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hey J.R. Fisher here want to explode
the sales of the book that you wrote this video is gonna be all about that in
my videos I show you how to grow scale and run your businesses I’ve sold
millions of dollars of both physical and digital products online and I share
those secrets with you so let’s jump right in and get going most people think that they can just
write a book and get rich but the truth is for most people that never happens
you’re not gonna make any money on the book but don’t worry there are ways to
make money with your book and that’s the main goal now the real purpose to write
a book is really to use it more of like a calling card it’s your proof of
expertise in a particular area and I’ve written several books I wrote one on the
great American food shortage write that book is out there right now it’s on
Amazon it’s a physical book I also wrote a book called four steps to find winning
products to sell online both of those books we’ve sold tons of copies of and I
want to show you exactly how we did it so that you can do it with your books
now a publisher will tell you oh I can get your book on the shelf I can get
your book out in the market well who wants the book on a bookshelf nowadays I
mean there’s hardly any bookstores around and even if you do get it on a
shelf what makes you think that somebody’s gonna be able to find it on a
shelf the market really is the Internet and that’s the best way to sell your
book I mean the truth is the market is too big nowadays to sell your book in
the traditional manner so I’m gonna share with you some secrets how you can
actually sell your book and make money that’s what we want to do so let’s get
going but first off let’s look at the
competition that’s out there right now if you look at say biography and memoirs
there’s 80,000 books and there’s 70,000 books on parenting
not to mention military history 70,000 books 30,000 books on women’s health and
30,000 books on art therapy and relaxation seriously that’s this one
blows my mind I don’t understand it then you’ve got
the subcategories you’ve got 20,000 books in Buddhism you’ve got 10,000
books and children’s elf you’ve got 5,000 books in adoption and
it list goes on and on and on so there’s just too many books for you to sell it
through the traditional manner but you can still sell thousands of copies of
your books if you do what I show you in this video now that’s a lot of
competition for you to compete with but I want to show you a couple books that I
wrote so that you can kind of see how we did it and you can copy these same
techniques I own a survival food company so I wrote this book called the great
American food shortage I’ve sold thousands of copies of that book and
it’s also an Amazon I didn’t sell the majority of those books on Amazon I
actually sold them myself but I’ll share with you in a minute how I did sell
those books I sell them directly to my audience but a little bit more on that
in just a minute at the end of this video I’m also going to give you access
to a free course on e-commerce just for opting in simple and easy and you can
get the course today now here’s a book that my wife wrote great book highly
recommended but once again she has it on Amazon as you can see but the majority
of the books are sold directly to her audience that’s the way to do it here’s
my other book on how to find products to sell online we sell tons of copies of
this one this one’s not even a physical book it’s a PDF download so let’s talk
about the steps of writing your book first and then I’ll get into marketing
and selling the book for a profit the first step is to decide on your
audience you’re gonna want to do a little research if there’s not an
audience already out there it’s really tough to sell your book look on YouTube
look on Facebook if there’s videos about that subject there’s probably interest
if there’s Facebook groups on that subject there’s probably a lot of
interest and you can go ahead and move forward but if you can’t find videos
you can’t find facebook groups that are about the subject you’re gonna write
about it probably shouldn’t do it the next thing is your book title your book
title is really important because what you want is a book title that people are
already searching for if they’re already searching for it and there’s a lot of
search results you know that they’re gonna stumble on your book one down the
road once they’re searching and how do you figure out what they’re searching
for I use this little keyword tool called keywords everywhere it’s a free
google extension and once you use it you can type in whatever you want and it’s
gonna pull up the results of what people are actually searching for so you start
with a base subject and then it shows you the subjects that they’re searching
for and the search volume don’t use the publishing house I doubt you’ll be able
to get one to publish a book anyhow but traditionally publishing houses would
decide if your book would get published or not and if you’re lucky you may make
some money but probably not typically the author can expect to receive the
following royalties if you’ve got a hardback edition you’re gonna get 10% of
the retail price for the first 5,000 copies or only 12% for the next 5,000
copies sold and then 15% for all future copies sold if it’s a paperback they’re
only gonna give you 8 percent of the retail price for the first 150,000
copies sold and then maybe 10% thereafter so as you can see you’re not
going to make any money with a publishing house it’s not gonna happen
unless you’re Stephen King and you’ve got a name it’s just not gonna happen
there an average non-fiction book will sell less than 250 copies in the first
year and less than 2,000 copies in the lifetime of the book now if you take the
numbers listed right there and you start to run the math you’re gonna find out
that if you wrote and published a paperback book and you went through a
publisher and you sold it for $9.95 at the rate of 8% you’re gonna get
cents per book or $200 a year if you sold the average number of books based
on the average lifetime sales of 2,000 bucks you’re gonna make about $1,600 for
all your effort it doesn’t seem like the way to go does it not the best way to go
so why does my wife and I sell thousands of books and make thousands of dollars
on our books it’s because of the way we do it and let’s move on and I’m gonna
show you exactly how that’s done first off let’s make writing this book easy so
