Dropshipping On eBay Tips | How To Dropship Successfully | Selling On eBay

hello stacy serrano here so you looking for information on drop shipping so how do you drop ship successfully well one you want to make sure that you’re dealing with reputable suppliers and when I say reputable I’m saying suppliers that are not fly-by-night companies companies that have been around a while and companies that you know when they give you a delivery date or ship date that that’s the date they’re going to ship because one thing you don’t want to do is upset your buyer for example you don’t want your buyer to expect their dining room table to show up on the fourth and you have to let them know that I’m sorry but your dining room table is not showing up to the 14th this will upset them this will then lead them to leave you negative feedback and if you get too many of these your account will get shut down so you want to try to avoid this so you definitely want to make sure you’re dealing with reputable suppliers and you want to make sure that when they deliver something that is correct the order is correct it has all its pieces it’s not broken I mean things do happen during transit things break it happens occasionally but ninety-nine percent of the time you want everything to run smooth and the only way to run smooth is when you’re dealing with suppliers that you can trust and the next thing you want to make sure you’re doing is that you’re handling your account professionally and when I say professionally your listing professionally you’re not going out there and just listing anything you see online because there’s a lot of people that have branded products out there that don’t want anyone drop shipping their items so you want to make sure that your carefully listing items and making sure that these companies are okay with you drop shipping so these are two key tips I hope they really help you out if you want to take a look at the program that really helped me and it’s helping a lot of other people learn how to drop ship successfully on ebay on Amazon then you want to click on the link at the bottom that’s www.partnerwithstacyserrano.com take care bye bye

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