EB GUIDE 6 Tutorial – Exporting a model to EB GUIDE Target Framework

Welcome to EB GUIDE. The following video tutorial shows you how to export an EB GUIDE model from your PC and copy it to an Android device. Furthermore, how to execute the same EB GUIDE model on the Android device. To reproduce the tutorial you need: A standard Windows PC with an installed EB GUIDE Studio in version 6 or later. An Android target device with the two installed apps “EB GUIDE Launcher” and “EB GUIDE Model Chooser”. And the file “EB_GUIDE_model.zip” from the EB GUIDE 6 microsite. Connect your Android target to your PC. In this video tutorial a Nexus 7 is used. Open the EB GUIDE 6 microsite and download the file “EB_GUIDE_Model.zip”. Create a new folder “Elektrobit”. Copy the downloaded file to this folder and extract it. The EB GUIDE model folder contains
an existing EB GUIDE 6 project. Start EB GUIDE Studio 6. Now open the downloaded project. In the “Project center” click the “Open” tab. Navigate to the directory “C:ElektrobitEB_GUIDE_model”. Select “EB_GUIDE_Model.ebguide” and click the “Open” button. The next step shows you how to simulate the project on the PC. Click the “Preview” button.
The simulation mode starts. By clicking on the car an animation starts to open the car doors. And the next click on the car closes the doors again. Close the simulation mode. The next step is to execute the same EB GUIDE model on the Android device. Open the “Project center”. Click the “Export” tab. Select a directory.
And this time click the “Export” button. Open the Windows Explorer. Navigate to the directory you picked for export. Copy the whole directory “EB_GUIDE_Model”. Navigate to the SD card of your Android
device. Open “Androiddatacom.elektrobit.guide_model_chooserfiles”. Paste the exported EB GUIDE model here. In this directory the “EB GUIDE Model Chooser” app searches for EB GUIDE models. Switch to the Android device. To start, click the “EB GUIDE Model Chooser” icon. Selecting the exported EB GUIDE model starts “EB GUIDE Launcher”. “EB GUIDE Launcher” loads and executes the exported EB GUIDE model. And the car behavior on the Android device is exactly the same as it was on the PC. One touch and the doors animation starts. And another touch to close the doors. In fact it is the same EB GUIDE model executed on the target device and on the PC. Both the “EB GUIDE Launcher” app and the EB GUIDE Studio simulation mode start the same EB GUIDE Target Framework to execute an EB GUIDE model. Thank you for watching the video tutorial. See you next time.

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