number four is don’t write your book talk your book this is the simplest
method you can do if you don’t want to sit down and tighten I don’t type so
it’d take me forever but what I do is I’ll write out the bullet points maybe
eight or nine or ten bullet points those in turn become the chapters now while
I’m driving down the street while I’m sitting in my chair
well I’ve got some down time I will just talk about those particular subjects and
as I talk I record those items so I’m just getting that book out in audio form
first now I’ve even got a video on my channel
that will show you how you can write your book in 48 hours so don’t say it’s
gonna take a lot at a time it’s gonna take months or years because that’s just
not the case it can be done very quickly if you use
my method number five on my list is the one thing that probably is keeping you
from writing your book and it is keep it short people don’t really want to read a
3 or 4 or 500 page book unless it’s some type of novel and I assume if you’re
watching this you’re not writing novels so what you want to do is keep it short
now my book is about 40 pages her book is about 60 pages now my other book on
great American food shortage yeah that’s a longer book and that’s a paperback
book but the advantage is if you write a short book people will look at it and go
yeah I can read that I could read that pretty quick and I even advertise my
book it’s something you can read in an after
and implement the very next day so it’s actually a selling point don’t think
that you’ve got to have a long long book people don’t really want to read long
boy now once you’ve got this book topped out and it sits on a file it’s on an
audio file what I want you to do is I want you to get it transcribed I don’t
want you to do it I want you to go to rev.com
and pay them to transcribe the book now on average to get a book you know
transcribed it’s super super cheap if you take my book for example it’s about
66 minutes of talking which is about 10,000 words now based on a 40 page book
of paperback size book at rev.com it would cost you about 66 dollars to have
the entire book transcribed now why do that yourself why spend all that time
doing it yourself when you could pay somebody else to do it and get it done
much easier number 7 is get it edited once again don’t do this yourself unless
you’re an editor and it’s something you do every single day this is a very
tedious task and it’s difficult to do what you should do is go to something
like up were calm there’s thousands of people there that can edit books and
they can do it really pretty cheap anywhere from maybe seventy-five to a
hundred bucks and you can get your entire book edited now I do suggest this
one thing once you’ve done the recording and you get revs to put it into text
form don’t read it whatever you do don’t read it because if you read it you’re
gonna you’re gonna start second-guessing yourself give it to the editor first let
them edit it and then once it’s edited then of course you can read through it
through free to do whatever you want to do now number eight is you need to build
a sales page for your book your book needs to be sold and I’m gonna give you
an example right now this is the sales page for my book and as you can see it
goes through a whole lot of different bullet points it tells the people what
they’re going to get in the and it actually really sells the book
itself you need to have something like this to sell your book the best thing to
build this in is car truck and I’ll put a link at the bottom where you can get
an account at cart for starting at $1 trial and you can check it out very easy
to build your pages there that’s where we build all of ours okay now it’s time
to sell your book number nine how to sell it there are tons of ways to sell
it but there’s really just a few that really matter I would suggest using your
mail list if you don’t have a mail list you can put it in post you can put it in
social posts you can also run ads for your book this is the ad that my wife
used to sell her book to great ads she gets sales every single day it works out
for her and you could do the same thing all you need to do is target your people
one Facebook that is your target audience which I do talk about in
another video now she’s been able to sell tons of books and so have I and
what we do is we leave them to another product after they buy the book because
the book is really just your calling card it’s the way to get buyers it’s the
way to build your list number 10 is how to make money on your book you’re not
going to make money on the actual book however books like I said are just
calling cards for you to get your name out there so that you’re known as an
expert what you need to do is have a sales funnel to make your book
profitable and the same software I use to make those sales pages I use for my
sales funnel it’s called car truck I’ll put a link down in the description you
can grab that and get a trial for only a single dollar so that’s pretty cheap now
here’s my sales page again for my book okay it’s it’s offering the book but
they can also get the audio version let me show you this down here see where it
says audio version and I’ll tell you about 80 percent of the people will also
take the audio version of the book then all I did was actually take the book and
read my own book put it into audio file and now you have an audio version of
your book why wouldn’t you do that that’s extra
money this actually will double the amount of spend on this very first page
of my book which is awesome now once they buy the book it goes to a
thank you page that is offering them a $27 a month recurring monthly payment of
one of my courses now people may stay for a month two months some people
actually stay for years the truth is that you can turn that $5 and 60 cent
book into hundreds of dollars of profits by using a method like this so as you
can see this is the critical part of selling your book to make it profitable
now don’t forget you can get free access to my $97 course 100% free just check
the description below don’t forget you got a comment on this have you tried
some of these things have you tried to write a book are you in the middle of
writing a book put your comments below I want to know what you’ve done so far and
have you tried to market a book do you already have a book and you use the
traditional methods and it worked or didn’t work let me see your comments
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