Emprise Bank: Client Story

Emprise bank began with the formation of the Stock Yards
National Bank in 1910. Today we operate more than 40
branches in more than 25 community in the state of Kansas. We believe in integrity. We believe in
the success of our customers. We believe passionately in our teammate and winning matters to us. I think that it starts with the
location. Our owners are very passionate about the arts and so each floor and each branch have hand-picked artwork that is somehow
connected to Kansas. I think that just looking at each piece
of art and seeing the difference in it daily reminds us that we’re all different and
that when we look at the benefits and compensation and things
that we do for our employees how can we find a solution that matters to them
because something different matters to everyone.
The challenges that we face as benefit professionals today are just finding the
right product for the right demographic of employees and making
sure that they understand those products and how they can affect
their lives short term and long term. I think that Benefitfocus has
those same values. I think that they believe in the success of their customers as well. My first experiences
with the project team who made sure that when we were onboarding for the first time that we
were taken care of every step of the way and so that to me showed that they are as invested
in our success as we are. Through Benefitfocus we were able to create the
communications portal and allow our employees have real time
information about our benefits as things were happening. We originally started using their
platform just for one benefit and as we realized how it
changed what we do day to day it was an easy decision to add all of our
benefits to the platform. I think that the design the portal is
important to us because of our love for the arts. The HR InTouch
portal has clean lines it has a clean look to it its easy to use. Its easy to look at. Just
like the art in our offices. So it helps build our
brand when we’re working with the employees and making
sure that they understand that as passionate as we are about the art role we’re also passionate about their
benefits. I think anytime that that technology is
evolving I think benefits have to evolve with
them and I think that Benefitfocus’s provided that ease with its mobile app and the ease of its use for our
associates. Anytime that they can get information that they need or handle
something regarding their benefits via the phone via the iPad via computer
it’s a much more positive experience for them. Security is key in this day and
age especially with technology evolving. We’re a bank security is number one and for us as well. So for Benefitfocus
to have information on our employees dates of birth, children’s names things
like that. The fact that they have a secure site and we know that it’s secure at all times makes us
feel better and we couldn’t necessarily do that without the support of purpose
the new Benefitfocus. Its just always there for us. They
make us feel like we’re the most important customer. If I could use just one word to sum up the
experience with Benefitfocus I would say detailed. I think that the team is very detailed
and how they protect the customer they may serve ads the information is secure it’s accessible. So having Benefitfocus
have our back as we’re doing that has made a difference in our overall approach to benefits.

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