Evolution of an Exchange Student

hey guys it's JC so for all the exchanges out there I decided to make video about how things go on in the United States and what things an exchange student has to go through so sort of an evolution of an exchange student from the moment they come to America and the moment they go back to their country so I hope you guys like this video if you're an exchange in America or now or if you're an alumni please let me know if you can relate to any of these things so enjoy I'm going to America oh my gosh finally here oh my gosh so excited I'm gonna wear this shirt so don't know where from I love America awesome yeah love it here so much you know what I'm gonna keep a diary of things I do here yeah screw that I'm gonna try some new things Oh what is that you a hand sanitizer it's a cool cup I'm gonna take a drink whoa how do you even drink from these coming home um I should probably take my shoes off uh no you don't do that um okay stair fridge should open it should I open it want some food yeah well they told me to just get whatever I want but still it's their fridge my host family has a cat oh you little kitty oh yes I want food yeah some soda yeah peanut butter and jelly sandwich oh yes please that would be nice chocolate chip cookie and a candy bar yeah shopping do I have any money left no good job Stacy so excited for school tomorrow okay going to bed oh it's morning back into my country Oh No so jet-lagged ooh fancy American notebooks we don't have those back in my country wake up pajamas I have to wear something better some pants and a shirt perfect American homework I can do it easily just get it started okay why did I take AP classes Oh screw this you know I'll just take a nap American girls Twilight seriously oh I love football – wait American football why do call America football you carry the ball on your hands right Chelsea FC no American football why is it called football dude you seriously don't know where my country's get a map okay I better check my messages wait what are all these letters what does this even mean excuse me where's the tpod you don't have it you don't drink tea okay sweatpants is that what Americans wear I mean they're pretty comfy Americans are so weird I don't think I like it here anymore hashtag America sucks I'm gonna post on my blog about how bad it is here changing my facebook status my Christmas present man I wish I had some of my Russian food right now whoa am i late again oh no that can rush her my mom wakes me up skyping my family back in Russia my hate in here and take me home I mean for real I wanna go home Hey I think I figured out how to drink from these wake up pajamas perfect that's what I'm wearing today yep got some food I think I figured out texting your will sup I'm home there's everyone hello just gonna do my homework real quick man so good to have sanitizer those sweatpants and a school team awesome this is our house it is time to Skype mom again hello yeah everything's fine Stacy you look fat wait one Stacy Stacy with that I gotta go bye mom excuse you for oh my gosh I'm so fat no way how did this happen oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh oh no oh my gosh Oh what am I gonna do just don't eat but I can't Google it think as soon as I go back to my country I'll be skinny again prompts coming up I gotta get ready killer this boom looking good Stacy nice dress it's spread oh they're gonna think I'm communist again okay back from Fromm it wasn't even that fun hashtag prom sucks guess his graduating this girl right here uh-huh yeah turned up Dussel Book Award you ain't got nothing on me yeah cuz I got this well this yeah when I go back to Russia I'm gonna wear an American shirt American scarf American bandana American hat American bracelet one more American bracelet American flag American socks American hair clip another hair clip an American pencil another American hat that's right I'm totally American I should probably start packing I can put all the extra stuff in the box and just mail it problem solved hello there yes I'd like to mail the box here $200 do I have a choice I'll mail it I really want to go back home but I really want to stay I don't know how to feel it is definitely to go goodbye America you I miss America I hope you guys liked this video if you did make sure to give it a thumbs up and check out my other videos and just so you know I was exaggerating a lot of them some of the things didn't even happen to me in America if you couldn't relate to any of these things well I'm sorry so hope you guys enjoyed it and bye

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