DotcomWeavers’ Recipe for Success: eCommerce Strategy

Building a great eCommerce website is like cooking. The first step is to get all your ingredients in place – to gather all the points that you want, how you visualize, how you envision this master of a project to look. Preparing the ingredients so they’re just right. The second step is the actual cooking – where all the ingredients come together and make this beautiful blend. This process cannot be rushed. It needs that time, it needs that simmering time, to lead it to perfection. And then comes the serving, and the eating, which is the final step. But actually, that’s what people think is the final step – it’s not. You serve the food, you get it up there – you get your site up there – and you begin eating. That’s when it’s just beginning. This whole process of cooking and prepping – it’s when you start eating, and that’s when the party has just begun. So I think this metaphor defines eCommerce in its perfect way, because eCommerce is about vision – ingredients – people – all of these coming together to take the whole process through. And I really, really hope this recipe works for you.

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