44 thoughts on “Exchange between Rep. Keith Ellison & Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin (C-SPAN)

  1. I wonder if the black Congressman felt like a bad-ass saying "we'll see". Is this a movie theater or politics for god sake

  2. Mnuchin is not going too give anyone the answer they need that Ass Hole will go to HELL for Trump and Trump is sitting back laughing at Mnuchin. The Devil 😈 Satan loves this Ass Hole Mnuchin because one day he and Satan will spend Eternity in Hell the Lake of Fire 🔥 together forever and ever.

  3. Ellison what is he bringing up Color Race everything has to have something to do with race I've only listen to him once but he sounds like an SOB to me

  4. Mnuchin needs his arrogant face broken!How many people did this Slime evict illegally? And responsible for the downfall of Sears He took the best products it had and sold them to his own companies !Pure thieving POS!

  5. Mnuchin is such a slimy, creepy,immoral piece of shit. He belongs in jail with the rest of that corrupt administration…wake the fuck up America

  6. I have a question for you sir has your wife fully recovered from the beatings or has it been a slow recovery

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