Export WooCommerce products to CSV or XML-WordPress Plugin

Hi, In this video we will see how products
are exported using our product import export plugin. You can use this plugin to export simple,
grouped, external and variable products, including custom product types such as subscription,
bundle or bookable products. Once the plugin is installed and activated,
select the Product Import Export option from the woocommerce menu. You can export products either in CSV or XML
format. Here, we will have a quick overview on the
various export options. Offset field indicates a value from where
the export has to begin. Limit denotes a value until which the export
has to end. For example, If Offset=10 and Limit=50, the
first 10 products will be skipped, and the remaining 50 products will be exported. Here, you can filter the products by its category. If you don’t select any category, then all
products will be exported. Product types allows you to filter the types
of products to be exported. You can export simple, variable, grouped,
external products or any combinations of these types including custom product types such
as subscription, bundle or bookable products. If you don’t select any type, then all products
will be exported. Enter column names by which you want to sort
your products here. By default, products will be sorted using
post_parent and ID columns. However, additional columns as shown here
can also be used for sorting. While entering more than one column, just
separate them by using a comma. Enter a delimiter to separate the mapping
values. By default, a comma is taken as the delimiter. The mapping section is where the actual data
column are mapped. The Column represents the default woocommerce
product fields and Column Name field represents the CSV column header or XML tags. You can enter an appropriate header value
in the Column Name field, so that it reflects accordingly in the exported CSV. Save the export mapping configuration by entering
a mapping filename here so that it can be reused later. If you want to include custom metadata of
a product in the export, especially from third party plugins , then tick this checkbox. Ignore if not applicable in your context. In case of grouped products the plugin exports
product IDs of the children by default. If you want to export the SKU of the children
instead of IDs,then enable this option. The plugin also includes an option to convert
the shortcodes in the product description column into HTML in the exported CSV or XML. The Export images as zip file option enables
you to download the images as a separate zip file to facilitate a faster import. When this option is chosen, an Export Product
Images button pops up. Click on it to download the images as a separate
zip file. The exported CSV will include only the names
of the images of the products instead of the entire path/URL. It is set to ‘No’ by default, in which
case the URLs of images will be exported into the file. Now that we have our settings in place, click
on export button to export your products in CSV or XML format respectively. Here, we will export it in CSV format. You can see it is downloaded indicating successful
export of products.

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