17 thoughts on “Excel Finance Class 05: Percent, Percent Change / Increase / Decrease Percentage Number Formatting

  1. So far the episodes covered very basic concepts. However I found some really interesting ideas in them. I wish, I had teacher as You on my studies. You are so passionate in excel :D.

    Greetings from Poland 😉

  2. Everything in the class is basic, however, by the time I finish making this series, we will cover a lot of topics!

    I am glad that you like the videos!

  3. I'm just wondering you have Video about "how to created" the W2 form.One of my classmate told me about this since I watch your Video I love it, know they way you explanation is more easy to understand how to use all formula. Please Let me know. Thank you and have a Wonderful and "happy Holy week". God bless you.

  4. You rock man!!!!!!!! I appreciated so much your kindness by sharing your knowledge with us. I'm accountant myself and I'm telling you this is great buddy!!!!!!! My first language is Spanish but watching your videos I'm also improving my English indeed. So, I planning to go throughout all your videos. Again, Thanks a lot and I won't keep this just for me but for my kids.

  5. Thanks for your good work! I have learned alot! One question though, why when i type two, it pops up at 200% instead? I have already pre-formatted the cell as percentage. Thanks!. 

  6. I have no idea how this all works and I definitely have to learn it. Can someone please tell me or help me answer this problem. What annual rate is earned on a $1,000 investment when it grows to $2,400 in eight years. I need to know how to solve this in excel or how do I go about solving it. Thanks Guys!!

  7. How do i change expenses by choosing different %. for example the expenses are 2000 and occupy 20% of total available expenses and i need to be able to change the % and the expenses increase or decrease.

  8. Without a compliment, your videos for me are like movies, when I start can't stop
    and now I have time to watch them at work because of technics I learned to do my job rapidly

  9. Great!, I studied business and I love accounting but to be efficient I see that the best thing is to be good at excel, this series fit my need
    And the cool things answer the questions, thanks Mike

  10. Really I didn't knew that percentages are magically awesome
    I am glad to know the methods
    It is becoming much more exciting for me to go further
    Thumbs 👍 up sir
    Loads of love 😀😀

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