– Omigod. What the hell? – Omigod – That was awesome. (gasping) (screaming) (car horns) (electronic music) (shouting) – God, I told you guys we
had to get travel insurance, you never listen to me in the back. – You stupid whore. – [Shae] Whoa Language. – Wait, me or Shae? – This car was worth more than your life. – Oh, it’s a Porsche. – Did we hit someone? – No, I tried to go past it, and I am sure it was a raccoon. – Omigod, look there. – If he’s dead it’s going
to be real hard to show it to our fans, but I know a good filter. – No, no, no, no, we cannot
tell anybody about this. What if the agency finds out? Come on. – [Shae] Sir, please be okay,
this is really inconvenient for our careers. – Oh, I can see why you
thought it was a raccoon. (dry heaving) – Maddy, it’s fine, there’s no blood. – It’s not that it’s he dirty feet. – Someone’s gonna have to
give him mouth to mouth. – I can’t, I’m asthmatic. – Shae, you’re only asthmatic
when it suits you, come on. – Okay, the men love you so, please. (whining) – I don’t hear either of you
asking if I’m interested. – You were dry retching five
seconds ago, how much air do you really think
you’d be able to get in? – Which one of you piss-ants
was driving that car? – Uh, Shae. – [Vested Man] Omigod, he’s dead. – Is there a handsome doctor here? Dammit. – I know Reki. – Guys, we’re not killers,
we’re YouTube celebrities trying to break into a bigger market. – Killers, killers! (chanting) – Killers, killers, killers,
killers, killers, killers killers, killers (percussive rock music) – ♫ Our fault, no, ♫ It wasn’t our fault ♫ It wasn’t our fault – ♫ That the car was brought ♫ To a screaming halt ♫ And oh, oh, oh – ♫ It was a suicide ♫ Right before my eyes ♫ That homeless guy,
should’ve jumped aside – ♫ It wasn’t the way I was driving ♫ What about her? ♫ She was clearly distracted ♫ Doing her make up ♫ Fixing her lashes and
that’s why she crashed it – ♫ Me, me, no ♫ It wasn’t my fault ♫ It’s never my fault ♫ You should ask, the Incredible Hulk ♫ Cause oh, oh, oh ♫ She was drinking ♫ She wasn’t thinking ♫ Chugging those beers is what got us here – ♫ It wasn’t because I was drinking ♫ What about him? ♫ That he don’t have no license ♫ Swerving and weaving ♫ Driving that shit ♫ And that’s why he crashed it – ♫ You’re gonna pay ♫ You’re gonna pay ♫ For what you did today ♫ Killed a man ♫ Hit a van ♫ Wham, bam, thank you ma’am ♫ You’re gonna pay ♫ You’re gonna pay ♫ That’s the Hollow City way ♫ That’s the Hollow City way – ♫ Me, me, no ♫ It wasn’t my fault ♫ He did a somersault ♫ Those ditsy girls ♫ We’ve all forgot ♫ Cause, oh, oh, oh ♫ They were driving and singing ♫ No doubt, lip-syncing ♫ Thinking they’re stars ♫ Then they crashed the car – Guys we have to distract them. We have got to get to that meeting. Now, let’s do a rendition of
that Donald Stump rally song. They love that shit here. – God, are you serious, it’s so cheesy. – Rhythm is a Dancer to Soul’s Companion, it might just work. – Lead. (smack) – ♫ We digress – ♫ Are you serious – ♫ We believe in dancing – ♫ You can’t handle this – ♫ When the dance phone rings – ♫ Answer the call – ♫ Move your feet – ♫ Or to the claw – ♫ Or just move your shoulders – ♫ Kick today – ♫ Watch us prance – ♫ Watch us dance ♫ Here’s the music ♫ Come on boys, let’s get down – ♫ You’re gonna pay ♫ You’re gonna pay ♫ For what you did today ♫ Sing and dance ♫ Not a chance ♫ You make it home today ♫ You’re gonna pay ♫ You’re gonna pay ♫ That’s the Hollow City way ♫ That’s the Hollow City way – There has to be a way
that we can resolve this. – Yeah, you’re going to
have to pay for the damages. (rap beat music) – ♫ Oh, hell no. – ♫ Looks like it was your fault. – ♫ Definitely your fault. – ♫ You brought the scene ♫ to a screeching halt. – ♫ So let’s just go. – ♫ Swap out our insurance. – ♫ No need for violence. – ♫ You we can’t stay ♫ And tell you good day – ♫ Have we forgotten about him? ♫ The scriptures declare ♫ It’s a cardinal sin ♫ Thou shalt not kill ♫ We can’t be mislead ♫ Just cause he’s dead – ♫ Okay everyone, let’s just calm down – ♫ I think it’s clear what’s ♫ happened here – ♫ It’s obviously these young hooligans – ♫ They have to pay ♫ It’s the Hollow City way – Maybe I should say – ♫ They gotta pay ♫ They gotta pay ♫ Lock them boys away ♫ Killed a man ♫ Hit a van ♫ Throw that key away ♫ They gotta pay ♫ They gotta pay ♫ Throw that key away ♫ Throw that key away – ♫ Wait, this isn’t right ♫ I can’t lie ♫ Not, these boys ♫ I can’t lie ♫ The one you’re looking for ♫ Is ♫ Shae – Bitch. – [Voiceover] Tune in next
week to see what happens on Traffic Jam, the musical. (“When a Fire Starts
to Burn” by Sam Smith)

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