the geologic community.

  10. it probably wouldn't work, but i was thinking using the cup to hold the soda and placing that in the bowl with dry ice to eliminate the possibility of eating dry ice at all.

  11. If you freeze a soda in a freezer and eat it frozen, there is no fizz…not sure why y'all expected it to be any different with dry ice. Still cool anyway.

  12. Next time add an ounce or two of cream, it will help keep the carbonation. Also SLOWLY add the powdered dry ice and only a little at a time until it is perfect. You can't throw a hammer at a wall and call it a quality experiment, which is similar to your approach in this video.

  13. Take a bin from Home Depot and then get a smaller bin and put that in that in the bigger one put the dry ice on the side on the big one then add rubbing alcohol on the dry ice then put the drink in the smaller one

  14. I would think you would get a better result getting it to work if you tried again with the powdered dry ice in a pressure chamber. Contain the CO2.

  15. I think what the problem is when its freezing its cold enough to freeze the liquid but not the CO2 in the liquid, maybe trying to leave the bottle unopened and set into dry ice and/or liquid nitrogen and see if that keeps the fizz you want. As a request, what cool things do you think you can do with gallium and other cold substances and/or can you melt gallium with other metallics to see if you can cast a multi-metallic object? And last but not least ive seen a few gallium vids of yours but only got a melting point, since its so low would that mean it has a super low boiling point? And on the contrary how cold would it have to get to actually freeze gallium?

  16. i wonder if using a bain marie method would work better? try putting the bowl with soda inside a bowl with liquid nitrogen, dry ice, or both.

  17. Why not put a block of dry ice in a bottle with the drink until the drink turns to slushie allowing it to be pressurised thus carbonated ?

  18. Also happens if you put the ice in a zip lock bag and then in the soda to mix around. That way your net getting it in the drink.

  19. Hello Grant, what if instead of just pouring it into the soda why not put the cup into a container with the dry ice and try to freeze it sort of icecream style.

  20. Dip the dry ice in liquid nitrogen, then shack it to break it up, then blend it to become a true powder.

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