E Commerce Psychology & Psychographic Marketing by Joris Fonteijn

have the room we have the what and then we have the how and finally the missing piece is the psychographic data it's basically telling you why do people convert on a platform all right and so thank you for the introduction my name is yours I am a social psychologist and how many people have heard of crow box okay see few fingers good so today I'm going to talk about a preservation as a service we combine machine learning with social psychology or consumer psychology a little bit about me one slide only 30 years old I'm from Amsterdam and this is my girlfriend i-n we recently bought a house in Amsterdam oast which I'm very happy with and with a girlfriend three topics a little bit about growbox then I'm going to tell you how we work and how we optimize web sites of our clients and then finally some of the learnings we did using our tool crow box this one it was founded by these guys on the top left layering arts Roger Wouter and short basically they embody the core of the business so we have machine learning on the far left then we have e-commerce psychology and we have the full stack developer short well we work for a bunch of clients of which we're I'm very happy with we are a vc-backed company we track a lot of data over 1 billion per month psychology has data scientists and developers we are still looking for developers as pretty much every single tech company I think and we work in a lovely building which is very nice the why behind to buy this is basically what we are searching for all the time and it's you can see on this slide we have the room we have the what and then we have the how and finally the missing piece is the psychographic data it's basically telling you why do people convert on a platform and that's what we're trying to find out using our tool so we combine machine learning or artificial intelligence together with social psychology and me as one of the social psychologists I come up with experiments that we implement on and during the entire sales funnel in order to increase micro conversions and that the end result of that is what we call reservation profiling a little bit about the psychology anyone heard of Daniel Kahneman okay see you bunch of fingers Robert Cialdini see more fingers okay market is probably so yeah one back we have two systems Kahneman described so we have the autopilots the more intuitive system the automatic system and then on the other side we have our rational system and I think the number is being between eighty or ninety five percent of all our behavior is being done automatically and they say when you buy a house then it's more the rational system but I have to say it's also the automatic system in play and we tend to focus most on system one and there are a bunch of tactics there I think over 150 tactics that you can apply online and here are a few of them and we mostly try to focus on the automatic system because I believe that it's an easier way to to influence behavior when people are more in an automatic system so this is what we're talking about the core philosophy of our products miseration profiling so basically what we do every action that's being tracked by our system and we combine based on where people respond to so for instance if you see a message such as most views most but then we say okay this person is more likely to be susceptible to social proof or we can see you message that says only few left or we have a message this product just came in so they're different tactics we are showing to the customer and based on the actual clicking behavior we are finding out what the preference is or preservation susceptibility and at different strategies that we apply we usually start with increasing purchase intent which is basically helping people from home product overview page and detail page page towards the point of that they have to make the decision if they want to buy it but we try to evoke the motivation or increase the motivation for the purchase and you might ask how do they do it well we have different features that we use for this so we have the product tags on a far left side and product tags basically are really short messages that can convey one word maybe to maximum of three words and they are short sales arguments why they have to click on a specific product search such as most views or only few left and then on the top right part this is mostly showed on the product detail page those are the longer mostly one sentence messages also it has an icon in it so it's both talking to our visual system so it's the verbal and nonverbal way of communicating and then we have the native nudges which also are action based messages for instance when you're hovering with your mouse on the Add to Cart button we can show a specific message and on the far at the bottom right side we have exit intent which is also an action based feature that basically pops up whenever you're trying to leave the website you might have seen it on specifically several websites already and then when you go with your mouse on a desktop device to the far left or the top left or top right part of the browser then we will present a message like this and there is more to the ident and there's more to it than meets the eye we have we have here a dissection of our smart notification so the message says five people are viewing this product right now and as you can see as already mentioned this is a smart notification which is the feature then we have the principle type social proof then on number three the third layer is the preservation of copy so five people are viewing this product and then there's the trigger and I think this is one of the most important parts for it that in order to be honest we need to trigger otherwise we can just present random labels to everyone so we use a trigger that says if three or more people have viewed this products within the last 50 minutes then we will then the system is allowed to show this specific message and basically I have to say then the system is allowed to show because the system is deciding which copy variant it will be showing to the person because machine learning does the the next one the machine learning decides which message will be presented and then finally we have segmentation which is our last addition to the system so targeting specific groups of people

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