Doug Stephens: The Future of Selling in a Post-Digital World

Part of the reason I used the word post- digital in the title is because I feel that we have moved beyond our fascination now with technology. We went through a period of time where we were amazed that you could geolocate yourself on a smartphone or you were amazed when you saw a virtual reality headset for the first time. But now we talk about things like 3D printing like they’re nothing, you know, like it’s commonplace. So I really feel that we’ve moved to a point as consumers now where technology is not a fascination so much anymore as it is a basic expectation. I think more often than not we’re shocked at the absence of technology than we are by its presence or what it can do. So retailers really need to understand now that consumer behavior and the consumer psyche in general has now been completely re-calibrated. Re-engineering Retail really looks at the interplay between online and offline retail experiences. It really unpacks each of these things it looks at the magnitude of online shopping the degree to which companies like Amazon and Alibaba and eBay are radically changing the landscape. But then it also looks at the human need for physical spaces you know at the heart of this we are still human beings we still regard shopping as a social activity it’s still physiologically pleasing to us. So it examines the need for these physical spaces, but then it talks about how these physical spaces need to change going forward–that we can’t simply use physical stores as distribution centers anymore that they have to be something more than that. So what it really does is it lays out all the architecture for how a retailer can now begin to plan strategy against all these things that are happening and really move forward into the future with confidence.

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