Export Import BB to Canvas video

Hi there. This is a quick video tutorial
to show you how to export your Blackboard course and import it into
Canvas. First, select the blackboard course that you would like to export
from. Next, go to packages and utilities. Select export archive course. Next, select
the export package link at the top of the page. Select all in Section 3. Scroll
down to about the middle of the screen, and you’ll see a discussion board option
that you want to select the second radio button – include only the forums with no
starter posts. This makes certain that you have no student interactions but you
do have the forums that you’ve created from the previous courses. If you’d like
to know the size of your course, select the package size, calculate size, and it will
give you a number here. There is a limit to the amount of space that you can take
up in Blackboard and in Canvas, so you want to make sure that your file size is
relatively small. Once you’re finished, click Submit, and a green ribbon comes up at the top of the page that says success. This action has been queued the email
will be sent when the process is complete. Sometimes this process takes a little bit of time and sometimes it’s relatively quick. If you’d like to sit
and watch and wait then you can usually I wait about five or ten minutes, and
then I come back, and I hit my refresh button. If I don’t see a zip file showing
on this page, when you click refresh. Usually it brings up the zip file. If it
doesn’t, either your files are really big and it’s taking a really long time to
zip it all up into a package or there’s a problem. If you have a problem with
this please feel free to call the Faculty Center and any one of the staff
will help you. Once you have clicked on the export package and you see this zip
file here, click export file. A dialog box will pop up and give you an option to
save the file. Some PC’s give you the option to open or save. You always want
to save. Go ahead and save it on your desktop or in your downloads files. Once
the zip file has been saved and you have your file on your desktop or in your
downloads, go to your canvas account and you want to go to either
canvas.instructure.com, if you’re going to the sandbox, it’s canvas.instructure.com and that’s your play area where you
can build classes and import from Blackboard to see how they go. If you
don’t already have a new class on your dashboard, you can go here to the
right-hand side of your screen, and you can select start a new course. When you
select start a new course, you name the course . . . let’s just say it’s sandbox, leave it private and copyrighted, but you
can see that you can make it public if you decided that you wanted to, and you
don’t need to check the make course publicly visible because this is just
for you to be able to import and develop your course. Click create a course, and it
will now bring you to this next screen. The first thing that you want to do is
you want to go to settings on the left hand side and over here on the right
hand side you want to select import content into this course. Click on the
drop-down menu and select Blackboard 6 7 8 9 export zip file. Choose your file
that you’ve saved on your desktop or on your downloads folder,
and it’s going to be named export something-or-other zip. Click open. Now
you are going to select all content but you can see that you could also select
specific content. If you’re going to select specific content, you select this
radio button, and then you click import and then after you click import, it will
give you the option to select the content that you want to import in. In
this case, I’m going to select all content, and there’s nothing to overwrite
or adjust, so I’m going to just select import. It will show you a progress bar
as to how far it’s gotten on its process. It’s relatively quick unless your course
is massively huge. Once it completes the running of the of the import, it
will give you a completed status and show you if there’s any issues.

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