“Email Marketing Solutions” – The Best Web Apps for Your Online Business (Part 4 of 6)

Hi, this is Austin with Formstack, back with
another video in our series of turnkey website applications to get your online business up
and running efficiently and smoothly. So in this video, I’m actually going to discuss
e-mail marketing providers and talk about some of the differences between each one. If used properly, e-mails are really one of
the greatest marketing tools in history. I mean, can you really think of any other tool
that’s more personalized, inexpensive, interactive, or easier to use than email? Some online businesses
think they can build and manage their email marketing tasks internally, but in reality,
it takes a lot more man-hours than you might expect, and also a lot of money that you may
not have. So why not just simplify your email marketing
efforts and go with a third party service provider. And you want to try to find one
who specializes in this marketing solution and is professional, clean, and trackable.
There are a number of e-mail marketing providers out there. So finding the right one for your
business can be somewhat of a tough decision. So let’s take a look at some of the options
you can use with Formstack: MailChimp, Constant Contact and Exact Target. First up is MailChimp,
which makes it easy to design e-mail campaigns, share them on social networks, integrate with
web service you already use and manage subscribers and track your results. Some of the most popular
features of MailChimp’s servicing include A/B split testing, and their autoresponder
system. They offer a free account, and pricing varies
by the number of subscribers. Next up is ConstantContact. and it’s another
affordable e-mail marketing solution priced for small businesses. This fine service offers
free personal coaching and support plus their one-click editing is perfect for the small
business owner with very few tech skills. They also allow you to track and see results,
grow your email lists, and gain access to over 400 email templates to customize to your
liking. Now, pricing starts as low as $15 a month,
and they do offer a free 60-day trial. A third option is ExactTarget. And it’s a
platform that allows you to construct, send, and track the success of your email marketing
campaigns. Larger corporations and companies seek out ExactTarget’s expertise to create
extensive and precise outreach to their customers. Now if you’re just starting out your online
business, I’d advise going either with MailChimp or Constant Contact based on pricing. ExactTarget is a great service, but it’s really
geared more towards Fortune 500 companies, that need something more robust and customizable
for an email marketing provider. Really, no matter which service you choose, creating
an email marketing campaign is going to be crucial for your online business. To not only incorporate leads, but also to
keep your customers informed with news, coupons, and other information. And once you get your
email marketing campaign set up, consider Formstack as a powerful way to create email
web forms and collect your email marketing leads. Up next in our video series, I’ll discuss
customer relationship management software, also known as CRM.

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