Easy Route To Success for Young Entrepreneurs – Small Business Ideas and How to Startup

okay guys really simple route to success
for the school leavers who left school with no qualifications or you’ve took
completely the wrong path in life and you’re you’re a bit of a late starter
this is for you simply go and get a job in an industry that you can set a
business up in yourself okay work for that company get some experience see how
they do it or the all the mechanics of all bits of the business the biggest
thing is look for the areas that they’re doing badly and you’ll know that
yourself because there’ll be bits of it you think I don’t really like that or
you could do that better or that’s what you’re looking for
no we’re all down all the bits that they’re not doing well leave the company
go and set up your business and fill in all the gaps so all the stuff they’re
doing bad you do well you do that it’s like a quick and easy recipe for success
that’s what I done it worked for me

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