e-Commerce Strategies for Hotels

good afternoon I work at a hotel it's located in Hamburg my name is Sofia Han I'm the e-commerce and Revenue executive there before we start off with our case study I just want to know if there's anyone who works at a hotel here okay I'm gonna give you a short brief about our hotel our hotel is a four-star hotel it consists of 38 rooms and 63 suites we have one outlet one meeting room and one Ballroom our hotel is part of a chain of Karlin hotels and resorts it is managed by HMH Hospitality Management Holdings our brand is regional we have different properties in different countries Egypt Jordan Qatar Saudi Arabia Sudan Syria UAE and Yemen our case study will be talking about a shift of the distribution of bookings for our for hotels and mainly derived to online I'm going to show you a short picture of how our distribution of bookings have changed since 2011 to 2012 in 2011 we had 24 percent of our ot AIDS distributed for bookings for our brand website it was 12 percent and travel agencies were about 26 percent as we reached year-to-date this year our distribution of bookings have turned into 50 percent of our business fifty percent of online bookings are mainly our business at our hotel and if you look at the difference of the travel agencies percentages you can see that six percent have decreased for the travel agencies which in an analysis can show that they decreased for the online booking our contracted OTAs are these our number one provider of bookings to us as booking.com and then comes second ranking Expedia we have a new contracted OTA which is clear cheap and who does that who you saw previously these rankings each OTA has a front management solution I will discuss this to you later all our OTAs need to be managed and need to be controlled very closely the content the profile the pictures everything that you put there is very crucial to be very clear and transparent to guests so the way we use it we have to management distribution systems that we go through we have dressed international and red tiger every software has a different type of working that it does we use trust trust you connect us to the GTS and our internet booking engine trust as interface to our PMS so every booking we get through our website or through booking.com an Expedia is directly drop down to our PMS we chose booking that common Expedia to be interfaced with our p.m. as due to the fact that they provide us with a huge number of bookings so you want there to be an hour PMS on the spot we need to identify our forecast and our bookings on the spot rate Tiger is a different software it's a channel management we usually allocate a lower number of rooms for four separate OTAs due to the fact that they have lower amount of providing of bookings for other OTAs that we work for they give us a privilege of different online promotions that we benefit from especially during low season we have different promotions that we use and go through by these o TAS we have the flash deals week and promotions admins purchase and deal of the day these online promotions usually provide us with a certain number of bookings that can help us during the low season after every guest leaves our hotel our main concept and our main what-do-you-call-it focus is our gasps commands our main source of of observing discuss comments is Trip Advisor 57% of guests or Booker's tend to go to Trip Advisor I may be other source of reviews to identify whether to go ahead with this purchase or not so we closely monitor Trip Advisor trying to daily basis to intercept their complaints as early as possible to keep our ranking and availability stable on all OTAs we need to identify our weaknesses in order to correct these actions top rating and visibility maintaining the golden triangle the golden triangle is intercepted to be visible on the first page and never ranking on the second page guests usually have the tension of not going down to the second page or the third page so we maintain as much as possible through these criterias to maintain our visibility and our ranking on the first page sales volume availability conversion which is transferring visitors onto Booker's cancellation percentage profile content guest reviews rate parity among all OTAs and invoice payments may plays a major role in your visibility and in your rate rating and ranking on the OTAs our new step now is to enhance our brand websites we have exclusive promotions that are going on on our brand website and exclusively for that only we have named that under coral tweets we have another perspective that we're going on as rewards and loyalty programs we are affiliated with Emirates any skyward member has earned a certain number of miles whenever he states at a coral hotel we have corporate event promotions this is gone for the future for the long short-term method we will be providing a corporate promotion for every event that's going on in Lebanon on our website recently we have subscribed for the business listing through Trip Advisor to enhance our brand website and to derive more traffic to our website we have benefited from this subscription in accordance to put our hotel websites email hotel and our phone number our e-commerce strategy is exposure or new potential OTAs we want to be exposed on all OTAs as much as possible and of course that is done through the DTS as well we want to drive more traffic to our brand website we want to try as much as possible to benefit from these bookings that are coming through OTAs to be retained customers through our where our brand websites customer satisfaction and positive reviews like I have discussed to you before this is the this plays a major role in your ranking and it shows a lot of transparency of your hotel exposure through social media this is something coming up in the future as well we have a twitter account and a Facebook account that is already done for the chain now what we're doing is that we're trying to build a profile for every individual Hotel on Twitter and Facebook mobile applications has come and new as well we have mobile applications for every Hotel with the booking engine as well key elements for a successful e-commerce strategy employ all OTAs and social media our main purpose for online is for exposure we want to be exposed as much as possible through OTAs through social media social media will be mainly to interact with our customers we want to be there whenever they tweet or whenever they put on something on Facebook or on TripAdvisor and we do them to have the habit every every bad comment or a bad complaint that is on TripAdvisor we usually reply to that guest on his individual email and try to solve that matter for him we want to maintain a continuous muttering in terms of content availability and grades our content is usually updated every two to three months with new photos new amenities that we supply availability of rooms as and very crucial for our visibility we want to have availability especially during high season and our rates must maintain their parity among all it OTS focused on customer reviews retaining customers and maintaining relationships as I've discussed before customers are what keeps us going on they're our future they're what gives us the revenue so we want to maintain and keep them coming back as retained customers and hopefully through our brand website thank you

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