English for Business Pre-Intermediate Unit 4.3 Business Ideas

Right, can we start please the main aim of
the meeting is to decide the date of the launch. After that we’ll talk about our marketing
strategy and decide which sales outlets we should target. OK. When are we going to launch
the goggles, Katerina? What do you think? Should it be early next year or should we
wait till summer? I’m in favour of February or March there is a gap in the market for
our products. Why wait any longer? The goggles are technically advanced. Let’s just cash
in on that. Thanks, Katerina. OK let’s hear a few more views. Kenneth, what’s your opinion?
Hmm I don’t know about February. It’s a bit early in the year. I suggest we launch in
May or June. people go on holiday then. It’s a peak period for buying goggles. Thanks,
Kenneth. Nadia, what’s your view? You’re a keen swimmer I know. In my opinion February
is the best time we could promote them in swimming pools and opticians. The price should
be high I’d say at least 50 pounds. Hold on a minute, I thought we were talking about
the launch date, not about promotion price. You’re right. Katerina, let’s get back to
the point. OK everyone. I think on balance we agreed we prefer the earlier date. Let’s
move on now to marketing. Julia, which outlets do you think we should target? I think we
should start with the specialist stores. That’s where most swimmers buy their goggles. What
do you mean by specialist stores? Julia, are you thinking of sports goods outlets? you
know, stores which only sell sports equipment? Exactly they should be our main target.

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