Example 1 Selling Ideas Presentation

Hi Dr. Rochford, I’m Becky Stolt. Hi Becky, good to see you. How are you? Nice to meet you I’m good. I hope it’s ok that I sought out your time. I know we haven’t formally met before. I
actually go to school down at the University Minnesota Rochester MBA program so I know we haven’t interact in any of our classes or anything thus far so I just wanted to
introduce myself to you It’s good to have you come in. Before this I was just reading the news. What’s your opinion on this whole Pakistan thing? My goodness, everything we’ve done for them and look what’s happening now. I know. What happened today that you’re
specifically asking? Well, I’ve just been catching up a bit from the past couple of weeks with all of the events. What do you think? I know a lot has been going on recently with Osama Bin Laden and getting killed there. everything that’s gone out of that. What do you think? Do you think we should have gone and done that? I don’t know, it’s kind of a controversial issue. I don’t really know where I stand. I guess I’m glad with the fact that we did end up finding him and killing him. But even though that was borderline illegal what we did? Yes, like I said, it’s pretty controversial. Would it be ok if we moved on to the topic that I wanted to talk to you about because I know we are short on time here. I’m sorry. No that’s alright, there’s a lot of exciting stuff going on out there. I hate to get you off track. No that’s alright. One of the things that I wanted to talk to you about is that I have a pretty exciting idea that I’m
really excited about and as one of the faculty members here at the Duluth program I
just want to get your thoughts on what you think about it because I
know that you’re pretty intergral with the graduate committee. Yes, yes that takes up a lot of our time. I’ll tell you what we are swamped. Well, tell me a little about your role in it. I don’t know a whole lot about the graduate committee and what they do. I really actually run the committee and I spend a lot of my available time working with the
committee and I put a lot of effort into making sure it’s smooth and concise and that it really runs well. The committee overall is overloaded. I’m happy to hear your idea but I don’t know if we can fit anything else on to the plate of that committee right now. What are some of the things that the committee overseas just so that I have an idea. The committee really oversees just about everything from graduates and what’s going on with them so a lot of interactions with the committee, ect and other administrative needs go through our administrative committee so it’s just a myriad of
things, it’s really a popuri. A lot of things fall under our umbrella. That’s what I kind of figured. We get pulled in a lot of directions so that’s why it’s hard to catch me a lot of the time. I’m pretty busy running around, talking to people, talking
about the events the day, and then back to school Everything that’s going on here and how it has to roll and trying to find a few minutes to meet yourself. It sure sounds like you’re busy. Ya I’m always moving. Well, I’ve done a little bit of research about the graduate committee because I guess it’s my understanding is that
your committee reports up to Kjell Knutson as the Dean and so all administrative functions that happen within the MBA program needs to go through your committee and so that’s right way I really sought
you out in order to talk about my idea. I know that you’re not really that
decision maker in this but i just wanted to share it with you because I really need your support in order to go forward. I wouldn’t say that I’m not the decision maker. I have quite a bit influence on some of the decisions that do happen you know. It’s lot of our recommendations that really go up. That’s I guess a good point to why I need your support with that. Ok, well what’s your idea? What I was thinking is that down in the Rochester program it’s kind of isolated from the UMD and the actual Labovitz School of Business, I wanted to put
together some sort of formal networking program to really get students connected to the
school and to the community so we can kind of put something formal in place on the Rochester site. Ok, I was wondering why on earth you would want to connect the Rochester students with Duluth. Well, it’s a connection to the school overall but then networking with the business community really. So can I tell you more about the specifics of the program just so you can hear more about it? Sure, I’m a little time crunched so we will probably have to rush through this. No problem. I just put together a quick summary just so you can see all the details very briefly. So really it would be a networking event that would go on 3 times per semester and it would go on the spring semester and
the fall semester so total of 6 events per year. How did you come up with 3 times per semester and who exactly would have these? A semester seems like a long time when you are a student but when we’re watching from the outside from a faculty standpoint a semester actually goes pretty quickly. The front is pretty busy, the middle is a lot of work and the end is
a slam dunk until you get through finals. If we are having networking events, who’s going to attend these, who’s going to have the time? Well, let me tell you more about it. So, if you think of a semester as January, February, March, April, May about 5 months or so and if we split those up evenly, one near the beginning, middle and about a month and a half or so apart I don’t think it seems to crunched from
for what I have in mind here Now one of them would be a more formal networking event, so kind of the big one where as the other 2 would be more informal events. What’s your definition of formal versus informal? Are we talking a pool party versus black tie? Not quite a pool party but more informal like a wine and cheese type of thing where the formal one would be more of a sit down meal. So that one would be more formal where you get dressed up and have a full dinner and then all of these events would also include a presentation of some sort of hot business topic so I
think that’s what the students would really be interested in and that could help build the program
and make it more of a visible program because you have that learning and the networking going on at the same time. So what you are laying out sounds pretty expensive. You know it’s not too bad lets look at the cost section down here. 2 or 3 years ago we had money coming out of our ears and now if I want a pen I’m going to the local bank with a wire cutter. I know, money is always a big issue. That’s why I laid out what I was thinking. Our current students would pay $50 per semester added on to their fees. So there is an additional student fee? So basically we’re raising tuition? Well, it would be a slight raise in tuition yes. No questions there it would be a raise in their fees but the nice thing about it is if it’s added onto their fees I think it’s more of a drop at the beginning where people feel committed to attending these events later on where as if you have to actually attend
an event and pay money at the door there’s a little less willingness to do
so. That’s why if you pay it up front you know you paid it already it kinda builds that buy into actually attending the program so that’s a way that we could actually sell it to the students a little bit more. I don’t think that they would have a huge problem in that. I think that’s a definite point of discussion that we would have to spend some time. You are definitely going to have students who if I struck another $50 on to your tuition bill over the past 6 semesters that you’ve been here, you might have a bit of a gripe. If that happens then we’ll deal with that. Well you just said the point exactly, we all deal with it, the students are getting tired of dealing with it. I know but the thing is we need to show the benefits to the students.

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