31 thoughts on “Enterprise and Discovery Battle Section 31 | Star Trek Discovery Season 2 Finale

  1. So yall are surrounded but you aren't moving? you can easily get out of the way also how did their shields not overload within like 20 seconds of the fight starting? hmmm dat plot armor

  2. Luckily, the USS Vengeance from the alternate reality wasn't part of the battle. It could've been much worse.

  3. I'm starting to enjoy the fact that hardcore Trekies hate this show so much.  Cough Doomcock and Nerdrotic cough

  4. Can someone more familiar with STD explain to me why two different Federation crews are wearing two different Federation uniforms?

  5. Nice hear the old phaser fire sounds from Enterprise, although an AI assuming control of Section 31 and using it's fleet and personnel this way is far too much like Skynet to me. Also, is it wrong to say I like Po more and more? She flies a stolen shuttle out into a battlefield and works out how to destroy the attacking Drones while dodging fire from capital ships-because why not? Also, Pikes last line here: "Follow the Queen!", after which he glances at his Number One and they both just shrug…

  6. What's the only reason they can explain the Enterprise and Discovery now having one-man fighters?

    Star Wars……still, that overhead shot of the establishing a perimeter was indeed awe inspiring. Haven't seen a show do that since Battlestar Galactica.

  7. Long lasting void battles with lots of big and small ships are always great to see, especially when it looks this good.

  8. Only complaint i got it, that the pure amount of "fighters" are way to much, to even fit in both ships!

  9. "Evasive pattern delta 5"; "aye sir.".. next shot from outside, no ship is moving, all are just sitting there.
    "All power to forward shields", But they are surrounded

  10. The ships don't even move, come on the Next Generation had more interesting battles. They started moving ships around in battle since DS9 and Voyager.

  11. Where time collides and all the explosions my, happy friggin' new year if ever there was one. Oh, yes, and it's o.k. to bring in a slower pace with the shows like in t.o.s not saying always but all the action scenes can correlate well within it all there seems to be worry about modern shows being made too old fashioned if there's not enough action scenes and not true. It's about the story, mainly the characters

  12. Discovery: Oh, crap, we're surrounded!
    Enterprise: No worries, kid- I've dealt with worse than these bums. Just keep shooting!

  13. Watching since 66 and think the finale was absolutely incredible!!!!! Too bad Pike could have his own series

  14. I’m still trying to figure out how they fit all those shuttles and small craft in those two ships and right before the battle Enterprise shoots out another 20 shuttles

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